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There have been so many requests from our web visitors about where to find songs heard in Tv adverts (jingles), shows and films that we decided to help!

Below you will find a growing selection of websites that specialise in collating information on the music used in television adverts, like who performed the song, single/album title, voiceover artist, actors and where to purchase the track.

Television News
All the latest auto-updating news from the world of television.

Advert & Theme Compilations
A selection of Audio CD's packed with music from television commercials and classic television shows available to purchase!

Please contact us if you know of a site that would be suitable for addition to this section.

Browse the Tv Links for resources, jingle production companies, unions, TV websites and helpful sites for those wanting to work in Television and/or Production. (Also browse the Musicals section).

TV Ads, Songs & Themes

  • Tele-Tunes
    The book of Television Adverts is well ordered with each entry listing the source of the tune and which album it is available from plus wether the track was written for the advert.  Lists Soundtrack and/or Compilation.

  • TV Ads Music Info ** contains all the information on adverts, voiceover, songs used, recording artist and more, presentedin an easy to use manner with links to Amazon UK and USA for available tracks and a tv ad forum to discuss or request additions.

  • Song of the Salesman **
    Provides information on television adverts, music, lyrics and where to purchase tracks.

  • Sounds Familiar **
    UK TV advert database, TV Series database and Movie Soundtrack database (UK & USA) with links to Amazon to purchase the tracks.

  • UK TV Adverts **
    Discover the actors and actresses who appeared in the commercials plus information and links to the music.

  • Whats That Called **
    Lists the music used on television adverts and show themes with links to the artists single or album at Amazon UK plus a forum for requesting tv ad music information. Wap compatible.

  • *****************************************

    A wide archive of sheet music for a range of instruments comprising pieces, lessons and riffs. Includes a selection of classical, popular, jazz, world, traditional, and film and tv music available for download as midi or PDF files.

  • 80s TV Themes SuperSite, The
    sound files with no compression, from primetime, commercials, game shows, and hard-to-find promos.

  • Classic TV
    resource for classic TV shows and theme songs.

  • AdCritic
    Site that will help you determine the songs in your favorite commercials.

  • Ad-Eater
    This french site is the home of the Night of the AdEaters, a film festival packed with..... commercials! The site also provides a huge database of more than 550 000 commercials from worldwide agencies which you can browse and view free online in Real Video or MPeg format.

  • AdvertisementAve
    Find USA televised advertisement information by company, product, catagory, character, actor or event.

  • Brady Bunch Hour, The
    complete guide includes cast, articles, gallery, episodes, and theme song.

  • Chicago Hope
    Theme music composed by Jeff Rona/Mark Isham with sample audio tracks and reviews available at Film Tracks.

  • Creative Club
    Use the search facility to find UK ads across all media. Buy viewings of ads 45 minutes after they've been aired on tv - you can even create your own compilation of favourite ads and have it burnt onto cd!

  • Daniel Hofverberg's Movies and Television Site
    about movies and TV in general, with episode guides, theme song lyrics, pictures, message boards, and more.

  • Looney Tunes Sound Source
    Collection of sound files from the Looney Tunes cartoons

  • Merlin
    The music from the film was composed and produced by Trevor Jones who also wrote the theme music for Last of the Mohicans

  • Rhyme & Reason
    the folks at Suck give you the words to TV theme songs you didn't think have any words.

  • SeaChange
    Something rich and strange... - fan site featuring season cast list, episode guide, theme song lyrics, and links.

  • Shady Pines Online
    includes character profiles, quotes, theme songs, trivia, a message board, and more.

  • Sitcoms
    links, news, message boards, theme songs, and more.

  • Television Themes
    listen to comics-related live action and cartoon theme songs courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

  • Tellytunes
    online jingles archive includes themes plus request facility and links to free jingle sites.

  • The Facts of Life Online
    features episode guide, picture galleries, theme songs, and where are they now.

  • Theme Finder
    is a searchable database of musical themes.

  • Todd Witteles' Hawaii Five-O Page
    includes pictures and theme and end song MIDI files.

  • Toon Town
    features pictures, theme songs, movie clippings of your favorite cartoons.

  • TV Tunes Online
    classic TV and cartoon WAV files to download from the 50's through the 80's. Also includes trivia, e-cards, and games.

  • Visit4Info
    Information on adverts and products like title of music, location, actors, where to buy the product, plus the opportunity to watch the advert on your pc with links to vendors and other useful websites.

  • Who Does That Song
    Searchable database for songs and the artists who recorded them.

  • Wildfire
    plot and character information, episode guide, theme song, and more.

Film Soundtracks

  • The Internet Movie Database
    Provides movie soundtrack information including artists, song titles etc.

    A wide archive of sheet music for a range of instruments comprising pieces, lessons and riffs. Includes a selection of classical, popular, jazz, world, traditional, and film and tv music available for download as midi or PDF files.

  • The Movie Sounds Page
    Contains Wav files, Movie Sound clips, sound bites & more!

  • Wizard of Oz Song Lyrics
    We're off to see the Wizard.......or so Dorothy & her chums proclaim in this film loved by children and adults alike. Follow the Yellow Brick Road (or in this case click on the link) to visit the site to find lyrics, soundfiles and full script ;-)

Find out what Music Programmes are on today in your area! Check out our new Music TV Guide.

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