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bbtubatuba player The Tuba is the largest brass instrument although it comes in different sizes and keys, the most common of which is in B flat. Unlike the trumpet and trombone, but like the cornet, it has a conical bore so consists of a gradually widening tube of brass folded round on itself to save space. You hold the tuba in front of you on your lap with the mouthpiece to your lips and the bell pointing upwards. Your right hand operates the valves, while the left supports the instrument.

The sound comes out of the flared bell, and is made by blowing a "raspberry" with your lips into the cup-shaped mouthpiece.

ebtubaYou can make a number of different notes by varying the tension of your lips and pressing different combinations of 3 different valves which divert the air through little extra lengths of tubing.

It is a non-transposing instrument with many types, the most common of which is the double B-flat, whose sheet music is written in the bass clef.

The tuba is important to orchestras, wind bands and brass bands, and sometimes appears in traditional jazz bands.

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Tuba Links

tuba iconDeutsche Tubaforum e.V.

tuba iconHarrogate Brass Band home of The Internet Bandsman's Everything Within and packed full of information and links to brass instrument resources and sites.

tuba iconHungarian Trombone and Tuba Association

tuba iconInternational Tuba and Euphonium Association

tuba iconSuPaTuS - Finnish Trombone and Tuba Association

tuba iconT.U.B.A. - (Tubists Universal Brotherhood Association) - Information about the association. There are lots of links to other tuba related sites and a discussion list.

tuba iconMusic Room Sheet music & Play-along CDs with music for Brass & Other Instruments.

Arnold Jacobs Society

Brass Instruments - descriptions of various brass instruments with pictures and brief descriptions of their origins, history and makers includes the Cornetti, Lysarden, Natural Horns, Sackbutts, Serpents & Trumpets.

Chemical Tuba Society

Custom Music Company

Danish Tuba Portal

Dutch Tubas - an extensive site of links

Heavy metal brass band plays acid house music - Telegraph UK news article.

How to Repair a Tuba - a pictoral guide from Oberloh Woodwind and Brass Works.

International Tuba Day

Low Brass Webring

Loyal Tubist Website by Billy Jack Long contains everything you need to know about Tubas including manufacturers links and old time radio programs.

Marching Tubas Webring

Mighty Tuba

Mr Tuba - UK's only tuba specialist - sales, repairs, etc.

Music Education site with information for teachers and pupils, links to sites and more.

Pay The Piper UK - sections for various instruments with information about the instrument, approx purchasing costs

Printable Staff Paper Page - Free downloads of printed staff paper

Rick's Tubas

Tennessee Tech T.U.B.A. Chapter

The Tuba - for TRUE Heavy Metal Music

Tuba on the Web

Tuba and Euphonium Census

Tuba and Euphonium Discography

Tuba and Euphonium Tidbits

Tuba-Euphonium Press - quality literature for the tuba and euphonium

Tubasam - tuba music

Tuba Exchange

Tuba Museum

Tuba Pictures

Tuba Place

Tuba Playing (Harrogate Band Humour)

Tuba Sightings

TubaEuph Virtual Postcards

TubaEuph Webring

Tuba Webring

TubaMania Australia

Tubas Unlimited

Tubassist - musical instrument support system solves problems of resting, controlling and protecting concert style tubas while they are being played

Tube NET

Verso il Millennio - International Tuba Conference - July 1997

International Tuba & Euphonium Conference - Lahti, Finland, 4-12 August 2001

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