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Trumpets & Cornets

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Trumpets and Cornets are constructed from a narrow tube of brass which is coiled round on itself to save space. The sound comes out of the flared bell, and is made by blowing a "raspberry" with your lips into the cup-shaped mouthpiece. You can make a number of different notes by varying the tension of your lips and pressing different combinations of the three valves which divert the air through little extra lengths of tubing.

Trumpets are used in various styles of music, mainly orchestral and jazz bands although they have also been used in wind and brass bands and have been popular in different genres of music including Mowtown, Blues & Pop.

The Cornet is very similar and only differs in the shape of the bore which is conical and gradually expands in width towards the flared end. This produces a softer, sweeter sound than the trumpet which has a harder, brighter sound.

Various types of trumpet and cornets including small ones that play in different keys are available and there are a myriad of excellent sites on the internet who cater specifically to Trumpet & Cornet players.

Trumpet Books
Trumpet Links
Trumpets, Cornets, Accessories

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Trumpet Links

Australian Trumpet Guild

International Trumpet Guild

International Trumpet Guild Youth Website

Harrogate Brass Band home of The Internet Bandsman's Everything Within and packed full of information and links to brass instrument resources and sites.

Music Room Sheet music & Play-along CDs with music for Brass & Other Instruments.

Asymmetrics Mouthpieces - Range enhancing trumpet mouthpieces

Balquhidder Trumpet & Brass Music Publishers

Bespoke Brass - a new approach to music and tutors for young musicians learning the trumpet, trombone, euphonium and other wind/brass instruments

The Brass Home Page

Brass Unlimited - Brass tuition material for all ages and standards

Brass World - arrangements, teaching aids and more.

Brass Tactics - strategies for modern trumpet playing

Breathing, articulation and flexibility by Nick Hudson

Cornet & Trumpet Headquarters

Cornet Section Discussion Forum

David Taylor Music - Free Brass Quintet Compositions and Arrangements

Endsley Brass Custom Mouthpieces & Trumpets

Four Fundamentals of Troubleshooting for Brass Players

Free-Scores - free music scores

Free sheet music for brass

Hylton Adcroft's Trumpet Centre

Instrument Maintenance - Advice on the general care and maintenance of lacquered, silver plated and brass instruments

Instrument Worksheets - a worksheet to teach the instruments of the brass section.

ITG Journal (International Trumpet Guild), 12 Clearwater Mall #284, Clearwater, FL 33764, Florida, USA - Tel: +1-813-538-5097

Jazz Trumpet Solos contains jazz forum, transcribed solos, solo swap and free printable music paper.

Learn to Repair Brass Instruments - short intensive courses. Contact Trevor Head, Llangunllo School, Llangunllo, Knighton, Powys, LD7 1SR. Tel: 01547-550622

London Trumpets - Information for brass players in London

Marcinkiewicz - Mouthpieces for all brass, and custom built trumpets.

Max Trumpet Unlimited - Manufacturer of trumpets - New York

Music-Scores.com - free classical sheet music to download

The Natural Trumpet Resource

Naumann Trumpets

Net 4 Music - downloadable sheet music

Official Trumpet Webring

OJ's Trumpet Page

Pay The Piper UK - sections for various instruments with information about the instrument, approx purchase costs.

Philip's Trumpet Page

Printable Staff Paper Free Downloads Page

Raw Brass - Trumpet Player Resources

Roddy Trumpet

Scherzer Trumpets

Schilke Trumpet Loyalist

Scorch Music - find, play and print scores by living composers and arrangers

Simon 'Duke of' Kemp's School of Fonk Jazz/Bookie Piano, Sax & Trumpet Lessons

Stomvi Trumpets

Some Ins and Outs of Breathing

Sound Optimization

Sound The Trumpets Publications - including the Progressive Quartet Series for Trumpets and Trombones - 25, Causey Drive, Stanley, Co. Durham, DH9 0LN. Tel: 01207 235784

Taylor Trumpets & Flugel Horns

Trombonists and Trumpet Players (Harrogate Band Humour)

Trumpet Cafe

Trumpet College - techniques and advice

Trumpet and Cornet Magazine - Neuschel Publications, 15 Hailey Croft, Chinnor, Oxfordshire, OX9 4TS, Tel: 020-8353-025

Trumpet & Cornet Maintenance Video

Trumpet Fingering Chart

Trumpet Gearhead

Trumpet Geeks International

The Trumpet Herald

The Trumpet Index - tips for trumpet playing and sounds

Trumpet Lessons

Trumpet Player Online

Trumpet Player Online - USA site with articles on technique, instrument information, newsgroup & links to trumpet sites.

Trumpet Player Online Webring

Trumpet Players' International Network

Trumpet Playing Thoughts - an extensive collection of articles and observations about trumpet playing

Trumpet Pro - Haefner trumpet mouthpieces, developed by Steve Haefner and Gary Radtke

Trumpet Puppy

Trumpet Studio

Trumpet Stuff

Trumpet Tips

Trumpet Web - Hungary


Virtual Trumpet Software!

Wild Thing Cornets and Trumpets

John Webb - Trumpet Maker, Padbrook, Chaddington Lane, Bincknoll, Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, SN4 8QR, England, Tel: +44 (0) 1793 853171, Fax: +44 (0) 1793 848498

Windplayer Trumpets

Working with an Accompanist- Accompanying Guidelines for Performers

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