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Trade Fairs & Shows

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punk singer There are many music trade fairs and shows held throughout the country in major venues.  Some book bands to entertain the audience in between equipment demonstrations, or have an 'open' stage where musicians may participate in a jam with some of the demonstrators (who are often well known professional musicians).

Although the main aim of these events are to debut, demonstrate and sell the manufacturers latest product, they are often combined with music workshops, conferences or exhibitions for public participation.

Everything from guitar picks to p.a.'s can be found at these events, often at discounted prices and combined in one off trade show packages.  They are also a great way to meet and chat with tons of fellow muso's.

Most of the links provided in this section are UK orientated, however, we will endeavour to expand this to include as many music and music related trade fairs as possible.   

If you are organising a Music Trade Fair or know of one in your area that you would like to be included on this section, please send details to the webmaster.

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Trade Fairs & Exhibition Listing Sites

  • British Music Fairs
    are proud to present Mad About Music You'd have to be Mad...

  • Exhibitions UK
    Music Fairs section - Arts, Culture, Hobbies, Recreation and Sports exhibitions - the complete listing

  • Trade fairs and exhibitions UK Home Page
    the complete listing of UK industrial, trade, and consumer fairs, shows and exhibitions

  • The Biz
    Business Information Zone. Business Information Fast!

  • TradeWorld
    Centre for UK Trade and Exhibitions

  • EntsWeb
    the UK's international Directory home page

  • MIA
    Music Industries Association - British Music Fair (Birmingham NIA) organisers and producers of The Yellow Book of Second Hand Musical Instrument Values which is an invaluable guide to the retail price of second hand keyboards, synths and other instruments.

    The International Association of Music Information Centers Newsletter November 1999 aim to help and promote new music.... they hold conferences and other events in a variety of countries.

  • Trade Show Agenda
    Listings of worldwide music trade shows for 2003, 2004 and 2005

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