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Since it's inception Television has been the employer and advocate of music.

The British Broadcasting Corporation is renowned for its coverage of classical and popular music which include innovative shows like A Night at the Proms, Top of the Pops, The Eurovision Song Contest, the original TV Talent Show Opportunity Knocks and indepth programmes on the making of music, the history of music and the people who compose and perform.

ITV, Channel 4, Sky TV and other Independant TV Companies have all followed in the BBC's footsteps by providing viewers with a myriad of similar programmes including coverage of major musc festivals to the latest talent show Pop Idol and the hugely successful music channel MTV.

This has provided musicians of all standards and styles with the opportunity of being heard by a potential audience of millions worldwide, or at the very least a spot on the local community access program!

One of the most interesting music vehicles has been the use of song tracks in tv ads, many of which started out their life as a short piece of music called a 'Music Bed', often created by an in house production team or freelance musician. Some of these became so popular that they were extended into full songs and became hits.

This section of the site aims to provide information, news, links and resources to television, film and performance plus music and lyrics from favourite programmes plus our new selection of television theme and ads audio cd compilations and of course the best places to find out about the music in Television Advertisements.

Find out what Music Programmes are on today in your area! Check out our new Music TV Guide.

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