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Wether your looking for a studio or want to work in one, we have information, advice, books and essential resources.

There are lessons available plus articles from professional sound engineers and producers plus links to studios, associations, organisations and sound engineering schools/courses.

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cover The Art of Mixing
A Visual Guide to Recording, Engineering, and Production
(Mix Pro Audio Series)
David Gibson, George Petersen (Editor)
Our Price: £31.72 UK  $34.97 USA
An excellent book for anyone wishing to learn about home and studio recording or to brush up on their knowledge. Easy to read with tons of illustrations this book tells you how to get the most out of recording and mixing.  Essential information including how to place instruments in the mix and explainations of terms like 'EQ', 'Fat' and 'Sparkle' with advice for all styles of music from metal, hip hop, house, dance, pop, rock to classical.
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cover Home Recording for Musicians
Fully revised and updated.   The definitive book on understanding, and using, today's recording technology.
More Info from MusicRoom
cover The Art of Record Production
Richard James Burgess
Our Price:- £7.96
Publisher Omnibus Press; 16 January, 1997
A comprehensive paperback full of advice on producing your own record, technical tips and recording techniques

Read More at Amazon UK
cover The Drummer's Studio Survival Guide
How to Get the Best Possible Drum Tracks on Any Recording Project (The Studio Series)

Mark Huntly Parsons, Mark Parsons, Rick Van Horn (Editor)
Our Price:- £7.91
Publisher Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
Recording the rhythm track for any project can be a nightmare.  This book alleviates the pressure by providing even the most inexperienced with clear guidance on how to position microphones, recording techniques and more. An asset to any drummer, percussionist or sound engineer!
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cover The Home Studio Guide to Microphones
Loren Alldrin, George Petersen, Michael Molendra
Our Price:- £21.02 UK  $24.47
Publisher Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
The author, Loren Alldrin , 13 April, 1998 - Here's a hint: it's not in your latest 24-bit effects processor or whiz-bang digital recorder.   Instead, great recordings start with the right microphone positioned well.  Sound simple? It is. - In The Home Studio Guide to Microphones, you'll learn how mics work, how they differ and which mic to use when. Plus, you'll learn how to best record dozens of popular instruments. Finally, an extensive buyer's guide gives you specs and application info on over 70 popular mics.

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cover How to Run a Recording Session (Pro Audio Series)
Jayce De Santis
Our Price:- £5.99
Publisher Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
The author, Jayce De Santis jayce@javanet.com , 17 February, 1998 - My book will take the recording musician, first timer or experienced pro, through the often puzzling process of a recording session. A completely non technical work, "How To Run A Recording Session", deals with the roles and responsibilities of the people involved. Drawing on my own twenty plus years of experience, and those of friends and colleagues, I wrote to give a new and fuller understanding of everything involved from choosing songs and a studio, to planning the actual session, to what to do with the final product. I also explain the duties of the engineer, the producer, and the artist in a clear and rational way. I kept the language light and entertaining throughout. No "tech speak". I know of no other book currently on the market that deals with these important subjects. No musician should even think of booking time in a recording studio before reading this book. You will save time, money, and a lot of frustration in the studio by reading this book. A handy glossary of terms and an extensive resources/contacts section are also included. Read More at Amazon UK
cover Live Sound
Peter Buck
Our Price: £14.95 UK  $13.27 USA
Explains how to build an efficient sound system, and gives advice on monitor mixing, avoiding feedback, and using effects while recording. Reviews
Future Music - 'Essential reading for any gigging musician'
The Band - 'Covers just about every live playing subject'
Home & Studio Recording - 'Clear and concise'
  • Book Description
  • * Covers small, fixed and mobile systems * Build an efficient sound system
  • * Successful monitor mixing
  • * Avoid feedback and hum
  • * Practical use of effects
  • * Case studies

Whether you are an engineer working with a large sound system, or just a gigging band using a few amps and a mixer, you'll get more out of your sound system with this book.   Its hands-on approach covers choice and use of microphones, direct injection, mixing, monitoring and foldback, automation and MIDI, and use of effects - EQ, compressors, reverb and delay. There are sections on multimedia, troubleshooting, minimising mains interference, hum and feedback, and some welcome advice on safety aspects of a live gig.   It includes case studies of a rock concert, a classical concert, a cabaret show, and a musical production in a theatre. With a chapter on connectors and the principles of sound, the whole thing is nicely rounded off with a glossary of terms and a useful list of industry contacts.   A sound investment!
Read More at Amazon UK
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cover Live Sound Reinforcement
A Comprehensive Guide to P.A. and Music Reinforcement Systems and Technology
Scott Hunter Star
Our Price: £18.01 UK  $20.97 USA
Publisher Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation

A reader from Austin, Texas, USA , 30 September, 1997 - Comprehensive sound reinforcement overview.  This is an excellent overview of the wide range of sound reinforcement concepts and technology. Everything is explained with clear language and diagrams that are accessible to non-specialists. Yet, the material is covered in impressive depth.   Highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn more about this fascinating subject.
Read more at Amazon UK
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cover Music Technology Reference Book
Peter Buick
Our Price:- £12.95
Keyboard Review - 'Clearly laid out, packed full of information'
Sound on Sound - 'Very practical and useful'
Keyboard Player - 'Indispensable book - highly recommended'
The Mix - 'Should be on every studio shelf'
  • Book Description
  • * Comprehensive MIDI specification
  • * General MIDI, MTC, MSC and system exclusive information
  • * MIDI file and WAVE file formats
  • * Synthesis tips and microtuning tables
  • * Hard disk recording time charts and system features checklist
  • * Music scales, chords and rhythms
  • * Microphone placement and EQ guides
  • * Patchbay layouts and production concepts
  • * Tempo to delay calculator and safe monitoring level chart
  • * dB conversion charts and absorption coefficients
  • * Ohm's law, attenuators and common audio IC pinouts
  • * CD-ROM concepts and book standards
  • * UK and USA industry contacts
  • * Foreword by Alan Parsons

Don't waste your time searching for information - with this book you'll have it at your fingertips. It's an indispensable reference for the musician or sound professional working in the recording, broadcast, live, video, computer, multimedia, post production and theatre industries. It will be in daily use with its charts, planners, checklists, useful hints, tips and ideas. It also includes a glossary of terms and is comprehensively indexed.
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cover Recording and Production Techniques
Paul White
Our Price:- £10.39
Publisher Sanctuary Publishing

A manual for the recording musician which covers the techniques used to record and produce contemporary music. Looks at planning and recording a session, with coverage of both traditional analogue equipment and digital machines, including tapeless recording Read More at Amazon UK
cover Recording Techniques for Small Studios
Our Price:- £10.95
Publisher PC Publishing

Musician - 'Very readable'
Music Business - 'A wealth of useful information'
Sound on Sound - 'This is a must have'
Keyboards/Home Studio - 'Information to help the novice'
  • Book Description
  • * For musicians, recording engineers and enthusiasts * Helps you plan the recording session
  • * Covers recording techniques for vocals, drums, guitar and keyboards
  • * Use MIDI and multitrack and get the best of both worlds
  • * Appendices on equipment suppliers etc
  • * Glossary of terms
  • * List of recording studios
  • * Published in conjunction with Sound on Sound magazine

Whether you are a recording musician or a recording engineer learning the trade, David Mellor tells you everything you need to know to get the best from the studio recording process. Everything from planning the recording session, microphone techniques, recording vocals, drums, guitars and keyboards, using MIDI and synchronising, operating the mixing console, the use of compressors and noise gates, equalisation, location recording, adding effects, monitoring, mixdown, digital and hard disk recording - and much more.   With useful appendices giving lists of UK recording studios and a glossary of terms, it's a book no recording musician or engineer can afford to be without.
About the Author - David Mellor is a composer and musician who produces music for radio, film, television and CD in his home recording studio. His music and recordings are frequently heard on BBC TV and Radio, Independent Television and Channel 4. He has worked as a sound engineer at the Royal Opera House, Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall and other major venues in the UK and abroad.

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cover Sound Reinforcement Handbook
Gary Davis, Ralph Jones
Our Price:- £21.02
Publisher Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
A reader from Atlanta, Ga. , 24 April, 1999 - Sound Engineering 101 in one book. If you are going to regularly use Sound Equipment, you want this book. Reading this book will enable you to learn 3 things:
  • 1) How sound equipment works
  • 2) How to set up and operate it
  • 3) The basics of electricity and sound physics.

If you master the information contained in this book you will be a very effective engineer.

Read More at Amazon UK

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