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Musicals, Stage & Theatre Articles

A selection of articles on performing arts, stage, musicals and theatrical subjects. The links open in a new window. Note that whilst we check these on addition, we have no control or association with the site content which may change at any time. Please let us know if you find a dead link or inappropriate content.

Female Emcees: The Best Show Hosts By Sofia Peden Patteson
Women are often discriminated. This is a reality nowadays. But, there are those women who stand up for what they know is right and what they know they can actually do. One instance you can prove of the superiority of women is in the field of entertainment.

Performing Arts Fundraising Ideas
Funding is tight for schools these days. Many classes for music and performance have been cut. Students who have an interest in the arts can use these fundraising ideas to sharpen their skills plus raise money.

The History Behind Musicals
Musicals are a form of theater, as are movies that incorporate song and dance into their story telling methods.

Auditioning For Musicals: The Recalls
As a vocal coach specialising in successful singing auditions, I know that the auditioning process can be either a dismal failure that actors want to hide from, or an opportunity to present your work to the same knowledgeable people in a well-defined sequence of events. This article describes working through the recall system, and how a coach can help performers through the different recall stages.

Musicals: Dealing With The Cattle Call Audition
If you want to audition for Musicals on Broadway or in the West End, and you don't have an agent, you need to go to the Cattle Call. This article describes the cattle call, what you need to take and what you need to do to succeed.

Theatre Marketing: Step One
The key to marketing your theatre is marketing each and every production that you put on the stage. The cumulative effect is your reputation as a theatre. Use websites, local press, social networks, and newsletters to make sure you are marketing your shows.

Benefits Of Live And Outdoor Theatre Productions
The following paragraphs will highlight the numerous benefits including financial, social, and cultural of live theatre productions as well as the benefits of outdoor theatre productions that stretch beyond these.