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Samples, Loops & Software

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Songwriters, dj's and musicians can spend hours working on a small section of a song just to get the right 'bass sound' or 'funky beat' for their masterpiece.  Building a collection of sound samples, loops and beats saves the hassle of searching on the internet or starting from scratch when all you want to do is create!!

Sound samples are essential for writers and dj's who are unable to play or read music and for experienced musician/programmers who are building a sound library and need a killer riff or drum pattern.

Browse our small assortment of sound libraries, collections and software for music makers plus links to FREE sounds, samples, loops & wav (all links open in a new window).

Collections & Software
Free Samples & Sounds


How You Can Clear Cover Songs, Samples, and Handle Public Domain Works article by ASCAP

Samples, Sounds & Software
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Ejay & Sonic Factory Sound Collections Features:-

Royalty free high quality sounds & loops in WAVE format
eJay soundbrowser 1.5 for easy search and preview of samples
eJay realstretch TM timestretcher for tempo adjustment by up to 200%
Sounds are compatible with all other music software programs
Simple structure means you can sort according to instrument, style, tempo and key.
Easy-to-use loop-based system (Sonic Foundry creation software only)
Well organised catagories.
User Friendly

eJay Sound Collection 4 CD-ROM
Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT
Modern GUI.

A perennial problem faced by cyber DJs is finding suitable music samples for their DIY creations. With this CD-ROM, which contains a virtually inexhaustible library of 7,500 'special samples' all ably recorded by professional musicians, such problems should be pretty much at an end. The idea is simple and versatile enough. You load up the first CD, and with what comes with your integral Soundbrowser, a search engine which neatly and efficiently guides you to the various loops, strums, chimes, yowls, and samples stored in each of the other CDs. The samples are filed under their instrumental or stylistic characteristics (like techno, "rap male", Brit Pop, and drum-roll). One tiny hitch is that you have to own a Sound Collection CD-ROM (this one plus volumes 1, 2 and 3) packages to be able to access all the samples; but anyone keen enough to be recording their own music presumably won't mind that. All the samples are 'royalty-free. All are compatible with any mainstream music software program. So all you've got to do is slide in, sort through, sit back, and with the sound turned right up (the sound quality ranges from fair to good), you'll be annoying the entire neighbourhood in two shakes of a lap-dancer's tail. --Sean Thomas

The fourth edition in the eJay Sound Collection Series once again contains a gigantic selection of hand-picked sounds and loops. Just as with the previous three collections in the series, our professional musicians have created over 7,500 special samples exclusively for eJay. As always: top quality sounds and 100 percent compatible with all music software programs. In addition to Chill Out, Garage, Hip-Hop, Latin, Trance, Euro, Brit Pop and even Alternative Sounds, these four CDs hold a hidden even Alternative Sounds, these four CDs hold a hidden treasure that will turn any party into a liberal dance inferno: 2,500 samples collectively called "The Sound of Parades"--Progressive House, Tech House, Trance, Hard Trance and Techno produced with real Love Parade flair! Mix the kind of tunes that everyone around the world was dancing to this summer.
Read More at Amazon UK

Ejay Sound collection 3 (CD-ROM)
Another 7,500 brand new Wav samples in eJay high quality for use with music programs. This particular volume provides you with a special on the history of house as well as samples in an array of music styles including techno, dance and hip hop.
Read More at Amazon UK

eJay Sound Collection 2 CD-ROM
Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT
Converts .WAV files into .PXD format
Includes special R 'n B, Reggae, Ethno and House Vocal Sections

This second volume offers 7,500 absolutely new samples for your own hit production and offers a special for R & B, Dub, Reggae, Ethnic and House Vocals. Soundcollection Volume 2 is compatible with all music programs and all samples have been created by top international producers.
Read More at Amazon UK

eJay Sound Collection 1 CD-ROM
Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT
A huge selection of 26 genre's
Over 7,500 royalty free samples
26 Different music styles

An exciting selection of over 7,500 wav format sounds, including 26 different music styles from house & garage, to drum & bass, to cutting edge global sounds. This is an ultimate collection to be used in conjunction with the eJay range and all other standard music products.
Read More at Amazon UK

Software & Samples

Acoustic Labs Mixer
Easy-to-use eight track digital audio recorder, editor and mixer software allowing users to create professional quality audio productions on their computer. Very reasonably priced, free demo download available.

Audio Sounds
Buy beats and sounds or register and upload your own for others to purchase.

The Breaks
Want to know which bands have been sampled? Who has used snippets of other artists songs in their tracks? Take a look at this extensive database of recycled music.

Drum Sounds, Samples, Tools & Software
for drummers and music makers.

Professional Sample Libraries in Wav/Rex2 and other formats - Free Preview Loops, Demo MP3's, and much more...

Midi & Wav Music Creation Software & Books
for beginners to advanced music makers.

Modern Beats
Drum Loops and Acid Loops for Modern Hip Hop Music Production.

Music Software at Musical Gifts
for creating music on your PC/Mac including Cakewalk, Dance eJay, Cubase VST

Sample Libraries at Amazon UK
includes ethnic, jazz, rock, classical and progressive samples.

Drum & Percussion Products at Amazon UK

Hip Hop SampleFaq
Interactive Hip Hop Sample Directory answers questions about music sampling like 'Where have I heard that beat before?' and 'Where did that MC/DJ/Pop star get that beat from?' A wide range of styles are covered including Rap, Soul, Funk, R&B, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Blues, Reggae, Comedy, Film, etc.

Musician Store

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Free Samples, Sounds & Loop Sites

There are several magazines in the UK who include free samples and loops on their CD's. Most popular are Sound on Sound, Computer Music Interactive, and most of the Future Music range.

The following sites provide free downloadable samples, sounds and loops and/or links to sample sites.

  • Dooley Drums free drum loops
  • HQ Samples Free samples - acapellas and loops, drums, layers, effects, pads etc.
  • Killerbeats techno stuff
  • Looperman free samples
  • Loopgalaxy.com Over 300 free samples
  • P5 Audio Downloadable multi track loops, Roland Mv8000 Sounds, Software samples including free hip hop wav samples and drum sounds.
  • Sample Arena Loads of samples on CDRom with free downloadable demos.
  • Samplepoolz German sample site
  • Samplez.de German sample site
  • Soundfx.com Sound FX Portal
  • Sound on Sound - SoundBank their audio download area contains example audio files that accompany some of the monthly product tests. Most of these are in MP3 format.
  • The Sound Effects Library - A unique resource of Sound Effects, Music Samples and Music Tracks, with over 200,000 professional royalty free sounds on-line. Search audition and download virtually any sound instantly. The BBC sound library catalogue is about to be added to the database! Sounds can be previewed and purchased online from 2.99 - 6.50 for single sounds or create your own CD for an extra 10.00 - $14.00. There are also some free mp3 sounds and sound animations available for download.

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