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The saxophone comes in various sizes and shapes known as Alto, Baritone, Soprano and Tenor. Each instrument is played by blowing air through a reed within the mouthpiece.  This vibrates and different notes are produced by covering and uncovering holes with a system of keys operated by rods and levers.

The soft pads fixed to each key that close the holes off need replacing every couple of years and whilst reeds can last a couple of months it is always wise to have spares available at all times.

A popular instrument in music of all styles, the saxophone is used in orchestras, brass sections and as a solo instrument in blues, jazz and modern music.

Saxophone Accessories
Saxophone Books
Scores & Lessons
Organisations, Institutes & Clubs
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Alto Saxophone
Baritone Sax
Soprano Sax
Tenor Sax

Saxophone Scores & Lessons

saxophone 8 Notes
excellent resource with over 1500 free sheet music riffs and pieces complete with sound clip examples plus free pictures of commonly used musical instruments and free lessons.

Carl's Saxophone Course
offers you the opportunity to learn saxophone with this ebook

free music scores

How to select a used Saxophone

London Orchestrations
45 Norman Avenue, Sanderstead, Surrey, CR2 0QH - Tel: 020-8660-6819. Huge selection of Sheet Music Arrangements for all styles of instruments including full orchestrations and orchestrations by request.

Musicians Center
Tutor information on saxophone, clarinet, accordian, flute, guitar, piano, drums, organ & keyboard.

Pay the Piper
helpful advice on every aspect of learning and playing musical instruments

Printable Staff Paper Page
Free downloads of printed staff paper

Reed Mouthpieces

Sax Lessons
US site offering online instruction for the saxophone.

Saxophone Examinations
including alto, baritone, soprano and tenor sax plus regulations for woodwind and reed instruments.

Sax lessons
at Jazclass

Saxophone at Stubbs Sax Homepage
saxophone instruction online includes scales, patterns, licks and exercises plus a sax lessons webring.

Simon 'Duke of' Kemp's School of Fonk
Jazz/Bookie Piano, Sax & Trumpet Lessons

Some Ins and Outs of Breathing

  • The Woodwind Fingering Guide

    Working with an Accompanist
    Accompanying Guidelines for Performers

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    Organisations & Institutes

    saxophone iconCass for everyone who has an interest in the Clarinet or Saxophone, wether young or old, amateur or professional.

    saxophone iconCenter for the Study of Free-Reed Instruments "CSFRI is devoted to fostering and serving as a resource for scholarly research on all aspects--organology, sociology, repertory, performance practice, etc., of all free-reed instruments, from the harmonium, so popular in India, and mouth-blown sheng family of Southeast Asia, China, and Japan to the western "art-music" repertories for the English concertina and accordion to the many types of "squeezebox" and harmonica as used in myriad folk traditions."

    saxophone iconNational Association of Musical Instrument Repairers Secretary: Geoff Collins, Tel: 01245 356192

    saxophone iconInternational Saxophone Home Page

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    Saxophone Links

    saxophone Altissimo
    The complete saxophone site!

    Bamboo Saxophones
    Unique Reed Instruments handmade from Bamboo

    Bamboo Straight Soprano Saxophone
    AsiaPlus presents: Elephant Lightfoot TM Woodwinds in Bamboo, 20 Years of Bamboo Saxophones.

    Classic Saxophone On-Line! Adolphe Sax Institute

    Dr Drownings Authors
    help you to play and repair Saxophone, Clarinet, Woodwind etc.

    Jose Menezes Sax Homepage

    Mel Martin's Jazz & Saxophone

    Saxophone microphone M500 fits onto the rim of the bell next to the stem so it picks up from both.

    Pete Thomas - Saxophone

    rec.music.makers.saxophone newsgroup

    Sarrusophone Mailing List & Files

    Saxophone Emporium

    The Sax Doctor

    The Sax Shed

    Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil

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