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Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger Rock music encompases a wide range of styles including grunge, heavy metal, psychadelic and rock n roll.  A few basic chords allows amateur musicians to play a variety of well known songs with relative ease and jam nights provide a good way to practise with a live audience.

There are several major bands who have incorporated blues with rock to create their own individual sound.  Many of Led Zepplin, Metallica and the Rolling Stones songs are catagorised under rock and blues with equal ease.

Ronnie WoodDespite the popularity of rock music, there is a sad lack of radio airplay and live venues for bands and artists in the UK who are usually relegated to performing for unscrupulous promoters who charge the acts for the dubious honor of playing at their venues.

A few venues still exist that are usually run by musicians and rock lovers but the introduction of sound meters by local councils limits artists whose love of volume is as intrinsic as the music itself.  Those of you who remember Alice's Restaurant Rock Radio will be happy to hear that our resident DJ Bear is still campaigning to get the station back on the air and can occasionally be heard doing the odd show so visit the site & give him some support.

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Harvey 'The Snake' Mandel's trademark sound
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