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Roadies (Road Crew)

We have had several queries from people asking about working as a 'Roadie', so have created this section to provide information and links to related articles and resources.

What Is A Roadie?
Roadie, road crew, stagehand, technical operator, sound engineer, lighting technician... all these terms are used to describe members of the travelling on in-house crew for musical, performing, theatrical and other creative acts or productions.

What Is A Roadie's Job?
A roadie has a collection of jobs rather than just one... he or she can be anything from an unqualified helper, equipment mover, or drivers helper to a fully trained stagehand, instrument technician, lighting rigger, or sound engineer plus anything and everything in-between.

How do I become a Roadie?
There are lots of ways! Most roadies start by working with a friends band or local artist and stays with them as their careers grow, others work for venues, promoters, theatre groups or p.a. and lighting hire or production equipment companies.

Finding A Job?
Ask musicians, artists and bands around the local music scene, enquire to p.a. hire/sales, venues, theatres, event promoters, equipment suppliers, post notices up in rehearsal studios, music shops, recording studios.

Book Cover Roadie: A True Story (at least the parts I remember) by Karl Kuenning
Once upon a lifetime ago, I was a "roadie" (a sound and lighting technician) and had the unique experience of working with rock stars, jazz performers, Disco and R&B artists from around the world. My behind the scenes stories contained in this book are all true. Some of the stories are exciting, with high drama, and unexpected plot twists. Other stories are very sad, oddly bizarre, or even incredibly ironic. Mixed in, on almost every page, is a large dose of humor to keep the reading light. Grab your backstage pass and hop on the tour bus, the show is about to start!
Read more at Amazon UK
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Management Software
Descriptive links to a range of stagehand, tour management, events management, agency and gig software at Vocalist.

A Day in the Life of a Roadie
It's 9:00AM and Sam Wittzaband wakes up in a musty motel room with peeling beige wallpaper, somewhere just outside of Memphis. He turns the shower to its coldest setting and, before he can talk himself out of it, douses himself with the freezing rain. If there's a better way to wake up in a hurry, Sam doesn't know it. He runs a comb through his hair and crawls into his dirty jeans and black vintage Mötley Crüe t-shirt.

Lady Roadie: Touring life on the tech crew
My name is Becky Pell and I am an anomaly. I’m a sound engineer, and I’m a woman. It’s an unusual combination, but I’m rarely conscious of it until someone points it out. Usually the conversation goes something like: ‘wow, a female engineer, you don’t see that very often’. Me: ‘No, there aren’t many of us’. Them: ‘Why is that?’ Well I have to confess ignorance; as I am one, I’m kind of the wrong person to ask! Why are we the unicorns of the touring world? And what’s life like as a woman on the road?

The main site is on hiatus so the link leads to their facebook group where you can join and share stories about life as a touring stage hand.

Roadie Jobs
Add your profile to advertise your roadie services, search for a roadie for hire and read articles and advice on what it takes to be a roadie!

Roadie Lexicon (roadie lingo)
The Roadie's Lexicon for the Layman - (pdf download requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader or PDF reader to view)

Roadie Tools
Very useful tools and a selection of jokes for roadies

Rock the Roadie
Pro roadie Rocky includes a useful Guidebook for wannabe roadies. Chapters include: Backstage Etiquette, Tricks Of The Trade, Stage Terminology and Direction... visit the site to order.

So You Want To Be A Roadie
How to be one - or know enough so you can employ one with confidence. An overview with great tips written by Dec Cluskey.