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Roadies (Road Crew)

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We have had several queries from people asking about working as a 'Roadie', so have created this section to provide information and links to related articles and resources.

What Is A Roadie?
Roadie, road crew, stagehand, technical operator, sound engineer, lighting technician... all these terms are used to describe members of the travelling on in-house crew for musical, performing, theatrical and other creative acts or productions.

What Is A Roadie's Job?
A roadie has a collection of jobs rather than just one... he or she can be anything from an unqualified helper, equipment mover, or drivers helper to a fully trained stagehand, instrument technician, lighting rigger, or sound engineer plus anything and everything in-between.

How do I become a Roadie?
There are lots of ways! Most roadies start by working with a friends band or local artist and stays with them as their careers grow, others work for venues, promoters, theatre groups or p.a. and lighting hire or production equipment companies.

Finding A Job?
Ask musicians, artists and bands around the local music scene, enquire to p.a. hire/sales, venues, theatres, event promoters, equipment suppliers, post notices up in rehearsal studios, music shops, recording studios.

Related Links

Management Software
Descriptive links to a range of stagehand, tour management, events management, agency and gig software at Vocalist.

A Day in the Life of a Roadie
Read the excerpt chapter from the Roadie Book by Karl Kuenning.

So You Wanna Be a Roadie **
An overview with great tips from BadDoggie plus some excellent feedback and responses from readers and roadies. One little proviso.. some 'talent' now manage themselves so have authority to give orders to crew and many smaller name bands/acts work closly with their road crew.

Mercenary Stagehands
Swap road stories, check out interesting contract riders from major artists news and tid bits in the 'backstage' area or buy a T-Shirt!!

Old Roadie
This site is the home for old roadies everywhere. Run by Mike Artz ex Allman Brothers Band roadie and member of the all-roadie band the Almost Brothers.

Great site packed with useful info, articles and news for the wannabe to ol' time roadie.

Roadie Book
One roadie's story now available for purchase, includes some chapters online.

Roadie Jobs
Add your profile to advertise your roadie services, search for a roadie for hire and read articles and advice on what it takes to be a roadie!

Roadie Lexicon (roadie lingo)
The Roadie's Lexicon for the Layman

Roadie Tools
Very useful tools and a selection of jokes for roadies

Rock the Roadie
Pro roadie Rocky includes a useful Guidebook for wannabe roadies. Chapters include: Backstage Etiquette, Tricks Of The Trade, Stage Terminology and Direction... visit the site to order.

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