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Musicians Resources

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Music and business resources for bands, musicians and music industry personel have been split into several sections.

These include information on finding and protecting your band name or trademark, musicians health organisations, music associations, insurance companies specialising in coverage for musicians, musical instruments and events, unions protecting the rights of musicians and start up resources for self-employed musicians.

Also browse Vocalist's Singers & Musicians Resources section.

Music & Performance Unions
Names, Trademarks & Copyright
Online Music Resources
Start Up Business Resources
UK & Worldwide Travel Resources
Useful Resources


Music & Performance Unions

British Musicians' Union
Looks after members rights, provides free information, advice and contract checking service plus a host of other services for musicians, singers and music teachers.

The British Actors Union takes care of its members, negotiates fees, contract and legal services.

Performing Rights Society
PRS (UK), 29-33 Berners Street, London. W1T 3AB, Tel: 020 7580 5544  Fax: 020 7306 4050, E-mail: info@prs.co.uk.  Collects and pays royalties to composers, songwriters and publishers for public performance and broadcast of copyright works. They also organise regular informative workshops with expert speakers on all business aspects of the music scene.  Also home of:- The Performing Right Society Foundation, Tel: 020 7306 4044.  PRS set up this charitable organisation to encourage, promote and sustain music creation and its performance, of all genres, at all levels of activity.

PPL UK (Phonographic Performance Ltd)
1 Upper James Street, London W1R 3HG, Tel: 020 7534 1000  Fax: 020 7534 1111.  Collects royalties on behalf of record companies and performers, licensing broadcast and public performance of sound recordings.

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Names, Trademarks & Copyright

If your baffled by copyright issues visit the Vocalist.org.uk Copyright, Royalties & Trademarks page.

10 Big Myths about copyright explained

The Band Register UK - provides free worldwide search and registration of your band name.

British Music Rights

Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988 (c.48) UK

Music Law Free online information on legal aspects of the music business for musicians.

Musicians' Intellectual Law & Resources Links

Performing Rights in UK - gov findings

Protecting the Name of Your Band

Swarming Midget Band Name Archive

Intellectial Property Office The UK Patent Office enables you to check all registered companies and patent your product.

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Online Resources

British Music Information Centre, 10 Stratford Place, London W1N 9AE, E-mail: bmic@bmic.co.uk.  Has thousands of 20th century British works, both vocal and instrumental manuscripts, printed material, composer websites and current events.

Business Directory - B Music Yellow Pages Online

Canadian Music Centre Chalmers House, 20 St Joseph Street, Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1J9, Canada. E-mail: info@musiccentre.ca

Harmony Central worldwide online resource for musicians and bands

Internet Music Resource Guide

Ireland Contemporary Music Centre 95 Lower Baggot St, Dublin 2, Ireland. E-mail: info@cmc.ie

Music Resources from Artslynx

Music resources on the World Wide Web

New Zealand Music Centre PO Box 10-042, Wellington, New Zealand. E-mail: Sounz@actrix.gen.nz

Pipeline Productions - Band Register Listings, Musicians Info

Public Domain Music

Scottish Music Information Centre The Scottish Music Centre's task is to champion the wealth of talent that abounds in Scotland's musical community.

Welsh Music Information Centre Supports, promotes and provides an information resource on the music of Wales

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Start Up Business Resources

Better Business UK

Cash or Car overview of choice between cahs or company car for businesses and self employed.

Citizens Advice Bureaux UK Advice services

Freelancers - UK Freelancers & Company matching service

Real Deal - UK Channel 4 Better Business Site

Smart Eric - UK Freelancers to Company Projects

TCA - UK Teleworking Info & Services site

Working Solo - Small Business_Solo Worker Info

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UK & Worldwide Travel Resources

Embassy World - Worldwide Embassy Listings and Web Addresses, Maps & Telephone No's!

Multimap.com Online Maps to Everywhere.

UK Street Map

UK directory

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Useful Resources

192.com the largest UK directory enquiry service.

411 web.com

BT PhoneNetUK - UK online phone directory

BUBL Information Service Home Page

Free Pint - research & info site - best on the net!

GK Soft - a host of information on governments for a wide range of countries. Includes information about each country, languages, flag, human rights issues, tourist info, regional, local, multi-governmental institutions and more.

Infoplease - US orientated but has extensive world info too

The Met.Office Home Page (UK)

Direct Gov UK Government Information

Homeless Services

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