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recorder Most people do not consider the recorder to be a serious musical instrument although it is often the first instrument taught to children.

The recorder is a hollow tube that is played by passing air through the mouthpiece whilst notes are produced by blocking and unblocking holes placed along its length.

Traditionally made from wood, recorders can also be made of plastic in many sizes.  Wooden recorders are far superior in sound quality are far sturdier and require little maintenance.

Popularly used in Folk, Classical and Pop music the recorder is a versatile and easy instrument for complete beginners to learn with relative ease.

Recorders, Bags, Mops & Cream
Recorder Books
Recorder Resources
Recorder Lessons



  • Alexander Technique
    helps instrumentalists perform with less stress and likelihood of injury

  • Herb Wertzel's
    Free recorder music scores. Print the score or play along whilst listening to the music and viewing the score.

  • Lesson Plan Central
    has a host of lessons for teachers and students in all types of instruments.

  • Music 88 Recorder Resource
    The mission of this website is to promote the understanding and learning of recorder as a serious yet versatile musical instrument suitable for everybody. A brief history and interesting facts as well as FAQs about the recorder can be found here. There are pictures on the different types of recorders and a mention of their sizes. There is a section on composing, methodology, fingering charts and recommendations of recorder instructional books and music. The presentation of content is geared towards teachers and students researching on recorders for the first time. They may then choose to visit our featured links to other specialized sites for more in depth information.

  • Recorder Home Page
    is an ideal springboard for players, students, teachers and researchers with a host of information and links to articles, lists, catalogues and databases concerning all aspects of the recorder.

  • Recorder Music Lesson
    with an emphasis on the key G for complete beginners.

  • Recorder Pictures
    Pictures and sound samples for the Garklein through to Bass Recorders.

  • Society of Recorder Players UK
    publishes a magazine and has branches throughout the UK and Ireland.

  • The Amazing Recorder
    a brief history and introduction to the recorder by Jim Phypers.

  • The Recorder
    Instrument of Torture or Instrument of Music - article in english and porturguese covering the history, technique, repertoire, recordings, education, societies, instruments and references.

Recorder Digits 2.6
Recorder Digits is a Windows 9x/NT/ME/2000 program designed to display and document recorder fingerings. In default mode, it displays standard and alternate fingerings for alto, soprano/tenor, and bass recorders. The program also has the ability to load external fingering files. This gives the user the ability to change the fingerings that the program displays. For example, a person could create a file with the fingerings specific to a particular model of recorder. Recorder Digits comes supplied with 2 external files, one showing trills for all notes and another, intended for beginners, which shows standard fingerings for all notes, with brief instructions for each (this file can also serve as a good starting point for teachers, who can easily modify the remarks with their own). "This update features a Preferences dialog to set program StartUp options, plus an external file showing Turned Trills." Click Here to download rcdigits.zip 521K Freeware or visit the authors site Richard Hureau.

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