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Record Industry Articles

Articles, interviews and reviews with A & R and record industry insiders by the people in the biz to bring you a close up look at the world of fame.  Some articles will be featured in the relevant instruments pages but we will be providing links here for the avid readers among you.   All the article links on this page open in a new window so you can read the article then come back to the next one - Enjoy!!

How to Get a Record Deal/Publishing Contract
Tips, advice and other articles, sample contracts etc., at Vocalist.org.uk

Pursuing a Career in the Music Business
Important Tips to Consider on your Path to Success by Bobby Borg.

A&R : Getting A Record Deal
Tips and advice on how to get your band signed.

A&R Insider -- John Weakland, Director of A&R, Columbia Records
An A&R guys these days has to go way beyond signing a band -- he has to help turn them into a hit. Interviewed by Michael Laskow.

A&R Insider -- Max Gousse, Vice President A&R, Epic Records
Find out what this major A&R player looks for in an artist -- and why he holds showcases around the country. Interviewed by Doug Minnick.

A&R Insider: Randy Gerston by Michael Laskow
President of Gold Circle Soundtracks and See Hear Music Supervision. Randy supervised the music for True Lies, Strange Days, The Mod Squad, Titanic and many other blockbuster films. Find out what it takes to get YOUR music into a hit movie. Interviewed By Michael Laskow.

"A&R Insider: Your Best Bet For A #1 Song"
by Ralph Murphy, Vice President, ASCAP. Born in England and raised in Canada, the well-traveled Ralph Murphy has worked extensively on both sides of the Atlantic. Ralph is now Vice President for ASCAP Nashville

Co-Publishing Agreements - Part 1
One of the most important contractual arrangements in the music industry, it gives the songwriter a share of certain rights and income that he or she might not otherwise get. By Jeffrey and Todd Brabec.

Co-Publishing Agreements - Part 2
One of the most important contractual arrangements in the music industry, it gives the songwriter a share of certain rights and income that he or she might not otherwise get. By Jeffrey and Todd Brabec.

How to Present Your Demo Tape
What happens "behind the scenes" when people listen to your demo? By understanding the process, you'll have a better chance at impressing the people who make the decisions about your music. By John Braheny.

"KISS and Kontroversy: Giving Yourself A Marketing Edge" by Kenny Kerner - Taxi Article

Music Industry Veteran Clyde Lieberman
A revealing interview with this Sr. Director/East Coast Creative Services for BMG Music Publishing gives you a look at the music world from the A&R side.

Never Grow a Wishbone Where Your Backbone Ought To Be
Let me get personal here for a minute. Please answer ... I'm not trying to guilt you in to working harder on your career. I know that ... So, why is it so hard to climb out of our canyons of inactivity? Because it's not ... Remember what good old Clementine Padford said, "Never grow a wishbone where your backbone ought to be." ... by Michael Laskow

Preparing for the Stage
No matter what your mood, or how difficult your day, you need to be able to jump up in front of the audience and do a great performance. You can learn how to build that state of mind. By Lis Lewis.

Scott Austin: A+R Maverick Records
He went from being a singer-songwriter to budding recording engineer, A+R intern to producer. During his tours of duty with Capitol and Maverick, he had a hand in discovering Michelle Branch, among others . . .

Studio Buddy
Download Free Recording Software at Studio Buddy, and learn how to make your home recordings the best they can be.

The Song that Changed the World by Kenny Kerner
On January 25th, 1964, something happened that forever changed the way A&R worked, by proving that musicians could both write and play their own material and be successful at sustaining a career by Kenny Kerner.

Tips - Assonance, Alliteration & Payoff Lines
These complicated words actually stand for simple ways to make your lyrics more compelling and memorable. By Jason Blume.

Tips -- How Record Companies Make Money
One of the most important ingredients of successful songs is repetition. Ideally, a song should have a good balance of predictability and surprise . . .

Tips -- Things To Do Today . . . by Kenny Kerner
Arrangers, producers, publishers, A&R Reps, managers, agents--they all have lists. So get into the habit of thinking and acting like a professional.

An excellent resource packed full of A&R articles, tips and advice plus a worldwide searchable database of A&R, Publishing & Labels which includes contact details!