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10 Questions for Sting By Belinda Luscombe
You've released an eclectic range of albums, including Jacobean lute music. A lot of people would love another rock record. Will you do one?

Between Aerosmith And American Idol, Steven Tyler Gets Around
IT'S A BUSY MONTH for Steven Tyler, who will judge the 10th American Idol finale May 25th and promote his new memoir, Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?, out May 3rd. Here, we connect the music man's overlapping empires.

HBS Cases: Lady Gaga
What goes into creating the world's largest pop star? Before her fame hit, Lady Gaga's manager faced decisions that could have derailed the performer's career. A new case by Associate Professor Anita Elberse examines the strategic marketing choices that instead created a global brand. Key concepts include:

Pop Music Hits - Not What It Used To Be
Today, pop music hits has become an amalgamation of all the music genres. You can have a country song, R&B song, and Rap songs all on one pop chart. Indeed, even radio stations have changed around their formats to be more ubiquitous and less focused on only one kind of music. The influences are all still there thanks to rock and roll but the cadence and tunes themselves have changed and transmogrified into the mix of pop music we have adopted in the last five years.

Has Rock And Pop Music Lost It"s Identity?
Many years ago, if you heard a song on the radio, in a shop or bar, you would immediately know the name of the artist or band. Back in the 80's this was certainly true, especially the pop charts. Since the 90's though this individuality seemed to trail off with musical styles from different genres being homogenized into rap, R&B and dance for instance.