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Online Music Lessons 2

Online music lessons for all standards and styles of musician are available all over the net.   Some sites offer these to encourage you to purchase their services, products or to enhance their site and they're FREE!

You will find regularly updated links to online lessons for Guitar, Drums and Percussion, Bass, Keyboards and Piano, Reed and Brass Instruments in their respective sections but we thought you might like a quick link to sites offering free lessons, don't forget to check out our evergrowing online tutorials and educational music books!!


Guitar Tutorials & Tab online lessons and printable guitar tabulature available in the Tutorials section.

Andy’s Arena
Learn how to play Guitar, Great tutorial with diagrams, pictures, guitar tuner, reference materials plus a host of useful info and resources for musicians and music lovers.

Beginner Guitar Lessons
Free begining guitar video lessons created specifically for students that are brand new to the guitar.

Blues Guitar Lessons
Twelve video lessons covering what you need to learn to play blues.

Guitar Chords

Choose guitar chords to hear and see.

Free online guitar lessons using audio and video. This site also features a tablature section and links to many guitar and music resources.

Crossroads Guitar Lessons
Over 110 one-hour lessons including streaming video, soundfiles, notation, tablature and text.

Dansm’s Guitar Page
Information and resources for guitar, acoustic guitar including fingerpicking, guitar tabs, lessons, tabs for the Eagles and some pages on music theory.

Essential Guitar Guide
The original 13 page version of the guide remains available as a free resource to guitar players old and new.

Guitar For Anyone
Free online guitar lessons. Learn tabs, tuning, chords, riffs and songs, guitar notes, blues guitar, strumming and much more for free.

Guitar lessons.net
Guitar lessons taught by a professional guitarist of 17 years.

Guitar Lesson World provides guitar lessons on all styles and levels including theory to minor repairs, tips, blues licks, audio examples, tabulature and resources.

GuitarTricks Guitar Lessons
Guitar Tricks is 45 guitar instructors with over 2500 online guitar lessons in one massive site. Online guitar lessons use video, mp3 and guitar tablature so you can learn guitar at any time of day or night. Lessons cover every major style including acoustic, blues, classical, country, jazz, rock and metal.

Ham and Eggs
Dutch site with guitar Lessons & useful links.

Description of the interactive guitar lessons they offer for beginners and advanced players. Free samples available.

Jazz Guitar Lessons Online
jazz guitar lessons, tabs, chords, licks, transcriptions, mp3 & more.

Music Learning
Free online video Guitar lessons including weekly live streaming classes with Teague Purtell.

Music Theory Lessons
Guitar lessons in music theory for the guitarist or bass player.

Play Banjo
The free lessons on this website are devised to get you off the ground banjo. It is a complete beginning banjo introduction. You will learn to read tablature, how to tune and how to play banjo rolls, basic banjo chords and to pick some popular jam session tunes. These free banjo lessons include the tab and MP3 audio tracks so you can hear how it should sound!

Riff Interactive Live Guitar Lessons
Live online Guitar lessons, advanced music notation software and guitar lesson archive.

Comprehensive library of online Guitar lessons covering every style and skill accessible on any device.

Vision Music
Free Bass & Guitar Lessons by Mark Stefani

Wholenote Online Guitar Community
An extensive guitar home site with a host of features, including on-line guitar lessons and instructions, a groove builder used to create and save on-line jam tracks and an on-line composer used to create, save, and publish your own original sequences.

You Can Play Guitar have a range of free lessons for guitar and bass guitar online, including how to read tab, scales, arpeggios, licks, riffs, blues, country and samples in the style of a variety of noted players.

Zentao.com Guitar and Bass Guitar Lessons


Harmonica Tutorials & Tab
Online lessons and printable harmonica tabulature with guitar chords available in the Tutorials section.

Blues Harmonica

Free sample lessons and discussion forums plus monthly subscriptions for full access.

Harmonica Lessons
Collection of blues lessons including terms & definitions, faq and more.

Blue Tongue Harmonica School
Workshops throughout New South Wales. Online Harmonica Shop with free delivery within Australia. Advice & help on all things Harmonica. The Lonely Harps Club interactive Message board.

Classical Music for Harmonica
Article by Douglas Tate on recommended classical pieces for harominca playing.

Dave Gage Free Harmonica Playing Tips & Misc
Contains sections on "Harmonica Info and Tips", "Basic Blues Improv", "Songs", "Harmonica Players List/ Miscellaneous Info", and a Store for recommended harmonicas, CDs, books, equipment etc.

Glenn Weiser's Harmonica Pages
Glenn Weiser is the author of three harmonica books, and writes about harmonica for the folk music journal Sing Out! On these pages you'll find introductory information on the harmonica, transcriptions of famous blues harp solos, arrangements of fiddle tunes for the harmonica, and information on Glenn's harmonica books and lessons.

Jon Gindick
Free video lessons, plus instructional books for sale.

Harmonica-Lessons UK
Free online harmonica lessons with sections for beginners that includes buying a harmonica, playing notes, tunes, note bending, riffs, trills and the blues scales right up to advanced lessons with mp3s, tips on harmonica mics and amps plus resources for harmonica players.

Harmonica Lessons.com
Collection of free harmonica lessons including songs, tabs, basic/advanced techniques (single notes, bending, breathing, hand effects, etc.), theory, scales, blues improv, jam-to MIDI files, sound file/photo examples, terms & definitions, faq and Music Keys For CD tracks.

Harmonica Master Class
Where the Legends Meet the Masses" is an event hosted by David Barrett in the San Jose Area that will feature various harmonica related workshops. The event features a "Legends of the Blues Harmonica Performance & Battle".

Harmonica Workshop
with "Easiread Music Notation".

Harmo Point
Free online harmonica lessons designed for ten hole diatonic harmonica in the key of “C” (C-major scale).

Harp On! Chromatic Harmonica Reference
useful info and resources for Chromatic Harmonica players which includes tips and tricks about chromatic harps, a primer on music theory plus links to sites with beginner to advanced chromatic harmonica content.

Javiers Harping Program
Changes Midi files to Harp Tab

Jack's Harmonica Country
Hear yourself playing a recognizable song in only 30 minutes. Stick with it for at least ten hours and you will be a fairly competent harmonica player. These lessons are designed for the ten hole diatonic scale harmonica. Each lesson has four practice songs. Choose one or two for each lesson and play it through at least 20 times. Your friends will be amazed at your new talent.

Little Walter's Juke
Transcribed by Glenn Weiser

MyQuill's Diatonic Harmonica Reference
Everything about the diatonic harmonica, from beginning tips to advanced techniques including theory, sound clips, pictures and diagrams.

Pat Missin's Homepage
Harmonica related questions answered. The mastermind of the harp world! His site includes help and advice for harp enthusiasts including alternate tunings for diatonic and chromatic harmonicas.

The Austrian Harmonica School
Linz, Austria
Lessons, courses, workshops, teaching and song books in Austrian.

The Harmonica Exchange
Harmonica teachers listed by worldwide geographical location, and alphabetically by last name.

Wilbur's Harmonica & Blues Page
Harmonica lessons for beginners and harmonica tips. Blues piano playing tips as well as links to blues piano and other piano blues music. Harmonica and asthma therapy for lungs.


Keyboard/Piano/Synth Tutorials online lessons available in the Tutorials section.

Affleck Piano Service
Ebooks on Tuning, Repairing, Rebuilding and Refinishing your own Piano also build your own piano bench or build your own piano tuning business. Site includes free reports on how to shop for a good piano and how to clean ivory keys.

Barry Harris Official Website
Jazz and Performance education with downloadable tutorial in .pdf format covering scale runs, basic chord movement with sixth & diminished chords and sixth diminished scale concepts plus an instruction video and a free scale reminder tool which you can access online even with a palm!

Free online Piano Lessons. This beginning course is self-paced, interactive, and free. Learn about: notes, rhythm, play your first songs.

IMSLP/Petrucci Music
The International Music Score Library Project has an extensive collection of free public domain sheet music.

Jazclass Piano Technique
Award winning Music Education site with lessons, Email courses and books on Jazz, Blues, improvisation, music theory, Saxophone and Keyboard.

Free Piano Lessons 4 Kids
Free, kid-friendly video piano lessons for beginners with expert piano teacher Joseph Hoffman. In addition to learning to play songs on the piano, you will also learn to read notes and rhythms, transposing, music theory, and solfege. A complete musical training program. Free online streaming video piano lessons with printable materials available for purchase.

Learn to play music through e-mail: piano and keyboard lessons with an instructor ranging from beginner to advanced students using midi files.

Learn to play Jazz Piano over the telephone from Mark Miller. Mark also teaches the Blind and One Handed students.

Music and You
Online piano lessons from beginners to advanced players. Learn to play jazz, blues, classical, theory, arranging and more. Some free demo lessons available.

Online Pianist
provides free animated tutorials displaying how to play popular songs.

Piano Lessons Online
Interactive piano/keyboard lessons using the internet and video. Learn to play in the comfort of your own home under the direct supervision of a professional pianist. Suitable for all ages.

Piano Nanny
with Piano on the Net is a free public educational service providing online piano lessons using audio, javascript and flash to produces a serics of 35 minute lessons that you can take at your own pace.

Piano Tricks
free video piano lessons with digital sheet music so you can learn piano online.

Piano World
includes tips, advice, online piano fun and resources.

Play Piano Today
Information about this course and two additional audio CDs.

Shannon's Music School
Online lessons and tips on piano playing, midi sequencing and orchestral arranging.

Virtual Piano. Learn Piano Chords online. You can see, which keys has to be pressed for all kind of chords. No voicings.


8 Notes has riffs and lessons complete with sound clip examples plus over 1500 free sheet music, pictures of commonly used musical instruments and more!

ABRSM Oboe Examinations
Downloadable syllabuses for examination from grades 1 to 8, provided by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (UK)

ASU Oboe Homepage
Arizona State University School of Music has information on oboe studies at the university, warm-up tips, reed guide, practice hints, and links.

Basic Fingering Chart for Oboe
Select a register: ... Bb 3 to C 5. C# 5 to C 6. C# 6 to F 6. ... First Octave. ...

Guide to buying an Oboe
Article by Brass and Woodwind specialst makers John Packer Ltd.

  • Learn To Play The Oboe Articles about the Oboe, example soundtracks (requires spotify), videos of well known Oboe players, cd recording recommendations, listening guide on ABRSM exam lists, recommended reading, news, events and discussion forum.

    Oboe Insight
    Oboe reed making instructions with images includes tying, scraping and fixing.

    Oboe reed making
    Seven steps detailing the process of creating oboe reeds.


    8Notes Recorder
    Free recorder sheet music, lessons and resources

    Learn Recorder
    Learn recordere with your iPad a complete program, for beginners and more advanced players.

    Learn To Play Music
    Contains all you need to know to start learning to be a great recorder player

    Nebo Music
    Learn how to play notes on the recorder with these lessons and exercises.

    Recorder Method Online
    Excellent set of educational articles including how to choose and care for your instrument, hand positioning for beginners and fingering charts, right up to composing for the recorder.

    Squeakys Recorder Playhouse
    Basic instruction with diagrams, finguring guide, finguring quizzes and more.


    Dan Christian
    Free online saxophone beginners course, finguring guide, workouts and riffs.

    Jazclass- Saxophone
    Award winning Music Education site with lessons, Email courses and books on Jazz, Blues, Improvisation, music theory, Saxophone and Keyboard.

    Saxophone Buyers Guide
    This project compiles over 20 years of experience spent buying and selling saxophones on a regional, national, and international basis and includes basics, new verses used, play testing, models, brands, condition, pricing issues, where to start and advice on purchasing online.

    Some Ins and Outs of Breathing
    Good article on breathing aimed at wind and horn players by Pip Eastop.

    Taming the Saxophone
    Saxophone lessons, tutorials and exercises aimed towards jazz and blues playing but still useful for other styles.

    Victor Morosco Woodwind pedagogy articles including proper head position, embouchure training routine and an exercise for Clarinet/Saxophone.

    Woodwind Fingering Guide
    Includes finguring guides for various instruments including Saxophone.


    Alison Sparrow
    Free online violin lessons for beginner to intermediate players plus techniques and easy song tutorials.

    Free violin lessons and video tutorials with online learning tools, rhythm chart, forum and article on the Traveling Fiddlerman Community Fiddle.

    Musi Share
    Provide students and teachers the ability to receive the highest quality of violin instruction and pedagogy classes through the use of contemporary technologies. MS lessons occur either online (using the latest WebRTC video conferencing tools) or at MS in Costa Mesa CA.

    Violin Lab
    Online video lesson tutorials for beginner to advanced players plus community support and feedback from professionals.

    Violin Lounge
    Over 200 free online violin lessons with classical violinist and online violin teacher Zlata Brouwer.

    Violin Online
    Violin music and instruction for all ages.


    African Music Library The International Library of African Music is based at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa. You can take a tour of the library or search the archive. This includes the Sound of Africa and the Music of Africa. A sound sampler of African instruments is also under construction.

    Alan Belkin Music
    Includes pedagogal articles with associated pdf files including A Practical Guide to Music Composition the free pdf download on the fundamental principles of musical composition written in concise, practical terms, and to provide guidance for student composers written by Alan Belkin.

    Auditory Illusion
    How our brains can fill in the gaps to create continuous sound. It is relatively common for listeners to "hear" sounds that are not really there. In fact, it is the brain's ability to reconstruct fragmented sounds that allows us to successfully carry on a conversation in a noisy room.

    Can You Trust Your Ears
    Should you believe your ears and the things they hear? Check out these amazing audio illusions and decide for yourself!

    Music special: Five great auditory illusions
    As part of our special issue on music, Daniel Levitin has written The Music Illusion, which looks at auditory illusions and how they can help us understand the workings of the human brain. Here we have compiled five of the most striking auditory illusions discovered so far. Article by Michael Marshall at the New Scientist

    Shepard Tone and Tritone Paradox
    Overview of these auditory illusions at Wikipedia.

    Stage Lighting for Students
    Discusses glossary terms, functions and qualities of light, basic formulas, and other essential stage lighting information,

    Working in Theatre: Sound & Light Board Operators
    One of a series of video tutorials which offers a glimpse into the many different jobs in the field in the words of the people who do them produced by the Centre Theatre Group.

    Chinese Music Archive
    The Great Empire of China website provides a large collection of Chinese music including Traditional Music, Modern Music, Popular Music, Ceremonial Music, Music from Other Places (Hong Kong and Taiwan) and Anthology.

    Offers streaming classical music videos, interactive lesson plans, composer biographies, talking glossary and a jukebox.

    Music lessons on music theory, blues, jazz, improvisation, chords and scales on all instruments, and saxophone technique. The lessons are available on line, by e-mail or floppy disk. By Michael Furstner.

    Music Land UK
    Free music resources, glossaries, and discussion forums the online community for music education in the UK

    Metronome, The
    MIDI-based metronome for practicing music.

    Quia! Music Activities
    Strengthen and test your knowledge of music and musicians with these online activities which include composer fun, musical trivia, elements and a game about percussion instruments with more being added regularly from teachers and pupils worldwide. Use for free or subscribe to add your own creations.

    Sounds from the Vaults Virtual Instruments Enter the vault and click on the images to display musical instrument artifacts, then follow the instructions to play them (uses Shockwave for playing).

    The Outside Shore Online Jazz Improvisation Primer

    The Stage How To Home Page
    Selection of How To articles and guides for performers.

    Tritone Corporation
    A company that designs, develops and delivers fully integrated multimedia online music education systems for schools and internet distant learning environments.

    Free online articles, tutorials, exercises and advice on singing and working on stage for singers of all standards.