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Online music lessons for all standards and styles of musician are available all over the net.   Some sites offer these to encourage you to purchase their services, products or to enhance their site and they're FREE!

You will find regularly updated links to online lessons for Guitar, Drums and Percussion, Bass, Keyboards and Piano, Reed and Brass Instruments in their respective sections but we thought you might like a quick link to sites offering free lessons, don't forget to check out our evergrowing online tutorials and educational music books!!

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Audio Master Class - learn audio online

Java Music Theory has a set of growing music theory lessons provided with or without audio examples, easy to use online lessons at Hamiliton University (USA)

C-Clef Note Reading Practice reading notes in variations of the treble clef.

Chord Drills Practice identifying and building chords or triads, with audio playback.

Interval Drills Create and identify intervals using this practice tool, with audio playback.

Frequency to Note Calculator - use this calculator online or save to your computer to find what note a given frequency is.

Exercises- Java Applets Expand or test your music theory comprehension with these interactive exercises and tools which include construction and identification of intervals, chords and scales.

Key Signature Drill - Test your knowledge of key signatures with this practice application.

Note Reading Test your note reading skills with this tool.

Music Speed Reading Increase your music sight reading abilities with this tool.

Sample Rate Calculator Mathematical Calculaton of Sample Rates formulae. Calculators related to music let you identify notes related to frequencies, transpose a sound, etc.

Musicianship Basics Quizzes Test your musical knowledge with these four Java training quizzes, great for beginners.

Sample Rate & Tempo Transposition Calculator - use online or save to your computer for offline use. Use to find the change in sample rate or frequency to transpose a sound or to find the pitch shift from a known change in sample rate or tempo.

Scale Building Practice building many types of scales with this audio-enhanced learning tool.

Musica Viva Encyclopedia - search or browse the encyclopedia

Temperaments Provides frequencies of notes in a scale for three different temperaments you select.

The Recording Center - Online school of audio and recording engineering. Online training in concert sound, how to become a sound engineer. Includes prices and application form.

Tonal Centre, The Explore many aspects of tonality with this audio-enhanced tutorial including Chords, Scales, Cadences, Modulation.

Woofer Productions - Online training school of concert sound: how to become a sound engineer.

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PipeWriter - Bagpipe Music Publishing!

Robert MacNeil Musicworks

Viper Piper Bagpipe Tunes

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Bass Guitar Tutorials & Tab online lessons and printable bass guitar tabulature available in the Tutorials section.

20 Minute Music - Bass - Bass Guitar Beginner Course 1. Course Resources:. Course Directions. Your Practice Log. Your Goal Sheet. Your Song List. Bass Ch...

ActiveBass.com with bass guitar lessons bass tab mp3 music scales gear and other goodies...

Artists in Residence Guitar and Bass Guitar Lessons

BASS101.COM - online Bass Lessons

Bass Guitar Scale Page ** - free useful scales and notation for bass players.

BassLessons ** - tutorial articles, reviews and bass teachers database.

Beginning BASSics tips on how to select your first bass, selecting amplifiers, music theory

Bass Crawler Rock/Metal bass tab, lessons and portal.

Bass Instruction links at Harmony Central

Basswork Blues & other Bass lessons online!

CyberfretBass.com - Free online electric bass guitar lessons

Music Theory Lessons guitar lessons in music theory for the guitarist or bass player.

Vision Music - Free Bass & Guitar Lessons by Mark Stefani

You Can Play Guitar have a range of free lessons for guitar and bass guitar online, including how to read tab, scales, arpeggios, licks, riffs, blues, country and samples from a variety of noted players.

Your First Bass Amp by Intermusic

Zentao.com Guitar and Bass Guitar Lessons

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Brass Tutorials online lessons for brass players available in the Tutorials section.

Bespoke Brass - a new approach to music and tutors for young musicians learning the trumpet, trombone, euphonium and other wind/brass instruments

Brass Roots - a programme of finely-graded exercises for beginner brass players.

Brass Unlimited - Brass tuition material for all ages and standards

Brass World is an online UK sheet music and brass resource for brass players and ensembles providing free arrangements, transcriptions, orchestral excertps, lead sheets, charts, studies, teaching aids etc.,

Douglas Yeo Trombone Website - Advice on technique, repertoire, performance and choosing an instrument, from the Boston Symphony Orchestra's trombonist. Information about the association, its Journal and international trombone events.

Essays on Trumpet / Brass Music - Information aimed at promoting understanding of brass instruments and acoustic music in general, with focus on the physics of brasses, and other aspects of the science behind music. Includes a collection of essays of particular interest to trumpeters.

Music à la Brass - Essays on Brass Physics in the 90's

Music Results - an online music education community providing information and services to directors, students, and parents of bands, choirs, and orchestras.

Online Trombone Journal - offers scholarly and general articles on all aspects of trombone performance and pedagogy.

Soul Man - Blues Brothers Riff lesson for Trumpet & Bass Guitar complete with sound clip example at 8 Notes!


Trumpet College - techniques and advice

The Trumpet Index - tips for trumpet playing and sounds

Trumpet Lessons

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Drum & Percussion Tutorials & Tab online lessons and drum tabulature available in the Tutorials section.

Alan McLeans Drum Lessons several lessons with instructional pictures for complete beginners plus audio lessons two of which are free, the rest requires payment for password to use.

Bill Powelson’s School of Drums - Drum set lessons, drumming tips, percussion techniques. Free lessons & Commercial course. Personal help ALL levels. Free newsletter. BeatBugs sold...

Chuck Silverman’s Lessons - Lessons and sounds for drummers to improve feel,groove,soloing,and timekeeping.

Drum Bum Lessons, resources and more at Drum Bum

Drum lesson of the day - Drum lesson of the day. Learn drums with the lick of the day

Drum Lessons Online - Drum set lessons, drumming tips, percussion techniques. Free lessons & Commercial course. Personal help ALL levels. Free newsletter. BeatBugs sold...

Drums Player World - free quality drums lessons online that includes video lessons, rudiments, styles, techniques, soloing, maintenance and more.

Gottry Percussion

FunkStation - Music Tutorials for programmers of drums, electronic and digital music

Odd Rhythms
Free online mini drum pattern lessons... see the tab and hear the pattern! Several rock, jazz and back beat rhythms in 5-7-9 and other unusual tempos.

Pete Lockett
Free drum and percussion articles and downloadable lessons in .pdf, mp3 and streaming video from multi percussionist Pete Lockett. Learn Tabla, Bodhran, Bongos, Congas, Darabuka, Drum set, Dhol, Dholak, Frame drums, Ghatam, Kanjira, Mridangam, Req, Udu and other percussion techniques.

Rhythm Training from WorldJazz - Provides free online lessons complete with practice scores and mp3 examples or you can play along with midi files. Site available in English and Deutsch.

The Drum ClubThe premier destination for the online percussion community! We’ve got it all: online lessons, rudiments, drumset, world percussion...and it’s tota...

WebThumper Drum Lessons - drumming website that provides lessons on reading drum transcriptions with over 600 patterns and rhythms plus complete songs that you can see and hear via midi and mp3 files. Flash lessons and jam tracks also available plus a neat drumkit you can play online!

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19th Century Performance Techniques
Practices and aesthetics by Rick Wilson at the Belgian Flute Pages.

20 Minute Music - Flute - Flute Beginner Course 1. Course Resources:. Course Directions. Your Practice Log. Your Goal Sheet. Your Song List. Notes Chart....

Mars Music interactive music lessons for Flute, Recorder, Guitar and Keyboard Free online using flash animations, sound and video.

Sound Creations - a Virtual Flute Lesson which includes the basics, how to make a tone, holding the flute properly, playing a scale, the upper octave, learning the chromatic scale and a flute fingering diagram.

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