Bands wanted - Global music festival raising cash for AIDS charity

HUNDREDS of artists, in countries all around the world, are joining forces to raise cash for AIDS charity Keep A Child Alive - in one of the biggest charity musical extravaganzas since Live Aid.

We are inviting UK-based bands, venues and volunteers to take part in One World Beat 2004.

One World Beat is a global music spectacle featuring simultaneous concerts all over the world on the weekend of March 19-21, 2004.

For more details about how you can get involved in One World Beat 2004, contact the One World Beat UK communications department. Contact details are at the end of this e-mail.

Events in England, Canada, Australia, USA, France, Germany, Burundi, Haiti, Romania, Switzerland and Nigeria are already on board, with other events to be confirmed.

Phil Collins, a One World Beat supporter, said: "There are no barriers in music - the colour of skin or the choice of religion should be of no interest to us in how we judge each other."

The worldwide campaign for One World Beat starts on December 1 - World AIDS Day (

Venues, bands and other volunteers who take part will receive worldwide recognition for their fund-raising efforts on the One World Beat 2004 website (

The main benefactor of One World Beat 2004 is the Keep A Child Alive charity (, which is dedicated to providing life-saving medicine to children and families with HIV/AIDS.

Venues, bands and volunteers can also nominate their own charities.

First UK event to sign up

The first One World Beat UK event signed up on November 3.

South Hill Park in Bracknell, Berkshire hosts The Shrine featuring Rita Ray on Saturday, March 20, 2004.

Rita Ray, the DJ, musician, World Service presenter and founder of The Shrine Londons hottest Afro-beat club and homage to the late, great Nigerian musician Fela Kuti takes the decks for a night of the hottest, steamiest and raciest Afro-Funk.

Afro-beats combination of hi-life, rock and reggae from Nigeria was pioneered by Fela Kuti throughout the 1970s and his legendary club was a hotbed of intellectual and artistic activity or a den of the utmost depravity, depending on who you talk to.

"We could never carry on with what the original Shrine did, because we would be arrested," says Ray. "But we're trying to stay true to the Fela mentality."

Three-day global musical festival

One World Beat 2004 is a live three-day global music festival providing a platform for musicians from all genres and levels, to unite and convey a message of hope through their music, all to benefit the victims of AIDS.

In addition, the One World Beat Music Festival provides an opportunity for thousands of people who want to get involved to do so as volunteers.

Volunteer effort

One World Beat unites volunteers, musicians, non-profit organisations, promoters and music venues in one global network.

All of the participants donate their time, art and knowledge to make a difference through music.

On the weekend of March 19-21 2004, musicians and bands will perform simultaneously around the world.

Uniting all music styles

At this year's inaugural One World Beat festival, over 500 musicians performed in 50 events around the globe raising money for charitable projects and sending out the message: Music Making a Difference.

One World Beat unites all music styles - rock, pop, hip-hop, blues, country, jazz, classical, rap, folk and alternative, as well as all other forms of musical expression.

One World Beat gives an opportunity to established and up-and-coming artists alike to participate in the global project by organising a benefit event.

One World Beat is growing every day. Enthusiastic people from around the world are signing up to support the project and help organise events.

The One World Beat organisation

The organisation is based in Switzerland and works with a network of volunteers around the world.

The One World Beat worldwide communications headquarters is in California, with a European and Asian communications department based in England.


Any bands, venues or volunteers interested in taking part can contact Mark Roach on (

For more information about how you can contribute or make a donation, or for more general information about One World Beat 2004, access the One World Beat website: