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oboeThe Oboe is a woodwind instrument that is part of the double reed family along with the bassoon, contra-bassoon and cor anglais which are played by blowing air through two reeds within the mouthpiece.  These vibrate and different notes are produced by covering and uncovering holes with a system of keys operated by rods and levers.

There are different systems of levers and pads used throughout the world including the automatic and semi-automatic octave systems, the thumbplate system, the Philadelphia hight D key and roller F mechanism to name a few!! Information and pictures of these are available at Brian Moses Reed pages in the Anatomy of an Oboe section.

oboe playedMainly used in orchestras, classical music, the oboe, like the bassoon is sadly underated in modern music with the occassional exception like Carol Bayer Sagar's 'Late At Night'.

Oboe Books & Scores
Oboe Diagram
Oboe Tab & Lessons
Oboe Resources
Oboe Reeds, Accessories, Care & Maintenance

Oboe Diagram

oboe diagram

Oboe Tab & Lessons

  • 8 Notes has riffs and lessons complete with sound clip examples plus over 1500 free sheet music, pictures of commonly used musical instruments and more!

  • ASU Oboe Homepage - Arizona State University School of Music has information on oboe studies at the university, warm-up tips, reed guide, practice hints, and links.

  • Basic Fingering Chart for Oboe - Select a register: ... Bb 3 to C 5. C# 5 to C 6. C# 6 to F 6. ... First Octave. ...

  • How to make an oboe reed; German method

  • Oboe Examinations - Syllabuses for examination from grades 1 to 8, provided by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (UK)

  • Oboe Fingering Software
    Franco Gerevini's freeware Oboe Fingerings software, a small Windows utility for oboists, band directors, instrumental music teachers, and anyone who wishes to learn to play the oboe. The multilingual program shows various possible fingerings (basic, alternate, and trill) for the notes which the oboe can produce.

  • Oboe reed making includes tying, scraping and fixing.

  • Oboe reed making - Seven steps detailing the process of creating oboe reeds.

  • Paul's Oboe Website - A Place for Oboists which includes charts of basic fingerings.

  • Technical Exercises for Baroque Oboe Preface and the table of contents of Matthew Peaceman book

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