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Worried about your health? Think you may have a medical problem related to playing a musical instrument? Or want to avoid known repetative injuries?  There are some excellent resources on the internet that provide all the information you could possibly need!!

Musicians Health Organisations
Musicians Health Articles
Exercises & Therapy
Instrument Specific Injuries
Medical Books
Medical Models & Images
Musicians Insurance Companies

Musicians Health Organizations & Resources

Arts Medicine - The European Association "Medecine des Arts"

British Performing Arts Medicine Trust - A charity that provides a telephone Helpline and free medical assessment at performance related injuries and illnesses.

The Canadian Network for Health in the Arts - allows performing artists and health professionals to keep informed of research and health services for artists.

Ergonomics.org tips, articles, ideas and links to other interesting sites on this page.

Healthlinkusa designed to be easy to use for people who are searching the internet for information on a wide range of specific health topics, including Alexander Technique. Links to sites which discuss treatment, prevention, support groups, e mail lists, message boards, risk factors, statistics, research and more are included.

Healthy Practice for Musicians Book - Packed full of practical advice covering every aspect of a musician’s physical and mental well-being.

Hearnet.com - Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers Information on hearing & hearing problems

German Association on Physiology of Music and Performing Arts Medicine - promotion and improvement of preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic measures.

International Arts Medicine Association - a forum for communication between arts and health professionals includes links to other health related sites.

The International Foundation for Performing Arts Medicine - programs in injury prevention as well as medical information for artists

Loving Life Foundation The non profit foundation for research and teaching in touch healing. section provides information on approach to self help for musician stress and pain.

MAP The Musicians Assistance Programme makes it possible for members of the music industry to receive treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, regardless of their financial condition. MAP gives these men and women a chance to get their lives back offices in the US and UK

Medical Issues For Performers

Musician's Health - explanation of musician's injuries, along with guidelines regarding injury prevention and exercises for injury prevention created by Dr. Timothy Jameson D.C.

Musicians and Injuries - guidelines and tips as well as related links, books, and tapes.

Music-Injury.com - addresses the concerns raised by both those who create and who appreciate music.

OMNI The UK's Gateway to High Quality Internet Resources in Health and Medicine

Performing Arts Medicine at Ithaca College - includes program, articles and links to a wide variety of perfomance injury related topics.

The Performing Arts Medicine Association - organization of physicians and other allied professionals dedicated to improving the health care and treatment of performing artists through education, research, and teaching.

Performance injury website

Public Health Image Library, CDC, Atlanta, GA

Society of Singers - nonprofit charity that helps professional vocalists, worldwide, in times of crisis.

The Voice Care Network (UK) Voice care aim to help people to keep their voices healthy and to communicate effectively.  They provide specialist voice workshops and coaching to introduce voice care, extend the efficient use of the voice, to manage acoustics effectively and to be aware o how clarity in delivery and vocal tone affect listening.

The VoiceCare Network nonprofit US educational organization providing lifespan voice education for choral conductors, music educators, church musicians, singing teachers, singers and speech pathologists.

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Online Musicians Health Articles

Excessive Noise Levels - FAQ by Douglas Yeo (bass trombonist, Boston Symphony Orchestra) on excessive noise levels on stage

Handhealth Company that markets an athletic approach to hand care.

Karen Stafford articles information, resources, and websites.

Muscoskeletal Problems In Musicians - by Miriam C. Daum, P.T., M.P.H.

Nonsurgical Treatment Options - by Richard N. Norris, M.D.

Sound Feelings Publishing - We are music, health and education audio and book publishers specialising in music medicine, music instruction, weight loss, and alternative therapies. We offer many free and helpful tips on various topics. Many of our products make ideal gifts and include several one-of-a-kind products and personalized items. Our catalog and mail order company has been in business providing reliable service since 1984. Amazing revolutionary free tips and information on music healing, music instruction, weight loss, studying, and stuttering. Special secrets, tricks and solutions are helpful specifically for learning to use music for transformation and healing, for music sight-reading, for non-diet weight-loss, for learning how to learn, and for attaining fluent speech.

Free Health Tips.
11 helpful free tips show how to listen to music for transformation and healing
10 free non-diet tips for permanent weight-loss
The 7 myths that prevent permanent weight-loss
Two free secrets help stop stuttering
Simple secret reduces wrist pain in computer users
11 free tips improve studying results
Five free tips help release anger
Nine easy tips increase hand warmth
Free Sound Samples.
Music healing sound samples
Original songs and compositions samples
Free Music Instruction Tips.
Pianists’ pain-prevention tips
Ten amazing free secrets improve sight-reading
Easy chord construction formulas
Nine easy tips increase hand warmth

The Symphony of Palms Stress reduction system used for general relaxation and to reduce performance anxiety.

Tinnitus FAQ

Web Therapy Teaching includes information on Lessac, Alexander, Feldenkrais, working with transsexual clients, vocal fold paralysis, vocal hygiene, speech options after laryngectomy etc.

What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body: Andover Educators

When It Hurts To Play - A Look Into Injuries Common Among Musicians

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Exercises and Theraputic Techniques

AlexanderTechinque.com - The Complete Guide to the Alexander Techique including a section of information for musicians

Alexander Technique - collection of Internet resources regarding the Alexander Technique includes links to worldwide Alexander Societies and a mailing list.

Carpel Tunnel - "Heal Thyself Series" by BodymindResources.com.

Carpel Tunnel Exercises - explanations, diagrams, exercises.

Healing With Water - Contrast Bath Hydrotherapy

Feldenkrais Guild of North America - the professional organization of practitioners and teachers of the Feldenkrais Method.

The Feldenkrais Method - articles, workshops, books and tapes.

Pedro de Alcantara
Musician, teacher and author of “Indirect Procedures: A Musician's Guide to the Alexander Technique”. Website contains book excerpts, original articles and essays, news of seminars and workshops and links to pages of interest to musicians, fellow Alexander teachers and laypeople.

The Pilates Studio - popular system of body conditioning.

Tendinitis Problems Of Musicians - Identification, Prevention, Treatment

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Instrument Specific
Brass | Flute | Guitar | Piano | Voice


Braceguard - reusable orthodontic shield providing lip protection for musicians and brace patients.

Brass Meets Dentistry - Embouchure and Posture

Breathing, articulation and flexibility - three articles by Nick Hudson

The Morgan Bumper - a C-shaped soft, pliable medical grade plastic which fits over braces to save lips and cheeks from discomfort.

Self Hypnosis For Musicians - A unique self-help CD program to unlock your true potential

Westone Laboratories, Inc. - hearing protectors for musicians

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Alexander Technique for Musicians articles by flutist Alexander Murray.

Lunn Flutes home of Hands On! - free performance health newsletter for flutists

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The Humane Guitarist - dedicated to the scientific elimination of the physical stresses associated with the classical guitar.

Sitting & Proper Positioning - article by Nitin Arora

The Guitarist's Guide to Hand Care - designed to help guitarists understand what they can do to protect their hands from injury and to strengthen their hands for playing.

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Freeing The Caged Bird Dedicated to injury preventive keyboard technique, this site features the internationally acclaimed, award-winning video "Freeing the Caged Bird" and information about pianist Barbara Lister-Sink's method of retraining injured keyboardists

Pianist's Injuries - article by Thomas Mark

Pianists Pain-Prevention Tips - simple changes in keyboard technique will prevent injury for keyboard players.

Playing the Piano - Playing with Fire? - an article on the occupational hazards of piano playing.

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For a full collection of vocal health links, information on hoarseness, breathing, colds and more visit Vocal Health section at Vocalist.org.uk

Healthy Voice Hygiene

Society of Singers - nonprofit charity that helps professional vocalists, worldwide, in times of crisis.

The VoiceCare Network - nonprofit educational organization providing lifespan voice education for choral conductors, music educators, church musicians, singing teachers, singers and speech pathologists.

Vocalist FAQ-Glossary

Vocalzones throat pastille is recommended for relief of irritations due to excessive speaking, singing (professional, amateur or karaoke) or smoking and aid in soothing dry irritated throats.

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Medical Books

Musician's Survival Manual: A Guide for Preventing and Treating Injuries in Instrumentalists. comprehensive book and video written by performance arts medicine specialist Richard Norris, MD includes ordering information.

Mornum Time Press specializing in books on the Alexander Tehcnique. The last book included an essay by Professor Alexander Murray on flute playing.

Performance Arts Medicine Bibliography - Comprehensive bibliography of musicians injury related books and periodicals.

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3d Medical Models & Images


Harvard University

3D Models.com

Medphys.ucl - 3d Image Workstation

Merk Medicus great online 3d images.

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Companies and Products

Please note that links in this section are provided for information only. The products have not been tested by our staff or volunteers, Electric Blues Club is not affiliated in any way and inclusion does not consitute recommendation of any kind.

Posture Chair forward sloping rocking seat inspired by Alexander Technique. Helps you sit in an Alexander way, using balance, with lots of freedom of movement.

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