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Music Careers

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Music Careers

There are a wide variety of areas in which musicians and music students can seek employment depending on their talent, enthusiasm and qualifications including:-

  • Architectural Acoustic Consultants - providing everything from advice to building designs

  • Arranging & Composition - providing freelance services to lyricists, radio, television, orchestras, films and other areas that require music composed/arranged for specific projects.

  • Artists & Repertoire - viewing & organising the signing of potential stars plus their maintaining their career development within the boundries of the recording contract.

  • Arts Administrators - working in schools, universities, local councils/government and community groups to provide co-ordination and administration of arts and music events, courses etc.

  • Audio & Recording Engineer - Sound engineers and tech's can find employment in both static studios, radio, television, film and P.A. Hire.

  • Music Biographer - writing about music and musicians

  • Church Musician - definately a niche for the lovers of Choral music

  • Conducting - excellent sight reading skills, commanding presence and ability to interpret the composition and communicate this to a full orchestra.

  • Film Scoring - writing and/or co-ordinating music with sections of film, producing music scores for the musicians

  • Lyricist - providing words/poems/prose for anything from jingles to potential hit songs - usually requires collaberation with a Composer/Arranger, Musician or Producer to create a finished song.

  • Music Business Attorneys - Solicitors, Lawyers and other legal personell who specialise in the music industry.

  • Music Critic or Journalist - writing anything from the latest music gossip column to serious opinions on various genres of music and musicians.

  • Music & Entertainment Agents - matching music venues with artists/bands. All styles and types exist from local pub/club entertainment agents, cruise ship bookers to agents who specialise in organising full band tours.

  • Music Historian - researching and recording the history of music

  • Music Industry - from dogsbody to music industry mogul......

  • Music Librarian - keeping the music alive for the general public, this requires a good memory and preferably an extensive knowledge of music artists/records and labels.

  • Music Managers - development, promotion and management of musicians/bands/artists etc.

  • Music Photographer - providing a service for local artists to becoming a freelance photographer to music industry media.

  • Music Producers - freelance and employed by record companies, the producer is responsible for co-ordinating and arranging a piece of music into a finished article.

  • Music Promoters - providing musicians with the opportunity to perform by arranging music events/tours.

  • Music Publishing - everything from clerical positions to editing, arranging, sales, distribution and legal work.

  • Music Software Development - developing, programming and testing music software for educational establishments, companies and manufacture

  • Music Therapist - Using music to aid people with physical and mental disabilities.

  • Music Venue Management - running and maintaining a music venue either as an individual landlord of a public house right up to the management of a major music venue or annual festival.

  • Musicologists - the study of all music except that directed to proficiency in performance or composition.

  • Performance - from Busking to Festivals live performance of all kinds for all styles and standards of musicians can be very rewarding.

  • Recording/Editing - for retail, radio, television, film, studios and record companies.

  • Symphony Orchestra - classically trained and highly qualified personell only!!

  • Teaching - many performers supplement their income by becoming a Private Tutor or working in Educational Establishments, the latter requires Teacher Training Qualifications.

  • Television/Radio Industry - jingles, scores, dj's, production, presenting, voice overs....

  • Tour Managers - responsible for the smooth running of band tours including catering to the whims of the artists/bands & road crew, larger tours may also have a road crew manager and assistant tour manager.

  • Virtual Reality Sound Environments - Internet, Games, Programs

These are just a small range of careers within the music industry and the descriptions do not fully cover the range of duties, dedication, qualifications required! Take a browse through our Job Listings Sites for musicians, singers, radio, film and television and the recommended books and music careers links for more information.

Singing Careers information and ideas for singing and music careers available at Vocalist.org.uk where you can also browse the latest A & R, Film & Tv Music Job Listings for musicians, bands, singers and songwriters.

Creative Careers Fair The only careers fair that targets the creative arts industry will comprise of exhibitions, practical workshops and a chance to meet representatives from the industry. Attendees can hand out CVs, portfolios and view presentations/exhibition displays from exhibitors and attendees alike.

A number of major companies will be sending representatives to attend the fair instead of exhibiting. Hence, we are encouraging talents to send in details of their portfolio/demo for exhibition on the main plasma screen or visual displays. If you have done a high-standard project in the past that you think will be worth displaying, then it will be worth attending the fair. Even if you are not attending for recruitment purposes, you might find your project generates interest. More details are on the website.

Receive technical and career advice from specialists in practical sessions in the mobile production suite (Outside Broadcast Van).

Pre-registration is required. Admission cost is 20 + booking fee. For more info, visit www.creativecareersfair.com.

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Music Careers Links

4 Entertainment Jobs USA site providing jobs, internships and career information in the Entertainment Industry. Search for jobs in their database which is updated daily with music industry jobs ranging from musicians required for touring to major positions in companies like Sony, MTV, Disney, ABC etc., paid subscription is required to use their services.

Applause Performance & Production Careers Advice Book (US) Provides Tips, Tricks, and Secrets That Will Launch Your Music Performance or Production Career!

Berklee University Music Career Books & Resources (USA) includes US music industry job listing sites.

Berklee University Music Careers information split into catagories with full descriptions of each career type and related jobs...Excellent!

Careers Advice from Manchester Music University UK

Careers in Music advice and contacts from the National Foundation for Youth Music UK.

Careers Factory - gives information and advice on a variety of careers including London's film, tv, video and music management.

Get A Mentor On the job training for Radio, Tv, Film & Recording Studios

Get Into Live Music online job classifieds for theatre related jobs in the UK.

Gigs Galore Music industry education courses for singers and musicians to market themselves effectively

Google Music Careers Saved Search

HitQuaters.com An excellent resource packed full of A&R articles, tips and advice plus a worldwide searchable database of A&R, Publishing & Labels which includes contact details!

I Like Music (UK) have an online music directory, career directory and tuition/courses directory.

ISM - Incorporated Society of Musicians (UK) gives a general guide to various areas of the music business in relation to careers with some useful addresses plus an a-z of careers and careers in music for people with disabilities.

Metier Careers advice from the National Training Organisation for the arts and entertainment sector in the UK

Music Business Page this USA site provides music industry guidebook and links to music sites of interest.

Music Business Solutions - helping musicians, songwriters and industry careerists start and grow successful music businesses through vital information and creative management strategies.

Musicians Contact The primary source of employment for musicians nationwide, established 31 years. Jobs and resumes are updated online daily

Music Careers by Ken Foster covers basic educational requirements, personal qualifications, skills and knowledge plus potential earnings (in US currency) and advice. Other sections available from his main site Ken Foster contains memory techniques, how to handle performance anxiety, getting your child to practice, the publishing process, purchasing and caring for a piano and free lessons for those who sign up for his regular newsletter.

Music Journalist & the Association of Music Writers & Photographers the US music press information site.

Roadie.net What a roadie is and does plus roadie job listings, post resume, roadie stories, photos, forum, chatroom, lost & found, games and downloads, lingo, links and more!

Royal Air Force Music Careers Information and advice for people seeking a music career in the UK Air Force.

Successful Music Career creative music solutions for bands and solo artists with 30 day free trials on many programs, seminars in the US and a free online career course.

University of Wisconsin Music Careers listing of music careers available to those with a music degree

Your Music Career advice, services and information for musicians who want to succeed in the music business. (USA)

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