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How to make CD tracks out of your MP3 mix
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How to make CD tracks out of your MP3 mix
By Bella Tu

We'd like to make you aware of the growing number of programs available that allow you to edit your MP3 files, specifically, cutting them up into to smaller pieces.

Live recordings and mixes often end up as one very long and large file. If you're looking to burn these large files as MP3 or CDA then you will want to check out the following software downloads available on MP3Machine. These programs handle large MP3 files and allow you to split or cut the file into several smaller files (smaller in both play length and file size). You can then burn each of these as separate audio tracks on the CD meaning you can skip to points within the mix or live segment. NOTE: to burn a CD with no silence between each track you must burn in DAO mode.

MP3 TrackMaker 1.3 by Heathco Software:
No installation is necessary with this Freeware editor dedicated to splitting and joining MP3 audio. After the lightning fast 68K download, you'll be splitting and merging MP3 left-right-and-center. It is that simple and intuitive to use. Four tab windows within the program interface cover Split, Join, Help and About:

Browse for the Source file to be split
Choose how you would like the split files to be named [Filename, Track #]
Choose the destination folder/directory for the split files
Define the time location of each split in mmm:ss.pp (minutes:seconds.milliseconds) format. Here you can either specify each split time differently or use the 'Split All By First Listed Time' option to make each subsequent split point at the same time. Another option is to use 'Grab Winamp Position' option to mark each split point by pausing play in Winamp and clicking the Grab Winamp Position button in TrackMaker
Click the Create Tracks button to make your separate tracks from the split source file

Choose a Destination file or new file name within a folder/directory
Add and/or Remove tracks to be joined. You can shuffle the order of tracks added to the Tracks to Join list
Click the Merge Tracks button
Help and About provide detailed instructions for the use of the Split and Join features, and information regarding TrackMakers developer, Heathco Software.
If you're really desperate to tranfer and MP3 files to another computer but you don't have the storage hardware, you could also use TrackMaker to split the MP3 in smaller MP3s, transfer by floppy disk or email and then merge it back together on the second computer.
Download TrackMaker 1.3 Freeware version or Purchase TrackMaker 1.3 from MP3 Machine.com

MORE - a new breed of audio editors, created with MP3 in mind:

For Windows

MP3-Slicer for Windows 95/98 - Slices large MP3 files in to smaller user-defined lengths
MP3 Surgeon for Windows 95/98/NT - MP3 Surgeon is the fastest and easiest way to edit your MP3's
MP3Cutter 2 for Windows 95/98 - Cut, paste, divide and edit your MP3s
Mp3Direct for Windows 95/NT - A simple and efficient tool to edit MPEG audio directly
MP3 Butcher for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 - Cut, merge, record and mix MPEG audio files

For Macintosh

Audacity - Free, cross-platform audio editor (mac)
mEdit for Power Macintosh - MPEG audio file editor (MP3, MP2) for Macintosh

For Linux

Audacity - Free, cross-platform audio editor (linux)

Information & Demo's available for download at MP3 Machine.com

Reproduced under license from Shareware Music Machine - the world's biggest music software web site. Copyright Hitsquad.com Ltd. 1995 - 2001 All Rights Reserved.

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