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MP3 information, educational articles, newsgroups, books and some rather handy mp3 music charts plus all the latest music album, country 12", country singles and white label new releases from major and independant record companies are now available in our MP3 section.

Want to learn how to burn your MP3 to CD or extract music from a CD and convert it to .wav?  Take a look at the MP3 Articles & Tutorial Viewlets.

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Before you can listen to MP3 tracks you will need a player. Most of these are free from the software developer or are free versions of their full software.  Visit the sites listed below to download a free player for your computer.

** AV Flash Players **
Excellent flash players that you can add to your website! Great for musicians who want to showcase their music on their website using mp3 and streaming media without compromising their music or needing coding skills. Create playlists using your own mp3 tracks, add graphics, or produce a neat photo gallery... you can place jpgs as background effects to your music and add annotations. Those with QT or Flash creation programmes can create their own karaoke files and companies will can use the media publishing version for streaming movies or content, on their website!! These are 'Tipware' which means the Flash AV program (the _pfs.swf file) is licenced as a tipware (only for indivuals), i.e. the client remains free to evaluate his own use of the player and make the adequate contributions that will help developing the program. However, only tippers receive an unlimited version of the file. Limited and unlimited versions have exactly the same features and custom skins/features are available on request for a reasonable fee. (Please note: We are not affiliated and do not earn commission from sales in any way, we just like the player ;-)

MacAmp Mp3 player for Mac OS
Music Match Mp3, Midi, CD & Streaming Audio player freeware version
Real Player MP3 & Streaming Audio player
WinAMp Mp3 player for PC's
WindowsMedia.com Windows Media Player
Music & MP3 Software Tutorials step by step guides & how to's

MusicMatch MP3 Jukebox Deluxe 6.0 CD-ROM by Macmillan Digital Publishing
Our Price: £26.99
Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000

Find, record, manage and play the music you love
Manage music
Create CD's
Internet Radio
Musicmatch Jukebox lets you find, record, manage and play music you love.

PLAY MP3s, Windows Media Audio, CDs, video, and more. Create playlists simply by dragging and dropping music files from your music library. Easily transfer MP3 songs to portable MP3 players.

MANAGE your music with a powerful, easy-to-access music library. Sort your music by 17 different categories including album, artist, track, genre, and mood.

FIND thousands of free tracks and purchase music from major labels with the Musicmatch Guide. Discover new music and learn more about your favourite artists. Tune into over 3,000 internet radio stations from around the world.

CREATE CDs with our "two-click" CD burning system complete with CD labelling and jewel case inserts. Customize audio CDs or MP3 CDs using saved playlists or by selecting individual tracks. The easy-to-read capacity meter tells you when you've filled up your disc with music.

RECORD unlimited CD-quality MP3s from your CD, record, or tape collection onto your hard drive or MP3 player. Easily add cover art, liner notes, lyrics and artist bios to your music with improved song tagging. Support for several recording formats including MP3, Windows Media Audio and WAV.

MUSICMATCH RADIO gives you the power to be your own DJ with customized stations. View CD, song and artist information while listening to your favourite music. Select from 18 professionally programmed, popular-genre stations like R&B, country, and 80's hits. Easily email your favourite stations to friends.

Read More & purchase at Amazon UK
Read More & purchase at Amazon USA


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Free MP3 Backing Tracks
Every week, MP3 Backing Tracks give away 100 free backing tracks to 100 lucky customers. To take part in the Giveaway, browse through their catalogue and pick a track which has FREE beside the title.

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MP3: The Definitive Guide
Scott Hacker
Amazon.co.uk Review
O'Reilly gets to grips with the technology that's revolutionising the way we think about and use music with MP3: The Definitive Guide. The book includes some excellent advice on choosing and using MP3 software. The leading titles are discussed and compared so you can pick software with the features you want. Skins and plug-ins also get plenty of space, and the whole concept of organising and storing MP3 files is well-covered.

Ripping and encoding gets a chapter to itself, and this is rounded off with a section on creating your own CDs. Other chapters cover Internet downloading and dedicated MP3 hardware--portable players, handheld computers, car players and home stereo systems. New players are coming onto the market with stunning rapidity, making some of this material here less than state of the art; still, it does provide a good overview of what's available.

For those looking for more technical information, a chapter at the end of the book explains MP3 and other audio file formats--but this won't hinder those who don't want to delve too deep from getting the most out of this book. Hacker's text is very accessible indeed, and at no point will novices feel overwhelmed by technology. The author is also careful to make sure that this book applies to whatever your operating system, be it Windows, Macintosh, Linux or BeOS. --Sandra Vogel

MP3, standing for MPEG-1, Layer 3, is a codec for compressing the size of audio files for digital distribution. Much more than a definition, MP3 is nothing less than a cultural and economic revolution on the Internet. Every day, hundreds of thousands of MP3 music files are searched for, shared, recorded and listened to by computer and Internet users of all kinds. Either alone or collected into massive download sites, the MP3 revolution is seriously threatening the traditional ways people find music.......
Read More & purchase at Amazon UK
Read More & purchase at Amazon USA

MP3 for Dummies
Andy Rathbone
This volume has been updated to cover the latest ways to find, get, create and listen to MP3 files, including updated software and new players. For musicians and music lover alike, it contains: the essentials an MP3 user needs to know to find, download, create, share, save and hear MP3 files: enhanced features of the new release of MusicMatch Jukebox as well as the newest portable and home stereo MP3 players: revised and updated content to cover the newest features on MP3.com as well as coverage of the "bad boys" of MP3, notably the Napster file swapping service: a step-by-step guide to make your computer MP3-compliant; and a how-to guide to turn your desktop computer into a hi-fi sound system using your home stereo.
Read More & purchase at Amazon UK
Read More & purchase at Amazon USA

MP3! I Didn't Know You Could Do That...
Guy Hart-Davis
Amazon.co.uk Review
Napster's in the news, that's for sure, which means more people than ever are listening to music encoded in the Motion Picture Experts Group 3 (MPEG-3, or MP3) standard. MP3! I Didn't Know You Could Do That... exists for the purpose of explaining what MP3 music is, why it's superior to older music formats in many ways, and how you can listen to and record it. Readers get the goods on finding, downloading, recording, sharing, and modifying MP3 files--in short, how to participate in the MP3 community. It's both an instruction manual and a toolkit, as its companion CD-ROM includes Winamp, Sonique, MusicMatch JukeBox, and a selection of public-domain MP3 files.

The book gets a bit tedious at times, particularly when it "explains" how to do things on Web sites that are both pretty intuitive to begin with and adequately documented online. The authors otherwise do a good job, though, in pointing out software whose existence might not be apparent to an MP3 newcomer, and in illuminating the process of recording MP3 files onto CD-ROM disks in CD-DA format for use in a standard CD player. Their coverage also excels when it comes to Napster, as they include mentions of Macster (for Mac OS) and Gnapster (for the Gnome environment under Linux), as well as the popular Windows edition of the MP3-exchange tool. --David Wall, Amazon.com

Topics covered: MP3 audio files, along with the tools and communities that have sprung into existence around them. Documentation of popular MP3 software, like Winamp and Napster, is a big part of this book, and a guide to MP3 download sites makes up much of the rest. There's coverage of recording MP3 files onto standard audio disks, too.

MP3 - short for MPEG Layer 3 - is a file format that compresses audio for storage on a computer. This text contains MP3 information including new encryption formats, standards and legal developments. It shows how to get the most out of rippers, players and audio editors. Included is a CD-ROM.
Read More & purchase at Amazon UK
Read More & purchase at Amazon USA

MP3 Complete
Sybex Inc.
Paperback - 992 pages (21 November, 2000) Synopsis
MP3 is a file format that compresses audio for storage on a computer. Each MB of data in an .mp3 file equals one minute of music at almost CD quality or several minutes for spoken word/audiobooks. Because the files are small, they can be easily distributed via the Internet or on CDs. MP3 files can be played from PCs, Palm computers, and dedicated players. This text provides information on how to get the most out of rippers, players, and audio editors. It also covers recording and distributing your own music online and troubleshooting.
Read More & purchase at Amazon UK
Read More & purchase at Amazon USA

Quick Guide To... MP3 and Digital Music
Ian Waugh
Book Description
MP3 files, the latest digital music format, have taken the music industry by storm. What are they? Where do you get them? How do you use them? Why have they thrown record companies into a panic? Will they make music easier to buy? And cheaper? Is this the future of music? All these questions and more are answered in this concise and practical book which explains everything you need to know about MP3s in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. It explains:
* How to play MP3s on your computer
* How to use MP3s with hand-held MP3 players
* Where to find MP3s on the Web
* How to program hours of non-repeating music
* How to create your own MP3s
* How to record your own CDs from MP3 files
* Other digital audio music formats

Whether you want to stay bang up to date with the latest music or create your own MP3s and join the on-line digital music revolution, this book will show you how.

The publisher, phil@pc-publishing.co.uk , 17 October, 2000
Introduction 1 MP3 essentials What is MP3? Other MPEGs Why was MP3 developed? Why MP3 is important for musicians Consumer benefits of MP3 2 How MP3 works Digital audio Sample rate Sample resolution MP3 compression Lossy vs lossless MP3 bit rates CBR and VBR MP3 audio quality Other MP3 compression systems Other digital audio compression formats Microsoft WMA AT&T a2b Liquid Audio Yamaha Sound VQ CDs vs MP3s 3 Legal issues Music copyright and wrongs Fair use UK vs USA law Are MP3s illegal? A... read more
Read More & purchase at Amazon UK

The Official "MP3.COM" Guide to MP3
Michael Robertson, Ron Simpson
Not Yet Available in the UK: You may still order this title. We will dispatch it to you when it is released by the publisher.
Amazon.co.uk Review
MP3 music files. Have you heard all of the hoopla and felt just a little bit left out? Does all the talk about this new technology leave you feeling sheepish because of your lack of knowledge? Are you confused about that new Netscape Communicator plug-in called Winamp? If so, The Official MP3.comGuide to MP3 is without a doubt the book for you. Leaning toward the practical side of MP3s, Michael Robertson and Ron Simpson have written a book to help the rest of us get a firm grasp on this emerging technology. By using simple explanations and concise tutorials, the authors introduce readers to the music compression format that has changed the face of the music industry. Each of the first four chapters in the book is a stand-alone unit designed to illustrate one or two basic concepts, for example, how to upgrade the encoder files of the shareware version of Audiograbber with a freeware MP3 encoder that allows 128 kbs rates and higher.

The book discusses some of the competition that MP3 is facing from other compression schemes such as Liquid Audio, Real Audio and Sony's VQF. Robertson and Simpson also delve into the MP3 phenomenon from a musician's point of view, giving suggestions and tips on how any musician or band can use MP3 and the Internet to showcase and distribute their music to a vast audience with a minimum of fuss or expense.

As they explain configuration options and basic functions, the authors take us by the hand as they tour Winamp, Sonique, MusicMatch Jukebox and some of the other players they list as honourable mentions. All of the slightly more advanced concepts such as ripping, CODECS, editing ID3 tags, adding equaliser treatments, streaming, skins and plug-ins are treated in the same easy-going manner, which is always lucid and never condescending.

One of the more useful topics discussed involves using MusicMatch to convert directly from music CDs to an MP3 file in a one-step process. Without MusicMatch this involves a two-step process which creates a 10 Meg per minute WAV file on your hard drive--which subsequently requires conversion to the MP3 format (a very handy trick that conserves hard drive space).

Beginners will love this book with its easy-to-follow tutorials and more experienced users will be sure to find helpful tips and tricks scattered throughout the pages. --Robert D. Gately, Amazon.com

Topics covered: Introduction to the MP3 format; examination of the portable MP3 players on the market; the history of MP3; the legalities involved in creating your own MP3s from your favourite CDs; techniques for configuring your MP3 player; downloading from the internet; and playing and ripping your own MP3 files.

Aimed at music lovers, casual surfers, musicians and computer enthusiasts, this book is a guide to the MP3 music explosion, with discussions of software and hardware, information on which websites to visit, and user-friendly tutorials on how to download music and sell music online.
Read More & order at Amazon UK
Read More & purchase at Amazon USA (Stock Available)

MP3 Power! With Winamp
Justin Frankel, Dave Greely, Ben Sawyer, Dave Greeley
Paperback - 336 pages Book & Cd-Rom
Winamp enthusiasts and SHOUTcast DJ's will enjoy this informative and well written book which includes details on configuring Winamp plug-ins, the ID3 Tag format and interviews with people from the Winamp community.  Most of the information can be found at the winamp.com website but it's a handy book to have considering that Winamp itself does not have a manual.

Not quite the sort of thing for someone new to MP3, as although it provides a brief history of the MP3 format, the actual basics of MP3 technology are glossed over.
Read More & purchase at Amazon UK
Read More & purchase at Amazon USA (Stock Available)

The Mp3 and Internet Audio Handbook : Your Guide to the Digital Music Revolution
by Bruce Fries, Marty Fries
This book has 23 sample pages.

Book Description
The MP3 and Internet Audio Handbook cuts through the hype and confusion surrounding MP3 and Internet Audio. It explains the basics of digital audio and downloadable music in a simple, easy-to-understand language, and provides step-by-step instructions to help eliminate time-consuming trial and error. Included are instructions for creating and playing MP3 files, recording music on a PC, burning CDs, and obtaining music via the Internet. This book provides hardware and software recommendations, instructions on connecting a PC to a hi-fi system, tutorials for popular software, and lists of Internet radio stations and downloadable music sites. The effects of the Digital Music Revolution and the basics of intellectual property law are also covered.

About the Author - Bruce Fries is a writer, technology consultant and entrepreneur who lives in Silver Spring, Maryland. He is an associate of the Audio Engineering Society, and has written extensively about networking, personal computing and the Internet.
Read More & purchase at Amazon UK
Read More & purchase at Amazon USA

I Want My MP3!: How to Download, Rip, & Play Digital Music
by Bill Mann
Paperback - 356 pages Book & Cd edition
Amazon.com Review
MP3 files raise a lot of questions about the rights of artists to be compensated for their work when making copies of their recordings is practically effortless. Bill Mann explains this challenge to the audio format and lots more in I Want My MP3, a very complete guide to MP3 audio and the communities that have grown up around it. Much of I Want My MP3 has to do with software--the players, playlist managers, rippers, and encoders you need to convert and listen to music. Mann emphasizes the Sonique player, the AudioCatalyst ripper/encoder, and the MusicMatch Jukebox all-purpose application. He covers RealJukebox, XingMP3 Player, and RealPlayer G2 as well, but (in a break from his competitors) doesn't pay much heed to WinAmp. It's refreshing to see an author defend his personal software preferences, and also nice to read about sound-editing utilities that other books neglect completely. There's brief coverage of all popular handheld and car-mounted MP3 hardware devices too.

Mann backs up his player coverage with loads of media material, including reviews of dozens of MP3 repositories (he favors large sites over fly-by-night ratio sites run by students) and a CD-ROM containing a better-than-average collection of tunes. --David Wall

Topics covered: Arranging and playing MP3 files, ripping and encoding MP3 files (converting CD tracks to MP3 format), various software utilities and hardware playback devices, and MP3 archives on the Internet.

Book Description
Download, rip and play MP3 files! If you want to take advantage of everything MP3 audio has to offer -- from finding the hottest download sites to ripping your own high-quality CDs -- I Want My MNP3! How to Download, Rip & Play Digital Music, by Bill Mann, delivers the goods. This easy-to-read, hands-on manual gets you off to a fast start, showing you how to: *Make the most of MP3 player, ripper and all-in-one application software *Zero in on the best free and low-cost MP3 music on the Net... read more
Read More & purchase at Amazon USA

Sonic Boom: Napster, MP3, and the New Pioneers of Music
by John Alderman

Amazon.com Review
Napster may or may not be a factor in the music scene of the future, but its extraordinary rise--and the attention it focused on the MP3 digital audio format--has ensured its status as a key figure in bringing this new type of sound recording to public consciousness. Sonic Boom, by veteran cyberjournalist John Alderman, cogently recounts the brief but tumultuous story that led up to this upstart song-trading exchange attracting 500,000 users each night--along with the wrath of the traditional recording industry. But Napster is hardly the entire story when it comes to the MP3 revolution, and Alderman is wise to focus significant attention on other important players. These include the Internet Underground Music Archive, an early Web site launched to help bands reach a wider audience; MP3.com, whose domain name initially made it the central gathering point for online music fans; Liquid Audio and RealAudio, two of the first established efforts to facilitate sound transmittal over the Net; the Grateful Dead, Todd Rundgren, and Beastie Boys, a few of the independent-minded, techno-savvy musicians whose connection vastly boosted interest; and the Recording Industry Association of America, the old-line trade group that squeezed Napster and put its very future in question. Hardcore tune traders may not be interested in all the machinations Alderman describes, but those drawn to the business side of music and the Internet, as well as the debate over intellectual property rights in the electronic world, should find his account of the still-unfolding drama an engaging and illuminating read. --Howard Rothman From Publishers Weekly

A compelling blend of cultural criticism and business writing (… la Tracy Kidder's The Soul of a New Machine), and the first full-length look at the revolution in listening to and trading music online, Alderman's detailed, unflaggingly entertaining book sets a dizzying standard. Notably well-versed in Internet history, Alderman tracks the music industry power struggles precipitated by the proliferation of MP3 technology and the infamous Napster. Alderman, a journalist with Wired and Mondo... read more
Read More & purchase at Amazon USA

MP3 Underground: The Inside Guide to MP3 Music, Napster, RealJukebox, MusicMatch, and Hidden Internet Songs (With CD-ROM)
by Ron White, Michael White
Reviews From Book News, Inc.
Ron White (former editor, PC Computing) and Michael White (guitarist) offer a guide to underground music on the Internet. They present instructions on finding elusive songs, downloading music, and creating your own jukebox and CDs. An accompanying CD-ROM contains Shareware and Freeware programs, 101 Internet audio sites in HTML, and a Napster link.Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR
Book Description
MP3 Underground is a brief, non-technical explanation of MP3 and Napster and their benefits, a look at the legal issues, and a short, concise overview of hardware requirements, MP3 players, cataloging software, on-line music database, rippers, encoders, and juke boxes. The book also includes a consumer's guide to the various MP3 players, an overall explanation of streaming audio, and how-tos for setting up your own MP3 site. The reader will be directed on how to hack past copy protections and... read more
Read More & purchase at Amazon USA

Digital Copyright : Protecting Intellectual Property on the Internet
by Jessica Litman
This book has 13 sample pages.

Reviews From Booklist
Readers with an interest in doing business on the Internet, or in the specific issue of copyright, should not be without this book. The author, a recognized expert in copyright law, demonstrates how the World Wide Web has the potential to restructure copyright laws in the U.S. It's a tricky, complicated issue in which questions of control versus access are paramount. How, for instance, do you regulate the use of a copyrighted work when anyone who logs onto the Net can access it for free? Do you try to charge each computer user a royalty? To put all this in its proper context, Litman provides a capsule history of U.S. copyright law, showing how every development in the technology of publishing has brought further refinement and further complications to the law. At the center of the book is a single question: Do the new statutes now being proposed by copyright holders make sense? The book is quite technical in places, but it's also clearly written and sensibly argued. A timely and very useful resource. David Pitt
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

From Library Journal
Litman (law, Wayne State Univ.) offers a surprisingly readable, even entertaining dissection of 1998's Digital Millennium laws passed throughout the 20th century. Central to her exegesis is a critique of the method of drafting legislation, begun just about 100 years ago, that lets the interested parties negotiate among themselves and submit to legislators proposed amendments and revisions. She includes libraries as parties with special interests in this system and notes that the most important... read more
Read More & purchase at Amazon USA

MP3 for Musicians
John V Hedtke, Sandy Bradley
Explains ways musicians can develop websites and MP3 files to promote their music, illustrates how to upgrade computer systems to accommodate jukeboxes and audio features, and forecasts the future of the music industry.
Read More & purchase at Amazon UK

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