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mandolin The mandolin is the youngest member of the Lute family. Made from wood, the mandolin has a teardrop shape, concave hollow back with eight steel strings of four pairs tuned in open fifths to the notes G, D, A and E.

mandolin Using a different set of chords from the guitar, it is best known for the tremelando effect which is achieved by moving a pick rapidly back and forth on the strings.  This technique is difficult to master as the frets are small and the player requires a good sense of rhythm to perform the right number of subdivisions of beats.

Whilst the original design is mainly used acoustically in Bluegrass, Folk, Rock and Country music, there are also a few solid electric models available which follow a similar shape to the guitar using a solid body and pick ups to amplify its bright penetrating sound.

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Tuners, Chords & Lessons

iconAutoplayer learn to play mandolin, guitar, bass, bouzouki and ukulele with this musical software.

iconArto's String Calculator very comprehensive online program with full instructions for calculating where a string can be used by setting the diameter and more. Measures string tension and diameter for a number of instruments, in a variety of settings. Online java String Diameter/Tension Drawer also available.

iconBob's Handy String Tension Designer With this Netscape Javascript program, you can see how pitch, tension, string length, diameter and inharmonicity are related. First select an octave, then click on note to select, and enter values in the fields above the COMPUTE button. Select type of string. Click on COMPUTE to find out how much tension is required. This program does not work for wound strings.

iconDoug Sparlings Lutherie Pages - Fret Placement Calculator-Free Download-Windows95/98/NT/2000 FretCalc is used to find fret placement for fretted stringed instruments. Any combination of scale length and number for frets can be chosen. The fret placement from the nut to each fret and the distance between adjacent frets is shown in a chart that can be printed out. Site also contains online Fret Placement Calculator, Dulcimer Fret Placement Calculator, Lutherie FretCalc Calculate stringed instrument fret locations and Mandolin Chord Finder just pick a chord and click display for the notes to appear on the mandolin fretboard.

iconExperimental Musical Instruments Fret Placement Calculator an online fret placement calculator to calculate fret locations for fretted stringed instruments including mandolin, banjo, guitar, ukelele and dulcimer.

iconHow to convert a guitar into an octave mandolin a step by step guide with diagrams plus cd available with a variety of diy musical instrument projects, pictures and information provided by Dennis Havlena.

iconHow to tell a Mandolin, Mandola, Cittern, Bouzouki, Blarge apart includes general differences, a chart showing different scale lengths and tunings plus specific stats on each instrument.

iconInterChart Displays many possible chords, scales, and fingerings for bass, guitar, mandolin, or Chapman Stick. Slow to download.

iconJava Tuner This Java applet demonstrates various historical tunings and temperaments and allows one to experiment with them. It was developed to accompany a text on Understanding temperaments, and is complemented by a set of MIDI files demonstrating various tunings and temperaments, full instructions and a variety of modern and archaic tuning modes. Also provides selected intervals and a chord player.

iconMartindale's Calculators Online Center - descriptive links for a wide range of free online or downloadable music calculators.

iconMPUSTC String Guage & Tension Calculator Check your string tensions based on pitch, guage and type of string, also does the inverse calculation when you type in other string parameters.

iconNigel Gatherer's Scottish Music Pages tutorials, biographies and resources for the mandolin and the tin whistle; hints, tips for a Scottish Session and free mandolin tabulature.

iconSample Mandolin Pieces Mandolin orchestra pieces page 1 & 2 plus Mandola and Mandocello pieces in PDF format arranged by Jeff Dearinger

iconukulele mandolin banjo chords generator Over 1,000,000 chords in an easy to read format. Display or print a list of your favorite chords.

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Mandolin Links


  • Acutab
    Mandolin tabs, transcription books and videos of popular bluegrass mandolinists Alan Bibey, Butch Baldassari.

  • Alison Stephens
    Top uk mandolin player sadly lost her fight against cancer on Sunday 10th October 2010 but her site is still available where you can purchase her CD's or contribute to the memorial fund.

  • alt.folk.uk
    UK newsgroup that discusses all aspects of folk music and instruments.

  • Bluegrass Mandolin Home Page
    The world of Bluegrass Mandolin!

  • American Old Time
    Free mandolin tab for the Hymn of Praise.

  • Building A Mandolin
    View the step by step construction of a mandolin, with information and pictures.

  • JP Charles - Luthier
    Brazilian maker of acoustic mandolins, bandolins, mandos, cavaquinhos, jazz guitars and upright basses.

  • Mandolin Chords and Chord Chart
    Provided by Howard Knight

  • Mandolin Accompaniment Dial
    Instantly shows you 8 accompaniment chords used to play mandolin, violin or fiddle accompaniment in each key for all styles. Also loaded with information and tips about playing common chords and chord extensions.

  • Mandolin Brothers
    Vintage, new & used mandolin dealers.

  • Mandolin Cafe
    Mandolin Lessons, tabulature, builders and other information.

  • Mandolin Express
    A Mandolin resource provided by Musician, Mandolin Teacher, Arranger and Composer Dave Griffiths.

  • Mandolin Hymns
    Play along with these videos that include lyrics and mandolin tab.

  • Mandolin King
    Provides links to mandolin sites of interest plus information on their band and other folk rock instrument and band information.

  • Mandolin Magazine
    online mandolin magazine

  • Mandolin Straps
    Mandolin forum includes advice on mandolin straps.

  • MandoZine
    Online journal for mandolin players and fans with workshops, news, music, resources, and links.

  • Moon Guitars
    UK maker of celtic acoustic and electro acoustic mandolins, guitars, bouzouki's and other instruments.

  • Nigel Gatherer
    Scottish Mandolin Players site includes tips, advice and information on his teaching services.

  • Roland White Bluegrass Mandolin Page

  • Simon Mayer
    Mandolin Links, Teachers, FAQ & Info from top mandolin player

  • Simple Gifts Mandolin Tablature Archive
    Collection of mandolin tablature as well as how-to instructions on reading tab, mandolin tuning and MIDI's of the songs.

  • String Pedagogy Notebook
    Online resource provided by Dr. Michael Hopkins

  • The Electric Mandolin Resource Page
    Contains information on manufacturers, string retailers, players and instrument reviews.

  • The Jazz Mandolin Project
    A group dedicated to promoting improvisational jazz on the mandolin. News, history, photo gallery.

  • Thomas Buchanan
    Inverness based company producing hand crafted mandolins, mandolas, dulcimers and other folk instruments.

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Mandolin Tutors

A small list of mandolin tutors.  We are unable to recommend individual teachers but are happy to provide brief details and links where available.   Tutors are welcome to send details for inclusion.

  • Registry of Guitar Tutors Registry Mews, 11 to 13 Wilton Road, Bexhill-on-Sea, E. Sussex, TN40 1HY. Tel: 01424 22 22 22 / Fax: 01424 21 32 21

  • Acoustic Guitar & Mandolin Tuition by Pete (Milton Road area, Cambridge) 01223 360226.

  • Chris Gardner - Mandolin, Guitar & Bass Guitar Tutor, Louth, Lincolnshire - Tel: 01507 327 848

  • Ian Harris experienced Mandolin & Guitar Teacher & Director of the National English Mandolin Orchestra.

  • Tim Jefferson - Mandolin, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Piano Accordian & Bagpipes Tuition, Norwich, Norfolk - Tel: 01263 822749. Email: timjefferson@freeuk.com

  • Chris Marks - Mandolin, Guitar & Bass Guitar Tutor, Keighley, West Yorkshire - 01274 562 008

  • Mick O'Connor Tenor Banjo & Mandolin Teacher. Performs live with Wraggle Taggle.

  • Tony Renney - Mandolin, Acoustic, Classical & Hawaiian Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukelele Tutor, Wokington, Cumbria - Tel: 01900 604 045

  • Paul Spencer - Mandolin, Acoustic, Bass, Classical & Electric Guitar, Banjo Tutor, London, W3 - Tel: 0208 992 5773

  • Dave Webster - Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Banjo Tutor, Ely, Cambridgeshire - Tel: 01353 669 088

  • Mr Williams - Mandolin, Acoustic, Bass, Electric, Hawaiian Guitar Tutor, Nuneaton, Warwickshire - 02476 397 535

  • Stuart Williams - Mandolin, Guitar, Banjo & Fiddle Teacher, Helsby, Cheshire - Beginners Bluegrass Workshops every Thursday at the Helsby Ex-Servicemans Club, Helsby (M56 Junction 14).

  • Music Tutors Section contains links to sites providing searchable databases for UK & Worldwide music tutors.

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