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Keyboard/Piano Articles

Keyboard, Piano and Organ articles from working professionalsArticles and reviews for keyboard, synth, organ players & pianists written by signed and professional working musicians including interviews, reviews and insights into the world of music.  Some articles will be featured in the relevant instruments pages but we will be providing links here for the avid readers among you.   All the article links on this page open in a new window so you can read the article then come back to the next one - Enjoy!!

Dan Maynard's Piano Keyboard Reviews
Reviews on a wide range of keyboards and digital pianos with handy sections and information on the latest products.

Harmony Central Keyboard Forums
Articles, news, reviews, rants plus questions and answers on all things keyboard and synthesizer related submitted by users and keyboard experts.

John S. Allen's Keyboard Articles
Includes his summary of work with keyboards, rethinking the musical instrument keyboard and refinements of design.

Keyboards Through The Ages
It took 500 years to get from a clavichord to a Seaboard, and there were all sorts of keyboard instruments along the way – many of them so rare, beautiful, and bizarre that they are now prized museum pieces.

Mano a Mano: Two-handed exercises to improve your polyrhythmic playing by Rebeca Mauleon
Cuban composers of the 19th century developed a polyrhythmic approach to solo piano performance that highlighted the contrapuntal techniques we often refer to as the “Spanish tinge.”

Piano for Mind, Body and Soul at Steinway
There has always been a recognized trinity between the mind, the body, and the therapeutic qualities of music. And the piano, specifically, has been a long-recognized source of remedy for those seeking escape and creative expression.

Science Shows How Piano Players Brains Are Actually Different From Everybody Elses
Piano lessons are sort of like braces. For a few years, everyone's parents paid a lot of money so their children could contort their bodies (fingers; teeth) and lie about doing something daily that, really, they never did (scales; rubber bands). Both were formative experiences.

Switched On Synthesizer
A blog with a large selection of articles and youtube videos on Synthesizers and Sound Synthesis for the discerning player.

The Art of Synth Soloing : Richard Wright
This month we look at the understated synth work of Pink Floyd’s Richard Wright, an integral player on some of the most iconic albums of the late ‘60s and throughout the ‘70s by Jerry Korvarsky

The Grammer of Piano Playing
Music, like language, is composed according to a grammar that defines what sounds harmonic to us. A new study shows that expert pianists’ fingers are governed by a similar “grammar of piano playing” when performing classical music.

Totally Keyboard
Keyboard blog which includes articles, covers information on synth patches and sound design plus free music downloads.

Vintage Lesson : Chick Corea on Composition
Vintage lesson from 1977 by Chick Corea on keyboards, music and composition in downladable pdf format.