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Music Must Learn To Play Without Frank

The music industry will have to carry on without yet another legend. The incredibly talented jazz musician Frank Foster, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, died due to a kidney failure on 26th July. Frank was 82 years of age when he died, passing away at his home in Virginia. He was renowned for playing the saxophone, but was famous for many other musical talents such as being a flautist and a composer.

His life as a jazz musician began in Ohio and the Wilberforce University as both a tenor and a soprano. Previous to furthering his career in the US at the Count Basie Orchestra, Frank served in the US army until 1953, fighting in the Korean War.

A 17 year long career at the Orchestra was finally brought to an end in 1970 where he himself became the leader of his own band. Not only could he play jazz at an incredible level, he could also teach it, and did so at two level of education; high school and college, in the New York public school and Queen's College.

His health deteriorated in 2001 when he suffered from a stroke which meant that he could no longer play any music, but pushed him more into being a composer. A year later, the Jazz Master Fellowship was awarded to Frank from the National Endowment for the Arts for his contribution to music.

During his life, he became a supporter of The Jazz Foundation of America, which helped the people that had survived hurricane Katrina, and aimed to rebuild both the homes, and their lives.

This article was written by Ellie South of www.decplaypiano.com

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