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Harmonica Tabs, Tutorials & Lessons

Browse this small selection of links to online harmonica tutorials below or visit the main Tutorial page for a wide range of instrument lesson links.

Dave Gage Free Harmonica Playing Tips & Misc
contains sections on "Harmonica Info and Tips", "Basic Blues Improv", "Songs", "Harmonica Players List/ Miscellaneous Info", and a Store for recommended harmonicas, CDs, books, equipment etc.

Glenn Weiser's Harmonica Pages
Glenn Weiser is the author of three harmonica books, and writes about harmonica for the folk music journal Sing Out! On these pages you'll find introductory information on the harmonica, transcriptions of famous blues harp solos, arrangements of fiddle tunes for the harmonica, and information on Glenn's harmonica books and lessons.

Learn to play harmonica online with this collection of instruction tutorials with pictures, diagrams and sound samples for complete beginners to advanced players

Harmonica Lessons.com
collection of free harmonica lessons including songs, tabs, basic/advanced techniques (single notes, bending, breathing, hand effects, etc.), theory, scales, blues improv, jam-to MIDI files, sound file/photo examples, terms & definitions, faq and more.

Harmonica Lessons.com Music Keys For CD tracks
A listing of albums with each track keyed so that you will know the proper key harmonica to use and be able to jam to the songs found on it.

Jack's Harmonica Country
"Hear yourself playing a recognizable song in only 30 minutes. Stick with it for at least ten hours and you will be a fairly competent harmonica player. These lessons are designed for the ten hole diatonic scale harmonica. Each lesson has four practice songs. Choose one or two for each lesson and play it through at least 20 times. Your friends will be amazed at your new talent."


Harmonica Tutorials & Tab online lessons and printable harmonica tabulature with guitar chords available in the Tutorials section.

Free Harp Tab
Download or print free harp tabulature for Have Some Fun, Piano Man, Alberta, Just Like A Woman, But Anyway, Tears In Heaven, Knocking On Heavens Door, Heart of Gold, Chicago Line, I Want You, Blood Brothers, This Hard Land, Thunder Road and The River transcribed by Jack Bowden.