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dog harmonica Many a good harmonica player has blasted away at one of our jam nights and are still playing in bands formed via the club today, so for all our harpin' friends out there we have provided harmonica resources, a small selection of free harmonica tabs and lessons, Books for beginner to intermediate level and of course links to great harmonica sites.

For those unfamiliar with the Harmonica it is a small handheld instrument made of metal that is played by blowing and sucking air through small holes containing a number of fine reeds that move back and forth. This vibrates the reeds inside producing a variety of notes and sounds.

A Chromatic Harmonica has two sets of reeds that are tuned to a diatonic scale of C major and C sharp major, when one scale is in use, a spring device activated by a button blocks off the other scale.  The harmonica's range varies from 3 to 4 octaves depending on it's size and can be purchased in different keys.

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Cross Harp Chronicles
Bi monthly online magazine mainly serving the blues harp community but also covers blues music and other general blues/music related issues plus a comprehensive set of free blues harp tabs!

Check out the free online harmonica lessons sites


Events & Broadcasts

  • Band On The Wall Harmonica Day
    Sun 18th April 2010. Starts: 13:00. A fabulous afternoon at Band On The Wall in Manchester to celebrate all things Harmonica with special guests including top harmonica player Mat Walklate who will be providing talks on how to play in every style, from beginners to advanced level. The venue is also providing a Harmonica Course.

  • Beef Stew's Blues Playground
    Southern New England's Number One Sunday night radio program!" Many blues links.

  • Beginner's Harmonica Course with Mat Walklate
    Manchester Adult Education Service
    Abraham Moss Adult Learning Centre
    Every Monday 6-8 pm from 8/9/03.

  • Sydney Harmonica Festival
    Harmonica festival and school from Sydney, Australia. "I'd like to invite you all to the first Sydney Harmonica Festival. If you love to play the harp, then this is the event you've been waiting for! Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player I know you'll have a great day listening and learning with some of Australia's most talented musicians."- Doug Lyons

  • Wet Dog Blues - Harp Radio
    "I'm now studying Blues Harp, and I thought one of the best ways to totally immerse myself in the instrument was to host a Blues show and play harp songs exclusively. I hope to eventually do a live show a day, and circulate a pre-programmed show the rest of the day. Listeners are free to email me and I will read their emails on the air in real time. *Also, I will take requests."

  • Yellow Pine Harmonica Festival
    "Hundreds of harmonica players and thousands of spectators gather each year to play and listen to every form of music conceivable... From classical to blues, bluegrass to rock, traditional to jazz, it's all there and being played by some of the finest amateur (and a few professional) harmonica players in the world!"

Also check out the Blues Jams & Blues Festivals, Blues Radio & Blues Links sections.

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Musician Store
Harmonicas & Harmonica Accessories

  • Hetrick Harmonica Company
    Custom Harmonica cases, natural and composite harmonica combs, bullet mics, harp tools.

  • Coast to Coast Music
    Internet retailer of harmonicas, amps, mic's ect...

  • Electric Blues Harp Store
    Harmonica's, amps, leads plus individual and group harmonica tuition with Keith Parker (harmonica player and author of Blow up the 'Blues with the little stick of dynamite') at Make Music, Ware, UK

  • Harmonicas UK
    Harmonica exchange and T-Beg specialist shop includes 'How to & Why' Pages.

  • Harmonica Necklace
    Village Square - Make an excellent necklace complete with a 1" harmonica made by Hohner (4 holes - 8 notes) packed in it's own zip bag with instructions on how to play a simple song. Great as museum, resort and blues festival souvenirs and premiums / fundraisers. Site also part of the Blues Webring, Harmonica Players and Harmonica Pros Webrings.

  • Harmonicas and Stuff
    Harmonica shop carrying carry Lee Oskar, Hohner and Suzuki harmonicas plus repair kits, harp holders, harp cases, reed plates, mini harps and other related products. Based in Indiana, USA. email chris@harmonicasandstuff.com

  • Harpin On
    has information on Microphones for Harmonica's

  • Hering Harmonicas
    a progressive Brazilian company with good harmonicas, once owned by Hohner

  • Hohner UK

  • Hohner USA

  • Hohner Germany

  • Lee Oskar Harmonicas
    The famous Lee Oskar system of modular diatonics with great new tunings

  • Minstrels Music Shop UK

  • Norman Ives
    UK based experts in all things harmonica

  • Slims Custom Cases
    Custom harmonica case building service.

  • Strathmore Music Shop
    UK specialists with musician shop reviews and pictures.

  • Suzuki Harmonicas

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  • Antlanta Harmonica Enthusiasts
    An organization of harmonica players in Atlanta and outlying areas who focus on playing and learning the harmonica

  • Center for the Study of Free-Reed Instruments
    "The center FOR THE STUDY OF FREE-REED INSTRUMENTS (CSFRI) is devoted to fostering and serving as a resource for scholarly research on all aspects--organology, sociology, repertory, performance practice, etc.--of all free-reed instruments, from the harmonium, so popular in India, and mouth-blown sheng family of Southeast Asia, China, and Japan to the western "art-music" repertories for the English concertina and accordion to the many types of "squeezebox" and harmonica as used in myriad folk traditions."

  • Denver Mile High Harmonica Club
    A club for harmonica players of all skill levels and musical interests.

  • France Harmonica
    the Harmonica Association of France. The site is available in both French and English pages accessable from the front page. It also contains information about the 1999 World Harmonica Festival, held in France.

  • GHC
    Gateway Harmonica Club was organized in 1987 for the purpose of preserving and advancing the playing of harmonica music in the Greater St. Louis, Missouri (USA) area. In the period since its founding, the club has provided not only fellowship, learning and enjoyment for its members, but also a source of entertainment and cheer for audiences both young and old.

  • Google Directory Harmonica Organisations Links

  • HCI
    (Harmonica Collectors International)

  • HOOT
    The Harmonica Organization Of Texas has articles, photographs, events, newsletters, instruction, and links to all the best harmonica sites on the web plus message boards, classifieds, on-line harmonica store, 4-sale or trade, and chat rooms for the harmonica enthusiast.

  • HTAB
    The Harmonica Teachers Accreditation Board is a subsidiary of the NHL and is dedicated to making sure that the quality of harmonica teaching throughout the world is continually improving. If you want to find out about accredited instructors local to you then contact these guys!

    Los Angeles Regional Harmonica Association. "One of the primary goals of LARHA is to promote the many harmonica gigs throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, and indeed all of Southern California. Of special interest to all players are the unique jam sessions currently being held at various venues."

  • National Harmonica League UK
    Britain's national harmonica club, run by volunteers with members world wide, supporting and encouraging the playing of all types of music on harmonicas by organising events and workshops plus produce a bi-monthly magazine 'Harmonica World'. Excellent list of open jams and harmonica workshops available at the website.

  • Open Directory Harmonica Organisations Links

  • SPAH
    Society for the Protection & Advancement of the Harmonica the national institution for the harmonica.

  • SPAH's International List of Harmonica Clubs and Societies
    This page compiles nearly every harmonica club and organization in the world. Most of the clubs don't have a web site up, but all the listings include the mailing addresses and/or email addresses for contact

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