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Educational guitar learning software for beginners to intermediate guitarists plus some excellent freeware & shareware guitar tuners, chordfinders and tab authoring programs for all levels.

Guitar Learning Software
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Guitar Method 1
Our Price: £37.99
Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98
CD-ROM Features:

Stringing, Tuning and Holding the Guitar
Reading Chord Charts & Playing Chords
Double Strum, Accented Strumming
Folk Rock, Syncopation, Power Chords
The Blues, Rhythm & 12-Bar Blues
Tablature & Rhythmic Notation
Reading Music Notation
Playing Simple Melodies
Bass Note Strum, Country Style
Arpeggio & Travis Fingerpicking

The Guitar is a very popular instrument, and many of us can strum a chord or two. But if you'd like to learn more, then you'll want a proper tutor. Guitar Method 1 is one of a series of multimedia tutors you can use to move out of the absolute beginner class. There are 60 lessons in all, broken down into six chapters, while a separate appendix covers musical notation.

You start from the very beginning. The first lesson walks you through different types of guitar, teaches you how to hold it, names bits of the instrument, and so on. Pretty soon, you'll be playing chords and singing along and moving through practical lessons. Animations help keep your fingers in the right place, and there are some videos on hand to help explain some techniques. You can listen to narrated explanations of each lesson, play along with your tutor, or record yourself and then listen to your performance. There is a handy metronome on board that you can set to tick-tick-tick away to the beat as you try to ensure your playing is in time, and a chord dictionary is on hand for quick reference.

This is a well constructed tutor with plenty of flexibility. The songs to be learned cover a good range including folk, classical and even some more modern tunes. --Sandra Vogel

Guitar Method 1 is eMedia's top-selling title in its Guitar Method series, aimed at beginners of guitar and consisting of 85 comprehensive lessons, over 100 songs and exercises which are accompanied by full-motion video and sound. Including over three hours of pre-recorded music and audio, an automatic tuner, animated fretboard, and fretonome. Also contains record sound playback, over 250 chords and much more. Users learn from tablature or music notation at a pace that best suits their skill...
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Blues Guitar Legends Lesson CD-ROM
Our Price: £18.99

Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT
Learn to play guitar like the Blues Legends with this Listen, Watch and Learn system available on CD.

10 Classic songs performed by the original artist.  See how the song is played using multiple layouts, including music notation, tablature, and on an animated fretboard in real time.  With full-length artist biographies, text-based lessons for each song, controllable metronome, dynamic or static tabulature, loop facility, an automatic tuner that allows electric or acoustic players to tune via a computer microphone and a recorder for recording your own tracks you'll soon be mastering the Blues!

Tracks include:-
B.B. King’s - The Thrill is Gone
Allman Brothers Band’s - Statesboro Blues
Stevie Ray Vaughan’s - Crossfire
Freddie King’s - Hideaway and More!!
Read more & purchase at Amazon UK
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PrintMusic! ME for Windows/Mac CD-ROM by CODA
Platform: Macintosh, Windows
Our Price: £53.99
Easily and quickly create beautiful scores, for screen and print
Turn sheet music into editable files with any standard scanner
Enter a melody using a microphone connected to your computer
Automatically publish your work on the Internet
Enter in real time or at your own pace
Drag and drop editing
Automated setup 'Wizards' make common tasks a breeze
Extract every part with personalised page layout for each voice/instrument
Files are compatible with Finale and Allegro

Producing sheet music is time-intensive and error prone. PrintMusic makes it fast and straightforward using a mouse, keyboard and even a MIDI instrument connected to your computer. The installation CD is Windows and Mac-compatible with a manual covering both.

The setup wizard enables you to define a name, paper size and orientation, choose instruments types--woodwind, brass and so on--and add instruments. PrintMusic then creates the sheet using the supplied editable templates. You can alter the key and the measure as well as add, alter or remove notes, rests, tuplets, beams, a variety of articulations and other musical annotation. PrintMusic dynamically lays it out to professional publisher standard.

Inner voices support--like layers in a graphics package--is impressive. You can add up to four voices each of which can have up to 12 notes per chord for 48 notes per staff on any beat. Use the PlayBack controls to hear your composition at any time, including articulations. If you're using inner voices you can play them in any combination.

Because computer keyboards don't make a good fit with music the keys have special editing functions which take time to learn. Fortunately you're aided by seven excellent tutorials taking you from initial installation to the professional music notation features. Along the way you'll learn various speed entry techniques. For example, PrintMusic can even import a standard MIDI file and export to sequencing programs. The final result is a fast and flexible system for creating and editing professional quality sheet music--a must for any composer. --Steve Patient

PrintMusic! ME provides a fun way to create, play and print music from scratch, or from any MIDI file. PrintMusic! is easy to learn, fast to use, and provides the same quality sheet music as top music publishers. Why? Because PrintMusic! is created from Finale, the worldwide standard in notation software. And with PrintMusic!, you can turn 1000's of MIDI files, available free on the Internet, into sheet music instantly. You can scan sheet music into PrintMusic! and then have PrintMusic! play it back for you -- at whatever tempo you want. Slow it down as much as you want, using MIDI, and learn those riffs!
Read more & purchase at Amazon UK
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Allegro ME for Windows/Mac CD-ROM by CODA
Platform: Macintosh, Windows
Our Price: £161.10
32 staves of notation
Turn sheet music into editable files with any standard scanner
Enter a melody using a microphone connected to your computer
Automatically publish your work on the Internet
Automated music spacing for beautiful results
All-at-once lyric entry system
Extract every part with personalised page layout for each voice/instrument
Transpose, re-beam and rebar with a single command
Coda's unique Visual Index identifies most notation elements and symbols then explains their function
Files are compatible with Finale and PrintMusic

For musicians who want professional quality music notation that's affordable, fast and easy to use, Allegro ME provides more power for less money than any other notation software. Unlike other lower priced programs, Allegro is both easy and powerful, because its features are selected from Finale, the World's Number One professional music notation software. It has all the MIDI and notation tools you need to create publisher quality scores.
Read more & purchase at Amazon UK
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Finale 2001 Windows CD-ROM
Our Price: £422.10
Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000
The world’s favourite professional notation package
Combines power with flexibility, catering for every musical style
Input notation using any acoustic instrument via MicNotator
Explode scores to create instant orchestration or implode scores to create instant piano reductions
Automatically publish scores over the internet
Now includes MIDIScan technology for sheet music scanning

For professional musicians and educators who want publisher-quality notation that's easy to use, Finale provides more power and flexibility than any other notation program. Nothing else comes close. Finale is the world's number one music notation software used by more composers, publishers, educators, ministers and other professionals than any other, making it the standard against which all others are compared. Finale 2001 is easier and more powerful than ever. With a new instrument set-up wizard, automatic music spacing, a new professional music font and support for scanning, you will get superior printed output in less time. And with five different ways to enter music, you are able to choose the easiest and fastest method using your mouse, computer keyboard or Finale's patented real-time note entry method, HyperScribe, where you play music at your own speed, with or without a click track, and notation appears instantly on your screen.
Read more & purchase at Amazon UK
Read more & purchase at Amazon USA
Finale Guitarist Notation Software for Guitarists More info at Piedog

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Audio Phonics Guitar Tuner
APInstrument Tuner, helps you tune your instruments & aids ear training, too many features to list here this Free guitar tuner requires registration (also free) for full use, visit Audio Phonics to download AP Guitar Tuner for the PC (MAC version also available).

Budgo Guitar Tuner
Budgo Guitar Tuner is a nifty applet to tune your guitar using your computer!!  Right Click Here & 'Save As' to download budgotuner.zip.

dsChord Finder
Use your computer and a microphone to help find chords! This program is released as Shareware. After a thirty day trial period, you must register to continue using it.   The price for registration for one of the programs dsTune and dsChordFinder is $39 US, shipping and handling included. The price for receiving both programs is $59 US. If you register you will receive a registered version of both the 16 bits and 32 bits version of the program(s), as well as a complete manual. For more information see the REGHELP.HLP file. Right Click Here & 'Save As' chordfinder.zip to download.  dsTune and dsChordFinder can also be downloaded from the developers home page Dubbeldam Software

Opus Viewer
Opus Viewer is an application for playing and printing music scores.    It has editable and interactive digital sheet music and music scores.   Go to their site Allegroassai - (installviewer.exe) to download this 3.8mb Shareware program.

Randy Tab
Randy Tab is a Freeware guitar tabulature authoring application for writing guitar tabulature. Right Click Here & 'Save As' randytab11a.zip to download then unzip to install on your computer. (287K).

TEFview TablEdit File Viewer
TEFview displays, plays and prints tablature and sheet music available in TablEdit's TEF format.
View songs that are available from the internet in TablEdit file format on your computer screen.
Hear the songs the way the author intended to have them heard, at any speed. Loop sections of songs, or even entire songs so that you can get the most out of your practice time.
Print the songs out so that you can have them handy in your gig bag, instrument case, or even in a binder for easy reference when you are away from your computer.

To install TEFview, you'll need to unzip the TEFView distribution file and place its component files on your hard drive. This distribution file is a self-extracting archive and when you run it TEFview will be installed in a directory (or folder) called /tabledit32.
To run the program, double click on tefview.exe in your file manager, or create a shortcut to /tabledit32/tefview.exe using Windows.
If you want to print the musical stave or if you see boxes instead of musical symbol when you run TEFview, you'll need to manually install the TablEdit True Type font (tabledit.ttf) that was included in the distribution archive on your system. Otherwise, you'll get some strange symbols instead of the notes. TablEdit - TEFview website FILE name - tefv.exe - 426K Click Here for this Freeware DOWNLOAD

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Tab & Chord Codex

Guitar Codex the online tab, chord and scale dictionary
Click Here
Guitar Tuner

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Chord Decoder
Chord Decoder finds chords from notes you choose
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