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Guitar Manufacturers & Makers

Guitar makers, manufacturers and suppliers with brief descriptions and links which open in a new window to their sites for further information are listed below for convenience. Guitar amplifiers, effects, strings and other accessories are in their respective sections.

The company closed in
2009 but we are still
grateful for the support!
special thanks image FENDER INSTRUMENTS
Guitars & Amps

Thanks to Fender Guru
Eddie Allen
for the excellent
guitar clinic

catch him in YOUR area.


A Basses
basses made by a bass player including the Darryl Jones Signature Bass.

Alembic, Inc.
learn about our products and the people who make them. Bass guitars, pickups, rackmounts and guitars are our speciality.

Allen Guitars
hand-crafted acoustic guitars, mandolins, and resophinic guitars.

Alvarez Guitars

Andersen Stringed Instruments
handmade archtop jazz guitars and mandolins by luthier Steven Andersen.

Andrews Guitar
designed and made by Rick Andrews.

Arpeggio Korina Guitars
manufacture guitars and mandolins. They're also retailers of new, used and vintage guitars, amplifiers, effects plus they repair, restore and refinish stringed instruments.

Axtra Custom Guitars Inc.
American made custom guitars and basses.

B. Hefner Co.
makers of custom Edenhaus guitars and basses, and Fender guitar parts.

B.C. Rich Guitars
makers of custom and consumer guitars and basses.

Bacorn Custom Guitars and Mandolins
luthier Roger Bacorn builds reproductions of archtop guitars and mandolins, as well as other custom acoustic and electric instruments.

Beck's Guitar Specialty Services
luthier Richard Beck builds hand-crafted acoustic guitars. Also performs repairs and refretting.

Benavente Guitars
handmade guitars and basses. Customs and repairs available upon request.

Benedict Guitars
custom made electric and acoustic electric guitars and basses.

Bob's Bass Stringed Instrument Shop
luthier Bob Grierson makes custom basses and repairs and restores vintage guitars.

Breedlove Guitar Co.
acoustic guitar manufacturer. Located in Tumalo, OR.

Brian Moore Custom Guitars
makers of a line of unusual custom guitars and basses.

Burns Guitars
manufactures replicas of 1960s Burns guitars and basses.

Callaham Guitars
makers of handmade vintage reproduction electric guitars from the 50's and 60's; and hand-built hand-wired tube amplifiers.

official company site for this manufacturer of guitar, bass, amps and pro sound equipment.

Charles Fox Guitars
performance quality flat-top acoustic guitars.

Cort Guitars
maker of guitars and basses.

Curbow String Instruments
luthier Greg Curbow makes electric and acoustic/electric guitars and basses featuring custom hand carved bodies and exclusive Rockwood necks.

Makers of custom hand made guitars, bass guitars, pre-amps and accessories based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

manufacturer of electric guitars, basses, amps, and more.

Dart Instruments
traditional and custom mandolins, mandolas, basses and guitars crafted by luthier David Dart.

Dingwall Designer Guitars
designer and manufacturer of electric guitars and basses including the Voodoo Bass which uses the patented Novax fretboard.

DM Guitars
A unique company that provides a full and complete service to any guitar player, repairer or maker.

Dot On Shaft
Canadian company making electric, acoustic, archtop, classical and bass guitars.

Doolin Guitars

Driskill Guitars
handmade electric guitars, featuring highly figured maple with phenomenal finishes.

Dudenbostel Stringed Instruments
Lynn Dudenbostel creates hand-made acoustic guitars and mandolins to exacting specifications.

Duncan Turner Acoustic Research
guitar pickups, pre amps and acoustic amplification

Elrick Bass Guitars
specialises in the construction of custom four, five, six, seven, and eight string basses and piccolo basses.


Ernie Ball Co.
makers of guitars, basses, strings, and more. Order t-shirts and other company memorabilia online.

ESP Guitars
basses and guitars.

EVD String Instruments
classical, steel string, and archtop guitars; the "banjola", lyres, sound sculptures and more made by luthier and guitarmaker Edward V. Dick.

Fernandes Guitars USA Inc.
site contains line of guitars, basses, amps, accessories, artist endorsements, and news.

Fichter Electric Upright Basses
Fichter has been building electric-basses for 7 years with increasing success. Check out our web site: photos, sound, test reports, specs, etc.

Fodera Guitars Inc.
builders of custom solid body electric guitars and basses.

Fontanilla Guitars
luthier and maker of handcrafted guitars.

Foster Guitars
luthier Jimmy Foster builds custom six and seven string, archtop and solid body guitars.

Fury Guitars
12 string guitars, basses and more.

official company homepage.

Gardner Guitars
luthier Michael Gardner offers a catalogue of handmade guitars, basses and services.

Gibson Musical Instruments
official site.

Girl Brand Guitars

GMP Guitars
electric guitars and basses including double neck models.

Godin Guitars

Gosden Guitars
unique individually handcrafted acoustic and electric lap steel musical instruments.

GR Basses
electric bass guitar manufacturer building 4 and 5 string basses with many standard and custom features.

Graham Parker
Independent designer & maker of fine acoustic & electric guitars, basses, mandolas & mandolins. All guitar repairs undertaken in a fully equipped repair workshop in London, SE13. Personal service tailored to your requirements.

Graden Guitar Shop
luthier Darrel Hamm builds custom flat-top acoustic guitars that have a pre-war sound and sells them only from his shop.

Granata Guitars
luthier Peter Granata builds custom crafted acoustic instruments.

Gretsch Drums and Guitars
specialising in vintage guitars (hollowbody acoustic and bass) and percussion. Official company site.

Grosh Guitars
electric guitars.

Guild Guitars
product info, history, dealer info, and more.

Guitar Workshop, Inc.
classical guitars made by Paul Jacobson, Luthier.

Gus Guitars

G Weigert Handmade Guitars
Fne, Athentic and Unique Flamenco, Classical, Folk guitars and Mandolins. Made in Galilee.

guitars and basses.

Hanewinckel Guitars
manufacturer of electric basses, guitars, and other musical instruments. Specialises in the six string electric bass guitar.

Harvey Citron Enterprises
electric guitars and basses.

Hoffman Guitars
guitar repair (electric and acoustic) and handcrafted acoustic guitars. Musical accessories.

official company page for guitars, basses, effects and more.

Ithaca Guitar Works
makers of fine custom acoustic/electric guitars, mandolins, violins; used electric, acoustic guitars, basses and amplifiers.

Italia Straps
Made to order leather and suede straps to fit all guitars and bass guitars

J.Ramsay Fine Guitars
manufacturer of hand built acoustic guitars and home of the Acoustic Cradle.

Jackson Charvel Guitar Company

James Goodall Guitars
manufacturer of acoustic steel string guitars.

James North, Luthier and Guitar Maker

James R. Baker Archtop Guitars
handcrafted instruments featuring the patented low-feedback Legend and Special. The Classic is a traditionally structured model.

Jaros Custom Guitars
father and son team hand-crafting guitars.

Jean Larrivee Guitars Ltd.
Handcrafted acoustic guitars, information purtaining to them, and the Luthier who builds them.

JJ Guitars
Custom hand made electric guitars made in the UK.

John Briggs Custom Guitars
handbuilt guitars. Site details building process and customizable options.

John Monteleone Instruments

Klein Electric Guitars

Klein's Sonoma Music
the source for master luthier Steve Klein's acoustic and electric guitars.

Koll Guitars
luthier Saul Koll builds custom made instruments.

Kramer at Edroman Guitars

Lakewood Guitars
German guitar maker.

Lakland Basses
manufacture basses including 35 inch scale, graphite reinforced necks, strings through body, and versatile pickup/preamp designs.

Lindert Guitars, Inc.

Lyndsay Wilson Guitars
Hand made electric guitars and bass guitars.

Manne Guitars
Italian basses and guitars.

Manzer Guitars
catalogue of stringed instruments designed and handcrafted by Linda Manzer.

Marchione Guitars
handmade, recording quality archtop and electric guitars. Made in NYC for stage and studio.

Mark Johnson Guitar Engineering
handcrafts custom electric guitars. We also can refinish, refret, rewire, or repair your current guitar to bring its original beauty and playability back.

Mark Lacey Guitars
builder of archtop and semi-solid guitars.

Martin Guitar Company
features an instrument catalogue, history, Martin Strings and acoustic guitar related information.

Matlin Guitars
specialises in fine repair work on fretted instruments of all kinds and builds custom acoustic and electric guitars to order.

Matt Pulcinella Guitars
electric basses designed and built by a bass player.

McPherson Guitars
Exquisite craftsmanship and cutting-edge design. Our handmade guitars feature our revolutionary offset sound hole, innovative bracing, and our state-of-the-art cantilevered neck. Site includes further info plus dealer list.

Mermer Guitars
Hawaiian, Classical, steel, slide and bass guitars. Member Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans.

Messenger Upright Electric Bass

Michael Tobias Design (Mtd)
fine hand made guitars and basses.

Mike Lull's Custom Guitars
builder of custom guitars and basses and expert guitar repair.

Modulus Guitars
graphite guitars and basses (including the Flea Bass).

Handmade and traditional musical instruments including acoustic guitars, mandolins, harps, violins, banjos, dulcimers, strumsticks and bodhrans.

Northwood Guitars
UK distributor of hand crafted guitars made in Canada.

Oribe Guirars
classical and flamenco guitars with state-of-the-art construction produced by Jose Oribe and family.

the original roundback acoustic and acoustic electric guitar

Parker Guitars
manufacturer of the NiteFly guitar.

Paul Reed Smith Guitars
manufacturer of PRS guitars.

Patrick Eggle Guitars
British made electric guitars and amplifiers.

Peavey Guitars


handmade, custom guitars and basses endorsed by Mark Knopfler and Victor Baley.

Pimentel Sons Guitar Makers
specialise in custom building classical, flamenco, acoustic, acoustic bass and any other type of string instruments.

Precious Metal Products UK
Producers of high quality pickguards, scratch plates, bridges, pickup cover rings, neck plates, jack plates, control plates, pickguard supports, control knobs, strap buttons, truss-rod plates and other quality guitar accessories for Fender, Ibanez, Gibson. Made from high grade stainless steel and supplied in a variety of finishes, textured, machined, mirror polished, chrome and a variety of others

Read Custom Instruments
handcrafted electric basses and guitars.

Reverend Musical Instruments
full line of guitars and basses.

Rick Turner Guitars

includes on-line catalogue, service and parts guides, and a boutique of logo guitar accessories.

Robin Guitars
offers custom handcrafted electric guitars.

Rocky Mountain Slides
Unique hand crafted guitar slides.

Running Dog Guitars
custom, hand-made acoustic guitars.

Sadowsky Guitars, Ltd
guitars and basses.

Saint Blues
Bluesmaster, Bluesmaster, Bluesking and Bluesking Bass Guitars.

Santa Cruz Guitar Company
manufacturer of acoustic guitars.

SB MacDonald Custom Instruments
luthier SB MacDonald builds custom guitars, basses, banjos, dulcimers and resonator guitars. Repair and restoration.

Schecter Guitar Research
guitars and basses.

Schröder Musical Instruments
archtop luthier. Complete description and pricing for all models. Custom models also available.

Scipio Guitars
custom design and creation of guitar family instruments. Providing customization and amplification, repairs and restorations.

offers a travel and practise guitar.

Sound Innovations
innovative new guitar stand not only benefits guitar players, it was viewed by many exhibitors as a great way to display their guitars for future trade shows whilst music stores can now display nearly three times the number of guitars in the same floor space when used instead of a conventional tripod stand, giving them the opportunity to have a sturdy, lightweight stand that once it is installed (no modifications on the guitar) they never have to carry, ship or assemble.

Spruce Hill Guitars
manufacturer of stock and custom aluminium electric guitars.

headless guitars and basses.

Stuart Spector Design Ltd.
electric basses and guitars.

Stump Preacher Guitars
guitar manufacturer based in Washington.

Suhr Guitars
former Fender Custom and Pensa-Suhr builder is now working on his own making custom guitars.

Tacoma Guitars

acoustic guitars.

Custom effects, pedals, amps and guitar parts.

Taylor Guitars
news, history, product information, dealer info, and more.

The Painted Player provides custom painted bodies and artwork for guitars

Timm Guitars
acoustic and resonator guitars, as well as a travelling guitar called "The Little Bear Traveler." Each instrument is individually made by luthier Jerry Timm.

Timtone Custom Guitars

Tom Barth's Music Box
New Jersey acoustic and electric guitar setup and repair shop.

Tortorici Guitars
handmade classical guitars of luthier Ben Tortorici.

Traphagen Guitars
builder of acoustic, nylon string guitars.

Troy Barry
Creator of the Scream Regulator for electric guitar amps.

TV Jones
makers of hand-made stringed instruments and hand-wound classic pickups.

U.S. BasS
makes basses, amplifiers, and accessories.

site includes product info for their line of guitars and basses as well as distributor info and more.

Vintage and Rare
Online platform for vintage guitars, with more than 10,000 vintage instruments from over 400 dealers, builders and luthiers worldwide.

Volume Eleven
Quality custom bass guitars using British built pickups and crafted from quality materials by experienced professionals

Warr Guitars
touch style guitar manufacturer


describe their electric basses, amps, accessories. Contains photos, specs, pricing and technical information.

Webber Guitars
acoustic guitar maker.

Wings Guitars
handcrafted acoustic, and electric guitars


Zachary Handcrafted Guitars
offers handcrafted, custom made electric guitars and basses for the discriminating player.

Zion Guitars
handcrafted electric guitars.

Zon Guitars
Custom bass guitars.