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Guitar Articles

Guitar and Bass Guitar ArticlesArticles, interviews and reviews for guitarists and bass guitarists plus tips and advice on getting the best out of your equipment.  Some articles will be featured in the relevant instruments pages but we will be providing links here for the avid readers among you.   All the external article links on this page open in a new window so you can read the article then come back to the next one - Enjoy!!

Bass Guitar Articles

How to get a great Bass Sound in your Home Studio
Tips and advice from Michael Laskow TAXI CEO

In-Ear Monitors for bass guitar, Channel-strip EQ, AKG FLEXX RF Mics
written by by Mike Sokol who produces the column Sound Advice which has since grown to include over 500 internationally published articles on all aspects of live and production sound in publications like EQ Magazine, Gig Magazine, Pro Audio Review, Pro Sound and many others.

Choosing Your First Bass Guitar Amplifier By Vikki Alexander
If you have a solid-bodied bass guitar you are going to need an amplifier. As usual, there are a few choices to be made such as tube or solid state, combo or separate components, power output, speaker size. To help you make your decision, this article describes which options you should consider before purchasing your bass guitar amplifier.

The Fab Finger Style of Laurence Juber by Adam St. James
I first caught Laurence Juber live at a NAMM show performance a couple years ago in Los Angeles. Though I'm more of an electric enthusiast myself, I walked away amazed at this acoustic masters fingerstyle facility and right/left hand coordination. Guitar.Com Article

Matthew Garrison: Born to the Bass
His remarkable speed and facility on electric 5-string fretted and fretless basses easily impressed the bass community, but it was Garrison's sophisticated chordal approach on the instrument that clearly set him apart from other chopsmeisters on the scene. Guitar.Com Article

Stu Hamm: The Bass Master Finds An Urban Groove
Even in a lower register, Hamm can humble even the most advanced six-string soloist, and he proves it again on Outbound, his latest opus. Guitar.Com Article

Anthrax: Charlie Benante's Big Top by Don Zulaica
Anthrax's Charlie Benante plays mean double bass, writes songs, and runs the control board. What more can you ask from a drummer?

Four FAQs for Beginning Bass Players
Explanations of tuning, pickups, strings and biamping.

Stu Hamm: Bad-fingers the Bass
In this extensive interview, Hamm, one of the first artists to join the roster of Steve Vai’s Favored Nations label, spoke with Musician.com about his latest solo release, Outbound, how he turned fatherhood into creative inspiration, and about keeping things Youth-ful by Adam St. James.

Review: eMedia Bass Method, Volume 1
The eMedia Bass Method, Volume 1 breaks the instrument down to it’s basics, giving beginners a very solid foundation for learning the instrument. But the CD-ROM learning tool goes deep into the subject and covers the realm of bass playing far into what might otherwise be considered intermediate player territory. Article by J. Mochi Park

Guitar Articles

Musical Scale Atlases Online has three versions of their left handed guitar chord chart book including a free 140 page .pdf version to try before you buy.

This site for left handers in society provides everything from basic problems, information for parents, educators and employers to tips and advice posted by left-handed musicians.

"Axology: Aerosmith's Joe Perry and Brad Whitford"
At his 50th birthday party last year, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry was reunited with the 1958 Les Paul guitar that he’d played throughout most of Aerosmith’s Seventies career, but which he’d been forced to sell during the band’s troubled, drug-addled years. GuitarWorld.Com Article

"The Aged 1957 Les Paul Gold Top Reissue" by Bill Park, Senior Editor
The Gibson Les Paul. Quite a guitar. From Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton through the Allman Brothers and Joe Walsh, to Slash and... er... Les Paul... some of the most famous guitar players in the world have used the Les Paul to obtain their signature sounds.

"Anatomy of a Song with Steve Vai: 'Incantation'" (PDF)
Anatomy of a Song is Musician.com’s signature super-feature series, in which popular recording artists go before our video cameras and share their creative processes in an in-depth interview and hands-on demo session with Musician.com editors.Musician.Com Article

"Inventing a New Language: Richard Leo Johnson on the Changing Tongue of Guitar" by Matthew S. Robinson
On his 1999 solo guitar album Fingertip Ship (Metro Blue/Blue Note), self-taught fret-master Richard Leo Johnson depicted musical scenes as provocative and diverse as the documentary photography he had been previously known for. Guitar.Com Article.

"AXOLOGY: Dickey Betts"
Dickey Betts leans back and bends a string on his Les Paul goldtop, tattooed arms extending out from an intricately tie-dyed T-shirt. With a trademarked combination of brawn and beauty, the released note soars up to blues heaven, as the mustachioed Betts squints under his cowboy hat. GuitarWorld.Com Article

Guitar Tech Tips By Dennis Kambury
Wood Tone:- What does the type of wood have to do with the sound of a guitar?

Humidity and your Acoustic Guitar
With cooler days approaching, humidity control becomes a serious issue. The Problem:
Whether you play an inexpensive import or a top-of-the-line Martin, it is relatively certain you want to keep your instrument intact. Did you know that when your heater kicks on, the humidity drops precipitously - so much so that despite the wet weather outside, inside the typical suburban home it's about twice as dry as the middle of the Sahara Desert! While guitars can stand normal shifts in humidity, in conditions like that, the wood will shrink beyond its normal tolerance, leading to warping, cracks, or in extreme cases, structural failure! Fortunately, several solutions will help you protect your guitars from this onslaught of aridity... Maury's Music Q & A.

"Commissioned Response: Sharon Isbin" by Adam St. James
An interview with this remarkable female classical guitarist. Musician.Com Article

Mixing Acoustic Guitar
The last few weeks I have been on a mixing kick. We have looked at mixing drums and bass. This week we will tackle acoustic guitar.

Getting a Great Guitar Sound by Barry Rudolph
The electric guitar, because of its fundamental importance in popular music, is the subject of intense scrutiny and wide differences of opinions. Just what makes a good guitar sound?

Digitech's Genetx Processors - Plug Your Axe into a Genetics Lab!
OK, so the Human Genome Project is a done deal. Human DNA has been cataloged and mapped promising huge benefits for humanity. All the while, the engineering crew at DigiTech kept an eye on the project wondering if the principles of DNA were applicable to the business of shaping sound. What emerged is an innovative family of four guitar processors that employ DigiTech's new GeNetX technology allowing you to create tone that, as they put it, is as unique as your own DNA...GuitarWorld.Com Article