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Graphics & Services

This is a list of content, script, graphics and various other services or service providers that you will see scattered around the websites. Clicking on the logo's, banners or links will open a new window to their sites where you can browse their site or bookmark them for future reference.

Please do not link directly to graphics on this site, not only is it bandwidth theft, but also the clipart providers often have limitations or requirements for use, visit their sites and read the terms of service.

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Wide range of musical instrument graphics available for use on websites.

Animation Factory Free Animated Gif Library Music, Seasons & More - Excellent free backgrounds, clipart, navigation buttons and more in a variety of styles.  Many of the clipart buttons and pictures are 3D animated, really cool!!

Bravenet is an excellent company for webmasters with over 30 free remote hosted services which are configurable to fit the look and feel of your website, even registration is Free!!   Many of our free services are supplied by Bravenet and we cannot thank them enough for their flexible range of free services.

Free configurable drop down menu available for use on personal and non-profit sites (see ours above!) and other applications plus music information.

Fantastic free DHTML scripts for website designers and programmers including navigation, image manipulation and more!

Provide several free services to webmasters including plug-in email, messageboards, ad-sales and websearch. Configurable branded services for your domain which are easy to set up and use.

Rather cool & efficient site search engine that spiders pages you request, prepares a site map and supplies an automatic 'Whats New" list of updated pages for your users. Available as a free version which displays ads and sponsored links or a paid 'ad free' version. Both are configurable to fit your sites look and feel.

Tons of free graphics, backgrounds, clipart, interfaces, buttons and navigational graphics in a wide range of catagories including animals, computer, music etc.,  Buy the CD for their full range!

One of the largest music sites on the internet concentrating on music news, music software downloads, music articles and more. Whilst based in Australia this site caters to musicians worldwide with so available at the site theres not enough room to tell you about it all! You can read some of their articles at Vocalist and at the Electric Blues Club site

Excellent free javascript provider for webmasters. Huge range of scripts available.

Not only a hugely popular jokes site but also a Free Joke site for YOUR website!!

Check out these rather cool cartoon caricatures of famous people including celebrities, pop/rock stars, actors, politicians...... availabe for use on your website (see their terms of use).

Music Graphics Galore
Massive collection of static and animated music related clipart including instruments, people, dividers, buttons and backgrounds free for use on websites.