The first Sunday Session on 5 August 2012 looked as if it would be rained out with the heavens drowning us out as we set up for the event, but as soon as the band started, the clouds parted to let the sun shine for the rest of the afternoon. Due to the rain and the Olympics, there were few people in the audience but it built up to include a family crowd who came with both youngsters and oldies, dogs, picnics, bikes and footballs who stayed for to enjoy an afternoon of music by the bandstand on the lake at Broomfield Park, Palmers Green.

Due to the rain, no one turned up for the open mic until the band had gone on (too late!!), but to make up for it we allowed late comer Phil to perform during the first band break and regular Alan during the second break. Please note that this is an exception and most of the bands have their own support acts so this will NOT be possible or encouraged in future weeks. Sorry no photo of Alan yet, my camcorder and camera batteries died, but more pictures will be available courtesy of regular event photographer Mike after the events have ended. I managed to get a track from the set up on youtube in record time this year.... as many know, a lot of the recordings aren't fit for use due to background and wind noise and it takes awhile to review and edit them!

The Bear Cat Crawlers took the stage at 2pm for their first set of traditional New Orleans Jazz. This year the band members were : Chris Welch (Drums), John Jeanes (Trombone), Southend Bob (Banjo / Vocals), Graham Reed (Tuba), Chez Chesterman (Cornet) and band leader Robbie Martin (Clarinet).

Set list included : All Of Me, Dr Jazz, East Coast Trots, Michigan Water Blues, Going To Mississippi, Mindy The Mermaid, Jelly Roll, Everybody Loves My Baby, Sunny Side of the Street, When The Saints Go Marching In, Wicky Wacky Woo, Shimmy Like Sister Kate to mention just a few!

Thanks go to the Ruth Winston Centre for providing refreshments and to all the wonderful musicians, volunteers and audience for their support.


Watch a video of The Bear Cat Crawlers at Broomfield Park 2012

Browse photos of the Bear Cat Crawlers below - click on the image title link to view larger picture which opens in a new window (may require popups and javascript enabled depending on your browser settings). Please note that there will be better pictures available in a few weeks time.



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