Despite dubious weather, the Sunday Sessions at Broomfield Park went ahead as planned! The event was kicked off by EBClub organiser's band RoXi & the Blue Cats whose earlier drenching failed to deter them from providing some lively blues numbers, attracting a small crowd along with photographer Tim from the Enfield Gazette who braved the rain to take some piccies (we hope to see something in the paper soon!!).

Headline act Keith Pearson with his band Coup de Grass took the stage around 3pm when .... the sun came out! Ever the professionals, the band performed an excellent lively set with Andrew Noynes on vocals and guitar, Phil Milner on vocals and bass guitar, James Darby on harmonica and Keith on vocals and banjo. They are all great musicians and performers, so it's no wonder they are considered to be the best UK bluegrass/folk band in the country! It was a real honour to hear their slick playing which combined with Keith's humour had the audience eating out of their hands!

The Jam/Open Mic started around 4pm with the Blue Cats supporting club members Ted Rees & local singer/songwriter and musician Jim Dawson plus his friend Chris. Jim Dawson will be returning the favour on the 3rd Sept when he opens with an acoustic set for Roxi & the Blue Cats so don't miss it!

chris coupdegrass coupdegrass1 coupdegrass2 coupdegrass_rhythmguitar
Chris Coup de Grass Coup de Grass Coup de Grass Andrew Noyes
jim_stuart jimdawson jimdawson_philplant keithpearson roxibluecats1
Jim & Stuart Jim Dawson Jim Dawson & Phil Plant Keith Pearson Roxi & Blue Cats
roxibluecats2 roxincats_bandstand steve_jim stuart1 tedrees_rick_phil
Roxi & Blue Cats Roxi & Blue Cats Steve & Jim Stuart Ted Rees, Rick & Phil
Ted Rees with Blue Cats



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