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Get Paid To Surf

All the Paid to Surf and Money making Info is HERE! - So much hard work & not penny in sight? Ho hum, unless you have a second occupation, earning a living from entertainment can be difficult.

Make no mistake, the music business can be very rewarding, unfortunately not always financially!! Gigs have a habit of coming in bunches with gaps in between, Christmas and New Year are great but January & February can often be a little lean. When you have bills coming in, rehearsals, music and tracks to pay out for every penny counts!!

We can all do with a few extra pounds and so we've put together a list of ideas that will pay you: while you surf the internet, pay you to search, pays you for receiving email, pays you for receiving text messages on your mobile, give you free shares, pay you to bet (yes really), earn with your website & any other useful gems we come across.  We will also be providing information on how to earn money as a singer/musician whilst still learning the trade at the so keep popping back to check on our progress!

All of the sites we list provide Free registration and software where required.  We have removed sites that have folded and those that have since brought in service charges - personally we feel it is a bit of a liberty charging folk for reading their advertising but some companies have now introduced schemes where they fine you if you do not either visit their site 21 times a month or use their adbar for 8 to 10 hours minimum!

Don't be fooled by claims that you can earn fortunes using these schemes - the average payout for 1 hours surfing is about 20 to 40p and there are limits to the amount of hours they pay you for.  Its true that you can bump up the money by using other schemes in conjunction with pay to surf and of course by recommending friends and family but unless you know tons of people or have a highly visited website with people who sign up and all use the system religiously then its unlikely you'll make tons of dough!!  So why bother? Well you can earn a few pounds a month (depending on usage) for doing what you already do, surfing the internet, reading emails & messages.

If you encounter problems or can recommend any other similar schemes, do let us know and we will add the information to our list - we do not affiliate to all of the programs suggested below, but if you do decide to join up to any of them, please use our reference number or name where provided. - Thank You ;-)

We are constantly updating this page so please bookmark this page using 'Control+D' & call back often to see the latest companies.

Free Postcode Lottery
Although you do not get paid a regular amount for belonging to this site, you can build up your pot which is then added and paid out with the prize money offered in the various postcode lotteries if you win. The site is free to register and add your postcode - logging in daily to check the lotteries adds pennies that build up into pounds over time. There is a main postcode lottery, a survery lottery, a video lottery and other chances to win.


There are a host of companies offering you money to surf the internet, all of whom basically operate in the same way.    You download their software which you have open whilst online. The software usually consists of a bar that rests at the top or bottom of your screen which displays advertisements and keeps track of the amount of time you spend online, called, unsurprisingly, an ADBAR.    You can earn money, points, or competition entries and receive extra's for people you recommend who sign up to the service.

Most reputable companies have online facilities to check your account to see how well you are doing.    Signing up is easy, take a look at the companies below, click on the link, fill in the form & sign up!    Most of them operate in Britain, are free to join and are known to pay out.

It is worth reading our notes - some older computers or monitors will be unable to use some of the software and it helps if you are using a FREE Internet Service Provider.

get paid to surf with cash fiesta CASHFIESTA.COM
Pays you $1 (39p) per hour for surfing, pays you extra for referals.    Choice of Adbar size which works with older monitors (400 x 600), small software download.    Good reports from this one but only open to US Residents.  British Company SIGN UP

Nielsen Panel
Download the Nielsen//NetRatings Internet Panel Software and surf the internet as usual. You will be rewarded for your participation with an entry into the monthly Prize Draw upon registration and then for each month you stay active you increase the chances to be one of the 150 lucky winners to share £30,000

Get paid for searching the web by downloading an add-on that sits on your internet browser. You then search online as you normally would on Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Bing and Tesco.



If you enjoy shopping and filling out consumer surveys then why not get paid for doing both!!  There are no sign up fees or downloads required and you can do it all in your own time while surfing. Each time you complete a survey or make a purchase from your favourite stores online using your unique code then you get points or rewards which you can use towards other purchases!

Gift Hulk
Like other survey sites, this one pays for a host of web activities, including watching videos, answering polls and searching via its site instead of Google. You get paid in Hulk Coins, which can be converted into rewards including Amazon vouchers (make sure you select vouchers in GBP, rather than US dollars).

Gift Hunter Club
An online earning site which gives you points for watching videos, doing polls, entering competitions and completing tasks which may then be converted into cash through PayPal, Amazon vouchers and more. Just sign up and check the 'earn points' section. It shows the tasks available and what they pay.

My Offers
Win PRIZES - every survey completed enters you into a draw which pays out the winner in top prizes.

Register free and take as many surveys as you like for between 50p-£5 per survey. Get paid in cash via PayPal, gift vouchers or with free samples!

A fun survey site that pays you for completing short online tasks (like watching videos) in virtual cash - you can then exchange this for real money, Paypal credits or gift cards to spend at Amazon, M&S and more.


There are several sites listed in the survey section above that pay you to watch videos along with other easy tasks, but this section is for sites that are dedicated video watching sites - usually short ads that you are rewarded for.

Earn high street vouchers for watching short video clips. These are short adverts, i.e., Andrex promos or videos. New vids come up every day, so visit often but make sure you're logged in when you rate the videos, or you won't get points. You can cash in points for gift vouchers.



If you have an old computer with a small hard drive or don't fancy running an adbar while surfing, there are websites offering you money to surf use them as your start page.    Sign up and configure your browser - simple! Some sites don't pay you but give food, land or money to charity for each day you use them. Average payout = 1p or 1 cent per visit, some are limited to one visit a day, others pay you once an hour or more.

Charity who give food to deprived countries each day you visit site, click through to sponsors and sell products to raise money for starving children.    SIGN UP

Charity who save a section of the rainforest each day you visit site, click through to sponsors and sell products to raise money to help save the rainforest.    SIGN UP



There are companies that will pay you for surfing the internet, reading emails, signing up for programs, playing games. A good site that lists several sites worth checking out is MoneyPantry where you will find reviews and links to some of the most popular Paid to Read Email websites.



If you have your own website you can increase your referals and downline by registering FREE with these handy sites.

Traffic Generation Network delivers Targeted, Guaranteed, Unlimited visitors to your website completely FREE!


There are few sites that offer genuine reviews and links to reputable programs, but those that do will be listed here. We don't get paid to do this, and only sites that are trusted will be added!

For links and reviews on trusted survey, surfing and other money making sites, you can't go far wrong with Money Saving Expert which includes links to their user forums where members provide their views on various programs.