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Drum and percussion software, sounds, loops, synthesizers, drum machines and other goodies for drummers and pc composers. We do not have the time or staff to review all of these wonderful goodies, but thankfully there are plenty of magazines who do! Whilst we are unable to comment on the pro's and con's of individual products, we receive so many requests for product information that we have partnered with various suppliers to provide a small collection of instruments, equipment and other accessories for convenience. Using these links to purchase goods also helps to keep this site free and if you are unable to find what you seek there is a list of manufacturers/repairs here ;-)


ROLAND DT-1 DRUM TUTOR SOFTWARE Electronic drums Modules
Get ready to learn, get ready to play, get ready to rock! Connect your Roland V-Drums* to your computer (Mac/Windows) and prepare for a learning experience like no other. Enjoy practice in a fun format when you play along with the onboard patterns and songs using the colorful graphical interface. Learn drumming step-by-step from beginning to intermediate levels. Improve your sight-reading with the Notation Screen, and enjoy drumming with Game screen. Enhance the V-Drums experience in the home as well as for private lessons and music schools.

Hydrogen - Advanced Drum Machine / Loop / Beat Creation Software (PC and Mac)
Create professional drum beats and loops with this easy to use production software. An advanced drum machine with intuitive pattern-based drum programming. Designed for both the professional and the beginner. Make use of more than 25 drum kits in a clean, user-friendly, fast and intuitive graphical interface based on QT 4. Includes an extensive built-in user manual and full tutorial guide to help get you started. It will guide you from your first verse right through to the final riff.

Fxpansion BFD 2.0 ECO Virtual Acoustic Drum Software
5 kicks, 6 snares, 12 toms and 3 hihats. 11 cymbals and selection of percussion. 15 built-in effects including EQ, filtering, dynamics, drive, reverb and more. Groove section with over 1500 patterns, by Groove Monkee, and advanced humanization. Customizable keymaps and electronic drum support

Toontrack EZX Electronic Drum Kits
VST virtual instruments in the last decade the Toontrack Music team has developed and produced some of the most important tools of battery that you've heard the work in movies, TV shows, video games, live performances and album awarded with Platinum. Various libraries with hundreds of the best drum set, more than 200 GB in total, more than a million files ... to 100% acoustic drums ...Until today. Toontrack is proud to present its first library entirely dedicated to electronic drums: Electronic EZX. A modern collection of classic electronic drum sounds, modified and resampled to a wide range of genres and musical styles, this includes 33 kit EZX meticulously constructed with extra menu for pallets and most used electronic drums. Electronic EZX is ready to meet the needs of lovers of all genres: House, Progressive, Techno, Dub, Pop, hip-hop, Rap, Electro, Grime, Jungle, DnB, RnB, Dub-Step, Trip-Hop, Acid, Disco, Electro-Crunk, Ghetto-Tech, Baile Funk, Garage, Industrial, Experimental, Noise-core hard-core techno, Minimal, Glitch, Trance, Ambient, Gabba, Miami Bass, 2 Step, B-more, and many others. Produced with Harry Stinson and Chuck Ainlay, 2 of the best, most experienced players and producers in the business.

Toontrack Music City USA for Superior Drummer2.0
Computer music Drum Kits. Suitable for country, rock, funk and more besides. Clean crisp open drum sounds Introducing the Music City USA SDXTM , the newest library of drum samples and MIDI grooves for Toontrack´s award winning, industry standard drum production platform, Superior Drummer® 2.0.Much like it's sibling, the Nashville EZX®, the Music City USA SDXTM found Toontrack working with Harry Stinson and Chuck Ainlay, two of the best, most experienced players and producers in the business.

Magix Soundpool DVD Collection 21 (PC/Mac)
Magix soundpool dvd collection 21 offers more than 6 gb of new sound material from many different genres. from loops for drum & bass or hip hop to samples from funk, metal and film music: this high-end sound library offers creative minds loads of inspiration for professional music production


Drum Patterns, Loops, Wav's, Sounds & Samples includes links to free sound samples.
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