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Companies that specialise in connecting new unsigned talent with music industry professionals can provide an excellent way to get your music heard by the people that matter.  The companies listed below have a proven track record so take a look & join up to launch your career!!

Noma Music
Song pitching company that represents name and indie artists, bands, and songwriters who are seeking placement and licensing of their original music into motion pictures, television and other multimedia.

Taxi the insider with the tips and techniques plus industry job listings TAXI: The Independent A&R Vehicle
connecting unsigned artists, bands and songwriters with major record labels, publishers, and film & TV music supervisors.  View the latest musicians, singers, band and songwriters job listings from Taxi Here or sign up for their Free newsletter with the latest labels & producers requirements.  Read Taxi Articles on how to get on in the music business, what A&R REALLY look for and more at Taxi

Present your work to professional buyers in film, television, advertising and A&R. Promote your catalogue to professional music buyers. Members receive free expert evaluation and productive critical feedback on each of their songs

Click Here for links to Record Companies official websites.

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