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Classical & Opera Articles

A selection of links to relevant classical and opera articles and websites of interest. The links open in a new window. Note that whilst we check these on addition, we have no control or association with the site content which may change at any time. Please let us know if you find a dead link or inappropriate content. Thank You!

Classical Music Articles

Provides articles, reviews and news.

BBC Classical-Music Magazine
Official site provides articles, interviews, reviews and news.

BBC - The exquisitely difficult classical music quiz
Are you up to the challenge? Take the quiz!

Classical Music
Classical music, like other forms of classical art, has not as many takers as those of light music. Nonetheless, classical music has its fans too and lots more are falling to its charms. Yet, those who turn to it often find it rather beyond their understanding and real appreciation. They are charmed by it, but they cannot critically explain why it appeals them. You cannot rationalize its appeal or beauty.

Classical Music Isn't Dead
Classical music in America is dead.” Those words rang out across the Internet last week; their source, a Slate article written by Mark Vanhoenacker, complete with a gravestone illustration and the hoary cliché of the singing fat lady. It was nothing we hadn’t read before, but the timing of the latest obituary was particularly strange.... Article at The New Yorker.

Decicated site includes a range of articles and reviews on classical music.

Elements of Classical Music by Zack Fair
Classical music encompasses a large variety of forms, style and genres, making it difficult to characterize.

Lemony Snicket: the trouble with being interested in classical music is that people look at you funny
Uncool, stuffy, inaccessible: classical music has been called all that and worse. Daniel Handler, who writes his Lemony Snicket novels to the sound of string quartets, wants to set the record straight … and inspire a new wave of young fans.

What Is Classical Music?
This article at Good Music Guide provides an insight for beginners with related articles also available at the website.

World War One and Classical Music
As there were war poets, were there also war composers? Dr Kate Kennedy reflects on the role of classical music – by turns morale-raising and commemorative – and its composition among civilians and combatants. Article by Kate Kennedy

Opera Music Articles

Opera Is Not Dead
Western culture has produced nothing quite like opera among its privileged art forms. It uniquely combines theater, narrative, music, and the human voice in extravagant and paradoxical ways. Its plots are often absurd, and its texts often unintelligible when sung. Producing an opera can be cripplingly expensive. But for its devotees, opera provides an aesthetic and emotional experience unlike any other. Article by G.W. Bowersock

Opera Music for the Masses
When the curtain goes up on season’s opening at the Metropolitan Opera, the audience presents a picture of aristocratic splendor and ostentation. Article by Kurt List.

Opera Music History Evolution and Rebirth by Jim Hofman
If you've ever attended an opera, chances are you were enchanted by the timeless allure and sense of sophistication of this beautiful style of music and performance. It is truly amazing to reflect on the fact that this enduring genre has been going strong for over 400 years, and even enjoying a resurgence in popularity in the United States and abroad.

Opera News
Dedicated Opera magazine offers news, reviews, interviews and articles.

The Early History and Development of Opera
Ballet and opera were born out of royal entertainments in 17th-century Italy and France. These were spectacular productions celebrating marriages or political visits used by kings or nobles to show off their wealth and power. They were unashamed propaganda aimed at impressing foreign dignitaries and other royals. by Victoria and Albert Museum.

The Guardian - Opera
The UK Newspaper Opera section provides articles, interviews, news and reviews.

The New York Times - Opera
The USA Newspaper Opera section provides News about Opera, including commentary and archival articles.

Top Ten Operas of All Time
Opera is one of the oldest forms of musical entertainment, actually dating back to the 1500's. And although many modern music fans dismiss opera as antiquated and theatrical, opera lovers understand the timeless appeal of its musical majestry.

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