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Bass Guitar Manufacturers

Bass Guitar makers, manufacturers and suppliers with brief descriptions and links which open in a new window to their sites for further information are listed below for convenience. Guitar amplifiers, effects, strings and other accessories are in their respective sections.

A Basses
basses made by a bass player including the Darryl Jones Signature Bass.

Alembic, Inc.
learn about our products and the people who make them. Bass guitars, pickups, rackmounts and guitars are our speciality.

B. Hefner Co.
makers of custom Edenhaus guitars and basses, and Fender guitar parts.

Barker Bass
New 5 string fretted vertical upright bass with custom options and unique look. Turn your speakers 'on' before visiting the site to hear a sound sample (hmmm, mellow man !).

Burns Guitars
manufactures replicas of 1960s Burns guitars and basses.

official company site for this manufacturer of guitar, bass, amps and pro sound equipment.

manufacturer of electric guitars, basses, amps, and more.

Dingwall Designer Guitars
designer and manufacturer of electric guitars and basses including the Voodoo Bass which uses the patented Novax fretboard.

Elrick Bass Guitars
specialises in the construction of custom four, five, six, seven, and eight string basses and piccolo basses.

Ernie Ball Co.
makers of guitars, basses, strings, and more. Order t-shirts and other company memorabilia online.

ESP Guitars
basses and guitars.

Fernandes Guitars USA Inc.
site contains line of guitars, basses, amps, accessories, artist endorsements, and news.

Fichter Electric Upright Basses
Fichter has been building electric-basses for 7 years with increasing success. Check out our web site: photos, sound, test reports, specs, etc.

Fodera Guitars Inc.
builders of custom solid body electric guitars and basses.

Fury Guitars
12 string guitars, basses and more.

Hamer Guitars
guitars and basses.

Hanewinckel Guitars
manufacturer of electric basses, guitars, and other musical instruments. Specialises in the six string electric bass guitar.

Harvey Citron Enterprises
electric guitars and basses.

official company page for guitars, basses, effects and more.

Ithaca Guitar Works
makers of fine custom acoustic/electric guitars, mandolins, violins; used electric, acoustic guitars, basses and amplifiers.

J. T. Hargreaves Bass Guitars
handcrafted acoustic bass guitars utilizing the Kasha/Schneider bracing system.

Lakland Basses
manufacture basses including 35 inch scale, graphite reinforced necks, strings through body, and versatile pickup/preamp designs.

Manzer Guitars
catalogue of stringed instruments designed and handcrafted by Linda Manzer.

Messenger Upright Electric Bass
Upright Electric Bass is designed to make the transition between acoustic and electric upright bass as natural and rewarding as possible.

Mike Lull's Custom Guitars
builder of custom guitars and basses and expert guitar repair.

Modulus Guitars
graphite guitars and basses (including the Flea Bass).

handmade, custom guitars and basses endorsed by Mark Knopfler and Victor Baley.

Pimentel Sons Guitar Makers
specialise in custom building classical, flamenco, acoustic, acoustic bass and any other type of string instruments.

Sadowsky Guitars, Ltd
guitars and basses.

SB MacDonald Custom Instruments
luthier SB MacDonald builds custom guitars, basses, banjos, dulcimers and resonator guitars. Repair and restoration.

Schecter Guitar Research
guitars and basses.

Skjold Design Guitars
Custom hand made bass guitars plus new forum for bass players.

describe their electric basses, amps, accessories. Contains photos, specs, pricing and technical information.

The company closed in
2009 but we are still
grateful for the support!
Guitars & Amps

Thanks to Fender Guru
Eddie Allen
for the excellent
guitar clinic

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