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Baritone & Euphonium Accessories

A selection of Baritone and Euphonium accessories including mutes, mouthpieces, stands, cases, music lyres, oil, soap, brushes, powder paper, cleaning swab, mop, pull through, cleaning paper and tone hole cleaners for Baritone and Euphonium players. We do not have the time, equipment or staff to review all of these wonderful goodies, but thankfully there are plenty of magazines who do! Whilst we are unable to comment on the pro's and con's of individual products, we receive so many requests for product information that we provided a small collection of effects, instruments, equipment and other accessories from a range of suppliers for your convenience. We like these companies for their secure online shopping, wide range of products and reasonable pricing. Using these links to purchase goods also helps to keep this site free ;-)

Baritone Horns, Euphoniums and Accessories

3 Valve Student Euphonium
3 Valve student euphonium (note that instruments offered at UK and USA Amazon sites differ!)
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Besson International Euphonium, Compensating 4 Valve at Gear4Music
The Besson International BE767-1-0 Euphonium is suitable for advancing players. This model has been designed specifically to bring together Besson's unique tonal characteristics and world renowned build quality. The Besson International Euphonium is capable of producing original brass sounds which are great for band rooms and concert halls. Featuring 4 fully compensating valves, large bore, and trademark Besson quality fittings, the BE767 international Euphonium produces a warm and focused sound that is suited to the developing and advancing musician. The hand-made yellow brass bell produces a focused sound with a solid core and is capable of achieving this with very little resistance. The Besson International Euphonium comes equipped with a hard case to protect the instrument during travel and a mouthpiece to get the player started straight away.

Coppergate Intermediate Baritone by Gear4music
A high quality instrument for advancing musicians. With a Gold lacquered Yellow Brass body with a Gold Brass leadpipe, this instrument not only sounds amazing but looks great too. The medium-large bore offers mellow sound as well as character and plenty of tone. The baritone comes as a pack, including a case and mouthpiece.

Baritone Horn Gig BagDeluxe Baritone Horn Gig Bag by Gear4music
Protect your Baritone Horn with the Deluxe Baritone Gig Bag by Gear4music. Featuring solid construction and 25mm padding, this carry case ensures your equipment remains in great condition ready for action when you need it. The universal shape ensures that it will fit almost any baritone horn. This case features shoulder straps as well as a carry handle for easily transporting your instrument.

Denis Wick: Advanced Formula Valve Oil With PTFE at MusicRoom
The chemical name of PTFE is Polytetrafluoroethylene, and it is the most slippery substance on earth. It is found in many everyday usages such as non-stick pans, Gore-Tex rainwear and in dental floss. Its unique properties transform ordinary valve oil into an extraordinary lubricant, the microscopic particles acting as minute ball-bearings.

Euphonium Cufflinks
The perfect gift for any Euphonium player, teacher, student and brass band lover. These beautifully designed Euphonium cufflinks measure 30mm and are fitted with a standard swivel bar attachment. They are presented in a black gift box.
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Read more at Amazon USA

Helin: Brass Instrument Mouthpiece Brush at MusicRoom
Plastic coated wire Brass Instrument Mouthpiece Brush, by quality manufacturers, Helin.

Marching Baritone Horn by Gear4music
The marching Bb baritone horn by Gear4music is an ideal instrument for the marching band. Featuring a horizontal playing position, the sound projects straight forward and towards the audience, perfect for outdoor playing. The three valve non-compensating system makes it lightweight for maximum comfort.

Mini Pin: Euphonium at MusicRoom
Nothing says style as much as the small complimenting accessories and attention to detail. Express your individuality and music sensibilities with this glorious Pin badge. An attractive Pin in the shape of a Euphonium. 1.5 – 2 inches, with an elegant enamel and golden colour finish.

playLITE Black Hybrid Euphonium by Gear4music
The playLITE hybrid euphonium by Gear4music in Black and White is a lightweight alternative to the traditional brass euphonium. Featuring a ABS plastic body, this instrument only weighs 850g, making it ideal for younger performers as well as professionals looking for a lightweight alternative. The aluminium lined valves are fast acting and give a great feel. The playLITE 4 valve euphonium remains authentic, featuring a traditionally shaped body that has a realistic tone with a clear projection. Included with the playLITE euphonium is a plastic mouthpiece and drawstring carry bag.

Student Baritone HornStudent Baritone Horn + Complete Pack by Gear4music
This high quality modern Student Baritone Horn by Gear4music has a lovely warm, mellow tone. It is the ideal instrument for students starting out with the instrument or looking to advance up to a grade 6 standard, and comes with a comprehensive range of baritone accessories, including a silver mouthpiece, lightweight hard case, music stand, a full set of cleaning snakes and brushes and more.

Yamaha Silver Baritone HornYamaha Silver YBH301S Student Baritone Horn at Gear4Music
A developed tone for the progressing student musician. The gold brass pipe complements the bass frequencies’ resonance. The yellow brass body, bell and valves produce a clear, controlled sound with a warm tone. The updated bell design increases the projection of the YBH301S, so you can confidently produce a full range of expressive tones. The silver plated finish provides a classic aesthetic. This model is ideal for student musicians requiring an instrument to enhance and progress their skills with.

Yamaha SB2X Silent Brass System for Euphonium
A high-performance mute with an internal microphone. The mute features some new improvements that help it meet the needs of today's market. The disassembled body is a great advantage for travelling musicians as you can stack the halves together for a compact size. Although the mute is now much smaller and lighter, improving balance when playing, the muting efficiency is not disadvantaged. An adjustable rod allows players to reposition the mute head so they can achieve their desired pitch resonance and playing feel. Thanks to this new feature the mute can be used with a variety of bell sizes. The Yamaha SB2X silent brass pickup mute comes equipped with a cable, owner's manual, stereo earphones and belt.

Yamaha: Large Polishing Gauze x 3 at MusicRoom
This highly absorbent polishing gauze easily removes moisture and foreign material from the inside of your instrument. Wrap the gauze around a cleaning rod to clean the inner surfaces of pipes, slides and tubing. Use the gauze in conjunction with polish to bring a brassy sheen to the outer surfaces of your instrument.