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Banjos, Mandolins, Ukelele

A selection of Banjos, Mandolins, Ukelele plus bags, cases, capos and strings. We do not have the time, equipment or staff to review all of these wonderful goodies, but thankfully there are plenty of magazines who do! Whilst we are unable to comment on the pro's and con's of individual products,we receive so many requests for product information that we have partnered with various reputable companies (Amazon, Gear4Music & MusicRoom) to provide a small collection of links to musical instruments and equipment for convenience. We have used and like these companies for their secure online shopping, wide range of products and reasonable pricing. If you cannot see what your are looking for below, please visit their websites to see the full range of products. Using these links to purchase goods also helps to keep this site free ;-)

Banjo, Mandolin & Ukelele
Instruments, Accessories, Strings, Cases

Banjo Pack6 String Guitar Banjo Pack by Gear4music
The 6 String Banjo by Gear4music is a high grade instrument that sounds like a Banjo, but plays like a guitar! Bundled with a deluxe gig bag and headstock tuner, this banjo features a closed back design with a Mahogany body, a Mahogany resonator, an Aluminium shell, a Remo head and a Rosewood fretboard, making it sound and play great. This Banjo is tuned to standard guitar tuning, meaning any guitarist can pick it up and play without having to learn any new skills.

Ozark Left Handed Banjo2105GL Left Handed Banjo with Gig Bag at Gear4Music
Is a visually and audibly excellent 5 string banjo from esteemed company Ozark. Whether an experienced player or a beginner this banjo provides high quality and great playability in a live or studio scenario. Utilizing a durable detachable wood resonator, Remo Weatherking head, Rosewood fingerboard and chrome plated hardware the Ozark 2105G 5-String Banjo is an impressive sounding and versatile banjo. Includes Gig Bag.

Barnes & Mullins: Banjo Ukulele at MusicRoom
Exquisite Mahogany Banjo Ukulele from Barnes & Mullins with Rosewood fingerboard and Maple Bridge.

D'Addario EJ70 Phosphor Bronze Mandolin Strings, Ball End, Med/Light
EJ70, D'Addario's mandolin set featuring ball ends rather than standard loop ends are ideal for all mandolins requiring ball ends. EJ70's contain the E and A strings from a medium gauge mandolin set with the slightly lighter D and G strings from a light gauge set. Phosphor Bronze construction provides an ideal balance of warmth, brightness and overall balanced tone.

GHS PF120 Stainless Steel 6 String Banjo Strings, Light Gauge at Gear4Music
The GHS PF120 Light Gauge Banjo Strings are a set of stainless steel strings for 6 string banjos. Featuring specially sculpted loop ends to allow compatibility with a range of tailpieces and lightweight gauges (11 - 42) for an effortless playability the GHS PF120 strings provide a bright and lively tone and are perfect for any 6 string banjo.

Gretsch Claraphone Banjo UkeGretsch G9470 Clarophone Banjo Uke Details at Gear4Music
A combination of two beloved folk and country instruments. The crossover of banjo and ukulele produces an attractive tone that is bright, powerful, and great for groups looking to add some diversity to their folk or country sound. Gretsch has crafted the G9470 to be a fully Maple instrument, with a Maple/Ebony bridge for durability. This 4 string banjo is a classic addition to those wanting a tone that evokes folk and country music.

Mandolin Case by Gear4music
The Mandolin Case by Gear4music is a great quality universal mandolin hard case that gives you ultimate protection for your instrument. The case has a durable outer with sturdy lockable catches and a protective plush interior with a handy accessory compartment.

Mandolin PackMandolin Pack by Gear4music, Vintage Sunburst
This 8 string Mandolin is a fantastic instrument for any budding learner or the more accomplished musician looking for a well put together, great sounding instrument. This pack includes a gig bag and tuner and we think this is the best value Mandolin pack you will see in the UK, and probably beyond at an incredible breakthrough price.

Pure Tone: Ukulele Pack (Black) at MusicRoom
This great value Soprano Ukulele is suitable for just about any age and musical ability. It has a smooth gloss finish, and comes with a fitted gig bag and tuition book to get you started in your playing. The recent rise in popularity of the Ukulele means that more and more people are picking up this fun, easy-to-play instrument and channeling their inner Hawaiian. With artists like Jason Mraz, Zooey Deschanel and the fantastic Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain championing the Uke, this rediscovered instrument is far from a joke. If you are already musical, or you just want to get started with the Ukulele as your first instrument, this Pure Tone pack is perfect. With a sturdy, good-quality design at an affordable price, the instrument itself offers impeccable value for money. Not only this, but the Uke comes with a fitted gig bag for easy and safe transportation, as well as a tuition book to get you started as soon as possible with the basics.

Pure Tone: Mandolin Pitch Pipes at MusicRoom
Pure Tone Violin/Mandolin pitch pipes. (E1-A2-D3-G4).

Pure Tone: Ukulele Pitch Pipes at MusicRoom
Pitch pipes for Ukulele, standard tuning; A1, E2, C3, G4.

Universal Banjo CaseSKB Universal 6-string Banjo Case at Gear4Music
The SKB Universal Banjo Hardshell Case is designed to accommodate a six-string closed back banjo and features a plush lined EPS foam interior that keeps your instrument secure during transportation. The ABS plastic-molded exterior includes molded-in bumpers with injection molded feet for impact protection, and an injection molded rubber over-molded cushioned handle. Equipped with TSA accepted locks with SKB's patented trigger release latches provide maximum security for your precious banjo, ideal for any travelling musician.

Tanglewood: Union Series Electro Mandolin Teardrop F Hold - Black Gloss at MusicRoom
Featuring a Linden top, back and sides with a black gloss finish, the Tanglewood Union Series Electro Mandolin Teardrop F Hold boasts a distinctive look that is sure to capture your audience's attention. Specifications: Type: Teardrop, with F holes. Tuning: G, D, A, E