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Banjo, Bouzouki & Ukelele Books
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A small selection of books, dvds, videos including educational books, instruction books, songbooks, sheet music, scales, exercises, techniques, guides and audio backing/rehearsal accompaniment from the wide range available at our affiliates. Clicking on the links will take you to the affiliate site to read more information or to purchase and search boxes are provided for convenience.

Best Selling Banjo Sheet Music
Catch up with the latest best selling banjo titles in a variety of catagories, including: Instructional, Polka, Tango, Cajun, Classical, Christmas, Folk, Latin, Pop, DVD and more at SheetMusicPlus and MusicRoom.

5-String Banjo Chord Chart at SheetMusicPlus
Compiled by Ron Middlebrook. For 5-string banjo. Format: chord chart. With chord names and banjo chord diagrams. Chord chart and folk. 3 pages. 9x12 inches. Published by Centerstream Publications.

Backpackers Songbook at SheetMusicPlus
Compiled by Ron Middlebrook. For voice and guitar or banjo. Format: guitar/vocal songbook (no tablature - lyrics & chords only). With lyrics, chord names, guitar chord chart, banjo chord chart and illustrations. Folk. 108 pages. 6x9 inches. Published by Centerstream Publications.

Banjo For Dummies: Second Edition (Book/Online Video And Audio Instruction) at MusicRoom
Written by Bill Evans, an accomplished five-string Banjo player, teacher, writer and historian, Banjo For Dummies features updated practice lessons with step-by-step examples and advice on the most helpful learning techniques. An instrument traditionally associated with folk, country and bluegrass music, the Banjo has gained popularity in recent years. This complete guide makes the Banjo accessible to anyone with the patience and willpower to learn it. Banjo For Dummies covers everything the aspiring Banjo player needs to know, from how to select the right instrument to developing the correct hand posture, and how to tune, care for, and make simple repairs to your instrument.

Baritone Uke Chords at SheetMusicPlus
by Mel Bay. For Ukulele (Baritone). chord book. All styles. Level: Multiple Levels. Book. Size 8.75x11.75. 32 pages. Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc. A catalog of baritone uke chords in photo/diagram form grouped by type. Major, minor, seventh, diminished, augmented, and ninth chords are all shown in all keys in fretboard photos and diagrams. Major seventh, minor seventh, sixth, minor sixth, seventh augmented fifth, and seventh diminished fifth chords are shown in diagram form only. Also includes helpful photos and information on the correct way to hold the baritone ukulele and the pick, and on tuning the baritone uke. This book may also be used with the tenor ukulele in D-G-B-E tuning.

Blues Banjo Lessons (Book/Online Audio) at MusicRoom
Best selling author Fred Sokolow teaches you how to play blues - Licks, Riffs, Songs & More on the Banjo with this instructional book and audio pack. Includes classic blues tunes like Ain't Nobody's Business, Careless Love, Frankie and Johnny and St. Louis Blues.

Easy Banjo Solos at SheetMusicPlus
Arranged by Mac Robertson. For banjo. Format: easy banjo songbook. With banjo tablature, vocal melody, lyrics and chord names. Folk, bluegrass and country. 24 pages. 9x12 inches. Published by Hal Leonard.

Gospel Banjo at SheetMusicPlus
Arranged by Dennis Caplinger. For banjo. Format: banjo solo book. With banjo tablature, chord names, introductory text and black & white photos. Gospel. 48 pages. 9x12 inches. Published by Centerstream Publications.

Gospel Tunes For Clawhammer Banjo (Book/Online Audio) at MusicRoom
Welcome to Gospel Tunes For Clawhammer Banjo. After many years of requests by you and the publisher, I have made this collection of Gospel favorites available to those of you who play the Clawhammer Banjo style. The versions of the tabs presented here are neither overly simple nor particularly complex. Anyone with basic Clawhammer skills should be able to play the tab as written or get close enough so they can create a satisfying version of each tune for themselves. Includes access to online audio.

Hal Leonard Banjo Method - Book 1 - Book/CD at SheetMusicPlus
Written by Mac Robertson. For 5 string banjo. Includes instructional book and examples CD. With banjo tablature, chord names, lyrics, banjo chord diagrams, standard patters, tuning, instructional and introductory text. Instructional and bluegrass. 64 pages. 9x12 inches. Published by Hal Leonard.

Hal Leonard Banjo Method - Book 2 at SheetMusicPlus
Written by Mac Robertson, Robbie Clement, Will Schmid. For banjo. Format: instructional book. With vocal melody (in banjo tablature), lyrics, banjo tablature and instructional text. Instructional. 64 pages. 9x12 inches. Published by Hal Leonard Corporation. Includes more solos and standard licks for melodic-style banjo, fiddle tunes, playing back-up, use of the capo and more music theory.

Learn To Play Baritone Uke at SheetMusicPlus
Written by Morton Manus. For ukulele. Format: instructional book. With standard notation, vocal melody, lyrics, uke chord diagrams, chord names, black & white photos and illustrations. Learn to play. 47 pages. 9x12 inches. Published by Alfred Publishing. Now, everything you need to know to play the baritone ukulele in one book. Start from the beginning by learning about the parts of the instrument, learn how to hold it and how to tune it. You will then learn the basics of reading music. You will learn to play using popular songs including Tom Dooley, The Streets of Laredo, When the Saints Go Marching In, The Red River Valley and many more. A dictionary of baritone ukulele chords is included.

More Easy Banjo Solos at SheetMusicPlus
Compiled by Mac Robertson. For banjo. Format: banjo solo songbook. With vocal melody (in banjo tablature only), lyrics, banjo tablature and chord names. Bluegrass and country. 24 pages. 9x12 inches. Published by Hal Leonard.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? - Banjo at SheetMusicPlus
For banjo. Format: banjo solo songbook. With vocal melody, lyrics, standard notation, banjo tablature, chord names and banjo notation legend. Tv. 40 pages. 9x12 inches. Published by Hal Leonard. A selection of the traditional American folk songs and spirituals featured in the Coen Brothers movie, arranged for banjo with guitar chord symbols.

Ragtime, Blues & Jazz for Banjo at MusicRoom
If you are a banjo player whose enjoyment of music isn't limited to bluegrass and country, you'll find this collection of tunes fun and sometimes challenging. Contains ragtime, blues, old-time jazz, and bluegrass blues, G tuning. Banjo tab. For five-string banjo.

The Banjo Playlist: Blue Book at MusicRoom
A fantastic selection of over 30 classic songs to play and sing, specially arranger for the beginner banjo player. Contains classics from Jonny Cash, Woody Guthrie and Bill Monroe, with a handful of more recent hits from Amy McDonald, Paolo Nutini and The Proclaimers. Includes full lyrics, strumming patterns and banjo chord diagrams. Suitable for 5 string banjo.

The Classic Douglas Dillard Songbook Of 5-String Banjo Tablatures at SheetMusicPlus
Performed by Douglas Dillard. For banjo and voice. Format: banjo tablature songbook. With banjo tablature, standard notation (on some selections), vocal melody (on some selections), lyrics (on some selections) and chord names. Bluegrass and tv. 69 pages. 9x12 inches. Published by Centerstream Publications.

Tony Trischka: The Complete 5-String Banjo Player (Book/CD) at MusicRoom
Written by Tony Trischka, one of the leading authorities in banjo education, The Complete 5-String Bluegrass Banjo Player sets the standard for bluegrass banjo instruction from beginning to advanced. From holding the banjo and reading tablature to melodic banjo style and standard bluegrass repertoire, this book is the definitive guide to learning authentic bluegrass technique. The audio CD includes demonstration tracks of the music examples, techniques, and songs.

Ukulele For Kids: 2 DVD Set at SheetMusicPlus
The uke is a perfect starter instrument because of its small body and fingerboard. These lively, child-friendly DVDs prepare kids for a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

Wayne Erbsen: Bluegrass Banjo For The Complete Ignoramus at MusicRoom
The simplest bluegrass Banjo book ever written. Includes instruction CD with 99 tracks. Guaranteed to get you started playing bluegrass Banjo.

You Can Play The Ukulele
Complete instruction for the beginner complete with chord tricks for the advanced players and a special foreword by Arthur Godfrey. Contents: Annie Laurie, Auld Lang Syne, The Blue Tail Fly (Jimmy Crack Corn), Far Above Cayugas Waters, The Foggy, Foggy Dew, Git Along, Little Dogies, Home on the Range, In the Evenin' by Moonlight, My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean, Oh! Susanna, Old Folks at Home (Swanee River), On Wisconsin!, Rambling Wreck from Georgia Tech, She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain, Streets of Laredo, Sweet and Low, Sweet Betsy from Pike, Washington and Lee Swing, Whispering Hope, You Tell Me Your Dream.

Instructional Banjo Books at SheetMusicPlus