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bagpiper Bagpipes are not the first instrument that springs to mind when thinking about the Blues but as a part of the Double Reed family and Scotlands most memorable instrument we thought it only fair to include some information and links to resources.

Bagpipes produce a 'continuous wailing' sound which is produced due to its unique construction. Air is maintained by squeezing the bag with the left hand, while a breath is taken, the flow of air can be kept up in both the drone pipes and chanter. The mouthpipe contains a round piece of leather hinged onto the bag end which acts as a one way valve. As the player blows air in, the flap opens, when he stops blowing the air pressure within the bag forces the flap shut. The chanter has seven finger holes and a thumb hole, and has a usual range of an octave and one note.

Always happy to be corrected on a point and thought this note and band site were worth including - The Bagpipes can work within the blues and blues rock genre. PIPAPELLI from Western North Carolina uses the Great Highlands Bagpipes as one of the main driving forces in their bagpipes and blues/rock band. 3 CDs have been released, their most recent "BorderGuard" is getting plenty of radio airplay in the states, the UK, australia and now in Scotland! ...playin' the pipes like no other, more like a sax or horn section, or a les paul thru a wah wah pedal!!

Bagpipes & Practice Chanters
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Bagpipe Jokes
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Famous Miniature Bagpipe
A handcrafted Chanter Working set of minature Bagpipes, specially designed to be fun and provide hours of enjoyment!

Practice Chanter With Reed
This quality Practice Chanter with Reed has an excellent tone quality, providing you with a superb sound. Playing this practice Chanter will be the perfect start to learning the Bagpipes.

Bagpipe Music

Judith Weir: Sketches From A Bagpiper's Album
These pieces were inspired by the life of James Reid, a bagpiper in Prince Charlie's Jacobite army, who was captured by the English in 1746 and executed, after a Judge had classified the bagpipes as an 'Instrument of war.

Judith Weir: The Bagpiper's String Trio
These three pieces form a very short instrumental opera, based on the life of James Reid, a bagpiper in Prince Charlie's Jacobite army, who was captured by the English in 1746, and executed after a judge had classified the bagpipes as a weapon.

Amazing Grace (Stephen Hatfield arr.) SATB
Stephen Hatfield's wonderful arrangement of Amazing Grace which has been adapted from the coda Ower The Hills (a Scottish Suite for Treble Voices and Bagpipes).


Bagpipe Tabs, Lessons & Software

  • Ceolmor Software
    Bagpipe and Drum music composition software available as a direct download or on CD-ROM. Free trial available. As used by World Champion Piper - PM Alasdair Gillies

  • Electric Pipes
    Highland Bagpipe music writer for PC's with free evaluation copy available for download plus sample sheet music and sounds.

  • Viper Piper Bagpipe Tunes
    Searchable database of pipe tunes which can be downloaded in most formats, including PiobMaster, BMW, Pipe Writer and Electric Pipes

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Bagpipe Jokes

Q. How do you make a chain saw sound like a bagpipe?
A. Add vibrato.

Q. How many bagpipers does it take to change a light bulb?
A. Five. One to handle the bulb, the other four to tell him how much better they could have done it.

Bagpipe and other Instrument Jokes at Vocalist.org.uk

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Bagpipe Links

  • Ancestral Instruments
    Information About Historical Bagpipes - Roman Music - Medieval Music and Performance.

  • Andrew Lenz's Bagpipe Journey
    Piper's Dictionary (over 200 terms), a comprehensive illustrated list of Synthetic Drone Reeds (over 40 types), How to Join a Pipe Band, Competition Tips, How to Make a Water Manometer, Reed Scraping, Reed Making...

  • Bagpipe Association of Germany
    contains details of the association, information about the bagpipe, pipe bands, links, events and forum in German.

  • Bagpipe Society UK
    international membership, newsletter, events etc.

  • Bagpipes of the World at Roots World
    Reviews of favourite recordings, jokes and information.

  • BBC Scotland - Celtic Roots
    Traditional and celtic music gigs, reviews, sessions, competitions, mp3's and more.

  • Bob Dunsire's Bagpipe Web Directory
    Contains an extensive guide to bagpiping on the web.

  • College of Piping
    School based in Glasgow, Scotland, providing lessons, examinations, accommodation, all instruments, music, knowledge base and The Piping Times magazine.

  • mFEST Free Workshops
    free workshops in music and dance available at University of Sterling, Scotland.

  • Musickay
    Manufacturer of Bagpipes and complete range of piper & Drummer accessories including percussion instruments and drums based in Pakistan.

  • rec.musicmakers.bagpipe
    official faq for bagpipers available at the newsgroup

  • Summer Piping School & Scottish Singing Weekends
    University of Sterling, Scotland offers summer school courses on the practical side of playing the Highland Bagpipes which covers light music and piobaireachd, tuning and setting up the instrument.

  • The Piping Centre
    Promotes the study and history of piping in Scotland

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