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Agents & Management

Representation by agents and managers is an area many musicians would rather avoid but find increasingly necessary as their popularity grows.

On these pages we will try to include as many sources of entertainment agents, management, informative articles, opinions and job opportunities as possible - we do not endorse any agency or individual and would suggest that you investigate carefully prior to engaging anyone to handle your affairs.

Please Note:- Whilst we are happy to share information and advice to our members and surfers via our websites, the Electric Blues Club is NOT an entertainment agency or artist management company and do not provide agency, booking or management services.

There are several resources that advertise representation in the music industry and some excellent articles on what a manager or agent can or should be doing for you!!

Contracts should always be checked by an independent music business solicitor, preferably with recommendations from a recognised organisation i.e., Musicians Union (UK) whose members are listed in the Musicians Directory. Equity (UK) for Actors & Actresses in Film, Tv. Stage & Radio, both oganisations have essential information & facilities for their members.

Visit Vocalist.org.uk for complete information on Entertainment & Booking Agents and Artist Management, becoming a Manager or DIY Agent.  These sections include deductable expenses listing, business start up resources, articles, advice and contacts, a sample Management Agreement plus Entertainment Agents & Artist Management Listings and Music Industry Job Listings and listings sites plus a typical Entertainment Agencies Contract and example confirmation booking letter and Music Law Resources

On EBClub our Blues Record Labels section contains links to Blues Agencies, Management, Tour Organisers, Promoters and Record Labels.

Music & the Internet Revolution
Article about the music industry available at jInfo (was Freepint)

The Agents' Association of Great Britain
54 Keyes House
Dolphin Square
London SW1V 3NA
Tel: 020 7834 0515  Fax: 020 7821 0261
Email:- association@agents-uk.com
The Official Association for Entertainment Agents and Bookers provides search facilities for registered agents in the UK providing every style and genre of music plus an Artist Search facility at the Directory of British Entertainment.

EntsWeb U.K. directory of Entertainment, Music & Leisure contains links and information to agents, bookers, bands and entertainment sources.

Musicians Contact
The primary source of employment for USA musicians nationwide, established 31 years. Jobs and resumes are updated online daily

The White Book
The most comprehensive UK Entertainment Industry Guide and International Production Directory - All Record Company, Acts, Bands, Management, Promoters, Artists & Agents, TV & Radio Personalities, who manages who & how to contact them - all listings can be found in this standard industry must have, take a look at their online version at their site or order it from your local bookstore. It is pricey but worth it if you are serious about working in the entertainments industry, but if your budget just will not stretch that far you can usually find a copy in your local librarys reference department or music section.

Showcase is an international publication that lists cabaret artists, bands, singers and entertainers of all styles, you can pay to be listed in the book which is one of the industry standards used by agents and bookers. Available in Book or CD format from bookstores or via their website.

The Stage
Entertainers weekly newspaper for the UK with some interesting 'How To' pages including 'How To find an Agent'. They have a searchable database of management, acts etc online.

Needless to say many managers and agents will proport to be a popular artists contact with venues bigger than you can imagine! - the reality is - if you want to be represented by an agent or manager use people who have been recommended or established for a long time.  Those who would like to book an act of any size or type - any major agent or management company will do it for you - if you want to book direct or manage yourselves get THE WHITE BOOK.

Original artists aiming for a deal should contact the Record Companies A & R department, they will point you in the right direction, depending on wether your a fan, promoter or potential new act, most company and management contact details can be found on the internet or on CD & Tape Inserts of your favourite artists!

Management Books

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Cabaret Artists Handbook
More Info & Buy
The Cabaret Artist's Handbook by Bob Harrington
This text aims to show performers the ins and outs of mounting a cabaret act. The author argues that entertainers need to know both the creative and business aspects involved, such as choosing the right material, structuring the act, getting bookings and publicity.
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International Managers Forum Handbook
More Info & Buy
IMF 2000
The International Managers Forum is a recognised music industry organisation for Artist and Personal Managers.  Full Membership requires acceptance of their Code of Conduct.  The IMF offer advice, information and provide regular courses for members on all aspects of managing acts/bands.  The book is full of useful tips and advice for anyone considering management as a career and self management.
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The Business of Artist Management
More Info & Buy
Business of Artist Management
Formerly entitled "Successful Artist Management", this book is designed as a reference work for artist management in the music business but is also great for anyone trying to gain a better understanding of just what artist management involves.