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Accordion / Accordian

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animated accordianThe Accordion started out it's life as a portable bellows organ named the Handaoline which was improved upon in 1829 and called the akkordion, both instruments were developments of the mouth organ (harmonica) and worked on the principle of air being blown in and sucked out through the reeds by the bellows with notes obtained by pressing buttons. Various adaptions have since been made to the simple bellows system including a hexagonal concertina and substitution of a keyboard for the buttons on the right hand side of the instrument, hence the name piano accordion.

Popular in Folk, Irish, Cajun, R & B and Zydeco music, the Accordion has appeared on many well known recordings including Shakin' Stevens 'Julie', Dusty Springfield's 'How Can I Be Sure' and The Band's 'Rocking Chair'. The Melodian is a form of Diatonic Accordian.

harmoniumThe Harmonium belongs to the accordion family and is powered by the fanning of air through a concertina fan. The air is blown out by bellows through separate reeds, which are thin plates of metal tuned to each individual note. Every note has its own reed inside the box of the harmonium.


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