What You Need To Know About The Welcome Bonus At Online Casinos

casino welcome bonus

What You Need To Know About The Welcome Bonus At Online Casinos

What is a casino welcome bonus? Basically, a casino welcome bonus is just an offer given by an online gambling site to attract new customers. It is designed to draw new customers to the casino site with the promise of winning large amounts of money. These bonuses generally offer much more money than the usual no deposit bonuses offered at most casinos. This is what is referred to as a “draw”. However, there are limits on how much money can be won in a single draw.

There is a wagering requirement involved for a casino welcome bonus. The minimum wagering requirement is usually a specific percentage of the player’s initial deposit. For example, if a player deposits $1000 with a wagering requirement of ten percent, the player will be unable to wager any more than ten percent of his or her initial deposit. This makes the wagering requirement a “floor” policy that ensures that the casino is not receiving any “free money”, by depositing more money into the players’ accounts than they are paying out in wins.

Most players will be aware of this Floor Policy, and it makes sense. After all, most online casino sites want players to deposit large sums of money into their sites, so that they have a guaranteed source of income. That is why these casinos offer such generous wagering requirements. They need to make up for the risk of losing those funds to bad gambler, and it works!

However, the Floor Policy can often cause some confusion among players. Some players see this as a benefit and a restriction – a benefit because they can now deposit more money into their online gambling account, and a restriction because they now have to meet a floor quota. In other words, the casino welcome bonus is designed to encourage players to gamble more, and thereby generate more income for the online gambling site. This makes the player feel good about placing more money into the online gambling account.

The Floor Policy is not, however, the only reason why many casinos offer such generous wagering requirements. Many casinos also offer free spins. These free spins are separate from the deposit bonus that all players must qualify for. (The same is true for bonus codes, which are another form of wagering.) Free spins are intended to lure players to play more and ultimately win more money.

Again, the Floor Policy serves a useful purpose. It encourages players to deposit large amounts of money into the online gambling account. Free spins are a form of bonus advertising that many casinos use to attract customers. However, these free spins should not be confused with deposits that the online gambling sites must pay out. (After all, no one deposits “free” into a casino.)

Floor Percentage Deposit Bonus: Just as the name implies, the Floor Percentage Deposit Bonus feature is designed to award a player with a percentage deposit bonus, upon successfully depositing money into the online casino account. The player is not required to bet or place any wagers on the particular casino in question. Instead, the player is simply rewarded with a bonus amount on the successful deposit. This feature is often found on casinos offering several different casino games. It is often paired with a special promotional rate for the online player.

Finally, there is the “Bitcoin Special Offers” section of most casino websites. This section is usually found at the bottom of the home page, or occasionally located at the top of the page. Here, a new player can find a list of all the available casinos that offer the special “Bitcoins” bonuses. In some cases, this is accompanied by a short description of the special offer, and a link to sign up at the casino in question.