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Drums & Percussion

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Drummers!! - We have drum links to sites with FREE lessons, tips, and techniques for all standards and styles. Excellent online drum magazines, articles on drum programming and even a drum jazz/rock record label with seperate pages for various percussion instruments coming soon!

Drum & Percussion Accessories has been re-vamped and is now packed with a range of drum kit packages, percussion instruments and essential accessories!

Drum Audio CD's, Vinyl & Software programs including Drum Tools & Samples for programming drummers/songwriters plus a selection of Drum/Percussion Albums and Singles.

Drum Tabs has a selection of Free drum tabulature and links to Drum Tab Archives and Tab Search plus you will find Freeware Tab & Rhythm software in the Downloads section.

Sounds & Samples Software and links to free drum, percussion and other instrument samples available for use in your tracks.

In August 1999 the club organised a successful DRUM CLINIC hosted by BOB HENRIT (Kinks/Argent/Arbiter) and our recommended drum tutor ROB STEVENS, who provides drum lessons for all standards, Click Here to Visit Rob's Page for further details or contact him by telephone:- 0208 351 1314, mobile:-0585 458058 or through

Drum Manufacturers, Drum Makers, Drum Retailers & Suppliers listings. Particular mention has to go to Lou at Supreme Drums based in Leyton, North London, UK whose help and support towards the Club when we first started was 'Supreme' Indeed and of course Rob at Wembley Drum Center whose help, support and advice have been invaluable. (Wembley Drum Center) featured article & photos can be found in the NEWSLETTER and PAST EVENTS section.

Check Out Drum-Tech Drum & Percussion School based in London, UK.

Drum Sites that deserve a look? - Got to be Mike Dolbear.com Full of reviews, tips, monthly lesson, drumschool, drum events & more - send him YOUR reviews, news, stories and experiences and - Learn to Play Drums with Jock Cree, catch up with the Phat B band, read Johns latest novella, listen or download John Scott Cree's new album. (Lovers of Blues/Folk & Laughter should give this a listen - read review!!) Drummers Web - a useful site for drummers & percussionists which also maintains a Drummers Web Ads classified section.   The best Drum Lesson Resource on the internet has to be Drum Bum for its well ordered collection of descriptive links to online drum lessons.  Read Outta Here -- Tom-Tom and Cymbal Recording Tips From Studio Buddy® Get a killer drum sound with these recording tips from Studio Buddy. By Michael Laskow.

Drum & Rhythm Messageboards & ForumsAsk your question, catch up with the latest news or just chat to your fellow drummers here!! and don't forget our List, Links & Descriptions of Drum Manufacturers, Makers & Suppliers available at Drum Accessories Section.

Organising a drum clinic, workshop, demonstration, trade show or other drum related event?  Please let us know & we will add the details to our EVENTS listings.

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Want to tidy up your triplets, just tap out a beat, program or listen to drummers?

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Percussion Instruments

DholThe Dhol is a large drum hollowed out from wood and covered with skin at both ends.

It is a popular folk and tribal instrument played with a pair of sticks and often used as a prelude to an important announcement.

TablaThe Tabla consists of two drums, one being bass and the other the treble side. The bass drum body is made of metal whilst the treble drum body is made of wood. Both are covered with goatskins with paste of iron filings and flour in the centre. An incredible range of sounds are created by using the fingers and palms of the hands, striking them on the different areas of the skin.

Tambourine The Tambourine is a circular wooden frame, somtimes with skin across one side and small 'cymbals' interspersed around the frame. Nowadays they can be made of plastic or metal and come in a range of shapes. The tambourine is shaken, tapped with the hand or against parts of the body to produce rhythmic sounds. Tambourine

drum links header

12/8 Rhythms
provided in PDF format.....requires Acrobat reader

American Guild of English Handbell Ringers

Alternative Music in Newcastle
held in NCHS based in Newcastle Under Lyme, this project brings together pupils from five different schools to form an African Drum and Dance troupe of around 60 members. Due to play at the Newcastle Carnival in late May, the project also forms a "Youth Arts" forum, led by the pupils themselves.

Free Online Lessons, Books, Videos

(Percussion Quartet)

Planet Sound Community Arts Project based at Berry Hill High School, concentrating on Samba.

Planet Sound Community Arts Project based at Chesterton Community High School focusing on African drumming music.

Bill Powelson
How To Buy a Drum Kit & Other Lessons

Blues Shuffle Lessons
a couple of the most commonly used blues shuffles

Blues Grooves Lesson
from Musicians Web

Blues Harp
blues technique, style and information for a variety of musical instruments

Bongo Central

Bongo resources
at Rhythm Web history and more

Britchops Drum Tuition
This course provides all the information you need to begin learning today's popular drumming styles such as Pop, Rock and Britpop/Indie in the comfort of your own home. Drum charts by top UK and US bands Oasis, Cast and Bryan Adams are featured by kind permission from Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Publishing. Other features include extensive MIDI file library in GM/GS/XG format, Digital Imaging, Professional Drum Score Notation and extensive Tutor Notes.

site dedicated to the Bodhran, excellent resource.

Concepts & Grouping Lesson
at The Drum Machine

Contents of the Homestudy Drum Course
includes drum solo tips and lessons

Dance music software & equipment

How To Program Sections

Danman's Drum/Percussion Department
has sample drum instruction, 'how to's in Rock & Blues.

Djembe African Drums
Includes useful information and background history on the Djembe.

Djembe FAQ
at Drums.org contains everything you need to know about the Djembe.

Drum Corps UK Forum
a discussion group and website for drum corps members.

information and rhythms

Dumbek Lessons
hand drum rhythms

Drum Bum
USA site with T-Shirts, Music Gifts & hundreds of links to Free Drum Lessons!!

Drum Bum
Collection of links to lessons on drumming and percussion techniques. Lessons are arranged by subject, including basic beats, ghost strokes, linear drumming, phrasing, soloing, and syncopation. Also provides information on buying and setting up a drum kit, and associated health issues.

Free Online Drum Lessons for students of all levels from complete beginner to advanced musician.

Drum Lesson Database
over 400 free drum lessons in a variety of styles including blues, bossa nova & more

Drum Lessons Online
Free lessons for absolute beginners to ultra advanced

Drum Network
The Online Source for Drums, drummers and rhythm nuts - DrumNetwork DrumZ

A free, open source, web oriented drum patterns generator

Drum Set
Drummers Registry, articles, chat & forum

Drum Set dot Biz
includes drum sets, cymbals & drum lessons with tablature

Drum Tab.net
Drum Tabs, Basic Lessons, How to Read Drum Tabs

Drum Tab Realm
Over 1,300 tabs plus free online lessons a drum forum

Drumtech Drum School
London UK

Drum Web
Drums Around the World - Drum Tab, Lessons, Advice, Links

Drum Lessons, Interviews, News, Forums, Links & more

Drums Club
A drummers blog which includes a wide range of lesson articles and advice on various aspects of drumming.

Drums - Musicians Web

Drums & Percussion Instruments
information and links to online lessons

Drummers Web
on drums and percussion

Drums and Percussion Page

Ethnic Instruments
retailer providing a wide range of ethnic instruments sitars, tablas, dilrubas, tamburas, harps, bagpipes, flutes, drums, didjeridoos plus site contains instrument sound samples and teach yourself books.

Encyclopedia of Percussion
information about percussion instruments from all over the world arranged alphabetically, keyword searchable contains descriptions, photographs and links to other relevant websites.

Free Drum, Keyboard & Harmonica Lessons

Free Drum Lesson
provides 5 levels of online drum lessons in a variety of styles including blues.

Free Drum Web Page Backgrounds
from Zogs, nylon shoulder washers.

Learn to play drums with Jock Cree

Google Directory Drum Lessons Links

Gradus ad Parnassum
Michael Hinton is a percussionist and drummer who has performed on Broadway, in movies, with pop stars, and in concert halls. His site aims to convey both technical and spiritual aspects of success in drumming and percussion.

Groove Gallery
ASCII transcriptions of rhythms for drum set. MIDI loops and MP3 samples are provided, as are original source files in Virtual Drummer format.

Hammerhead Rhythm Station
FREE Software Drum Machine for Windows

Harmony Central Drum Lesson Links

Harmony Central Drums & Percussion
includes index of drum magazines, product news, reviews, original articles.

Historical Percussion

HTM Lessons Program
includes drum, bodhranm (irish drum), Dulcimer and more

How to Play Conga

Interactive Drum School
Drummer and teacher Brian Greene provides private tuition and online lessons via interactivemusicschool currently free but will soon cost £10.00 each.

Intermusic Drums
Music magazine offers drum kit reviews, drumming samples, tutorials, chat, and information on famous drummers.

Jahruba and The African Connection
Jahruba Lambeth's homepage includes information about his upcoming reggae festivals and storytelling events. Look at his schedule of hand drumming workshops. Check out the only link to Oklahoma drum circles.

Latin rhythms Index

Mad for Trad
traditional irish music tutorials for bodhran and a variety of other instruments using video, text, photos & music notation.

Mallet Percussion
Information, pictures and sample sound clips of the mallet percussion family - marimba, vibraphone and xylophone. Also some selected links with descriptions.

Marc Zoutendijk's Percussion Info
Information in six categories: tympani, sticks, drum sets, composers, general, and miscellaneous. Topics include, for example, rudiments, exercises, making mallets, compositions, metronomes. Also includes "Ask a Pro," and indices to several percussion magazines.

Marching Drumline Music and Cadences
Free drumline music and sheet music for cadences and warm-ups. Also includes DCI sounds and pictures.

MSound Percussion Corner
An interactive Yahoo Club with chat, photo albums, links, events calendar, message board.

Musical Furnishings
Musical instruments that are also furniture! Fascinating benches, chests, tables and chairs that play like marimba and xylophones.

Musicians News
Online Music Magazine - Drums

Musicians Web


Odd Rhythms
Free online mini drum pattern lessons... see the tab and hear the pattern! Several rock, jazz and back beat rhythms in 5-7-9 and other unusual tempos plus info about his band and cds for sale.

Online Music & Art Lessons
includes listings of blues, drum, doumbek, digeridoo & more!!

Online School of Tambourine
Sales of instructional materials: introduction to playing the tambourine in worship (used by the Salvation Army)

Orquesta Amarilla Percussion Ensemble
The "Orquesta Amarilla" is a rhythmic research group that finds new sounds from percussion instruments. The percussion works are based on the compositive concept, on melodic and harmonic relations, polyrhythms and odd meters. The "Orquesta Amarilla" is a musical instrument composed by 15 drums tuned in hexatonic scales.

Pencil Twirling
Learn how to twirl that drumstick with these online instructions!

Percussion Home Page
Information on all aspects of classical percussion and drums including exercises, solos, musical examples and other related links.

Percussive Arts Society
Not-for-profit educational organization, promoting drums and percussion through network of performers, teachers, students, enthusiasts and sustaining members.

Percussion Marketing Council

Planet Sound Community Arts
organising Drum and Music projects for young people

Planet Sound Drum School
learn Djembe, classes start at end of Feb 2002.

Play Music Free
has basic theory and tutorials for drums, bass, guitar and other instruments.

Pound Away
Articles and links for acoustic and electronic drum players.

PSCA web cafe by Randy Cullom
An ongoing project of PSCA sees Randy Cullom push the boundries of the Internet with his online tutorials

Pulse!! Percussion
In the Heath Park area of Cardfiff, UK. Offers lessons for drumkit, Latin and world percussion. Site has photos, soundbites, clinic and workshop schedules.

Mitchell High Sound Element
Planet Sound Community Arts Project based at the Mitchell High School concentrating on Samba.

world percussion & world rhythms

Seattle Drummer
List of Northwest drummers mixed with resources, interviews and news.

Secrets of Subdivision
Drums and Percussive Arts publications with links to hints, tips, updates and drum related sites.

Sewa Beats
41 Great Pulteney Street, London W1F 9NZ, Tel/Fax: 020 7292 7294, e-mail: doug@sewabeats.co.uk and Sewa Beats Geneva, BP 210, 24 Route des Acacias, 1211 Geneva 24, Tel: 0041 (0)22 304 8915. Performing Arts Organisation dedicated to exploring the world of African Drum and Dance that run a wide range of education programmes designed for children, adults, educators and business professionals.

Song List
includes several Blues Drum Lessons

Steel Drum includes history and instructions on how to make a steel drum

Studio Microphone Techniques
for setting up and recording drums

Tab Crawler
Drum & Guitar Tabs & Lessons, extensive searchable database with all styles and genres of music.

dedicated site includes links to lessons, history and more

concentrates on the art of Japanese drumming with information on all aspects of the Taiko

Taiko at Drumdojo
includes everything from construction to lessons

Tansa's Home Page
Drums for Drummers; includes drum parts and a discography of drummers. [English/Italiano]

To promote, develop and play drums using the fingers.

Ted Turner Music
Drum & Percussion Equipment UK

Terminator Music
Rhythm City section contains online drum lessons for beginners, set up advice, photos and information on famous drummers plus drum jokes, quotes, tuning tips and pictures of unusual kits.

TexasDrums CommUnity
Official home page of the Texas hand drum and dance community. Find weekly drum and dance circles, upcoming events, drum and dance classes.

Thistley Hough African Drum Orchestra is the first Music Education project of Planet Sound Community Arts, based at Thistley Hough High School, the project involved setting up an African drum orchestra, which to date has performed at the school concerts, in Hanley City Centre and at Stoke City FC.

The Basic Dance Beats
Drumset Lessons

The Drum Club
introduction to playing drums and percussion instruments online plus CD available for accompaniament, forums and other drum info from Mark Wessel.

The Drum Page
This site will continually update to provide a simple list of percussion company web sites or other interesting sites for drummers.

The Drumpage
Personal site with information about drums, cymbals, history of drums.

The Drummers Guide
Free Online Drum Lessons & Exercises

The Drum Machine
Free Drum Lessons & Tuition with some accompanying Midi files

The Drumset
Drummers and percussionists can find categorized links to famous drummers and drum, cymbal, and percussion manufacturers. Also images, photos, lessons to download.

The Hip Rhythm Digest
A collection of transcriptions of famous grooves and solos, along with rudiments and exercises, in PDF. Also download samples of most pieces.

The House of Drums
A general purpose drum page, with photos, tabs, drummers, a forum, and drum links. Also home of the band "Nostanasia"

The Little Drum & Percussion Site
Tips, exercises and articles for beginners plus various info for drummers.

The Percussionist
Complete Drum and Percussion Resource. Forums, Lessons, Music and Book Library, Search Engine, Event Calendar, Teacher Finder, Artists, Product Reviews, Auctions, Education, Encyclopedia and more

solo's, exercises, piccies and a free lesson on how to make sticks!!

Tomas Howie Drumming Web
Free Online Drum Lessons, Tips, Advice & Links

Tools for Beginning Drummers
Provides links to various drum related sites.

UK Drum News
Dedicated to the promotion of drums and percussion education. Online lessons & other resources.

Virtual Drumset by Wicked Penguin!

Virtual Drumset
Turn your keyboard into a virtual drum machine!

Webdrum Multiuser online drum jam and chat!

World's Fastest Drummer (WFD)
Official site of the WFD (World's Fastest Drummer organization) featuring Battle of the Hands and Battle of the Feet contestant photos and rankings.

World Percussion Music

Yamaha - Drums & Percussion

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