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Electric Blues Club Float
Club Organiser Tracey and Laura at Edmonton Carnival
Winners Edmonton Carnival 1999
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Virtually every major town organises an annual Carnival which parades through the streets and usually ends up in a local park which hosts a Fair.  In the UK the biggest and most popular is Notting Hill Carnival with it's riot of colours and constant music travelling through the streets the participants spend most of the year preparing their costumes and set lists!!

These events cater to whole families and are very open to local bands of all types.  Typically Marching Bands, Brass Bands and Steel Bands are regularly seen, however, local community groups and bands of all ages are becoming more aware of the joint benefits that a carnival can bring.  Not only do the participants help to raise funds for local charity, they also gain free advertising for their group/band and have a great time!!

Whilst playing on the back of a moving lorry may not be your idea of fun, the pace of the carnival is very slow (walking!!) and to see the joy on peoples faces as you blast out your chosen music is worth a few minor bumps!!  To take part in a local carnival or fair approach the organiser (your local council's recreation or parks department will have contact details).

Top Tip - If you are taking part and have arranged for the lorry to meet you at the start point, make sure you and the lorry have at least 1 - 2 hours before the parade leaves in which to decorate the lorry/set up equipment (nails and wire is good xpt make sure it's ok with the lorry owner before nailing in stuff and ALWAYS make sure you remove all trappings, nails etc., and clean up the lorry at the end of the day.)

Saturday 14 July 2007
Newton Carnival
Free admission, Parish Grounds, Charnwood Cresent, Newton, Derbyshire. Join the community group who work with local villages and organise yearly events. These consist of a Christmas fayre, plant Faye community litter picking, local cinema events and the main reason for the group is the yearly carnival which this year will be held on Saturday 14 July. Visit their site for further details!

Hornsey Carnival
Hornsey Carnival takes place on a Saturday early in July. Make your mark at the Carnival!! Local bands and musicians are invited to join in this years Parade, its free to enter and there are various prizes to be won plus you'll be helping to raise funds for charity. Get some exposure for your band at the same time - make up some flyers & get a mate to pass them out whilst collecting the charity contributions - advertise your gig dates, latest cd or band!

For more details, and entry form / to book your place for next years Carnival or next years, please call Paul Houghton, Parade Marshall on 01920 872940 or Click Here to download/print the entry form.

Edmonton Carnival Parade & Fair
Starting from the main green next to Victoria Park this travels along the Hertford Road, through Edmonton and ends up the park behind the Cock Tavern. Bouncing bods, local businesses and community groups all turn out in fancy dress to raise funds and have a laugh in the parade!!   This was the first carnival we had entered and were amazed when we won with our 1999 FlowerPower theme - can't even begin to tell you what a lot of noise we made & how much fun we had thanks to Gary and Foxtons who provided the lorry! but you can see our mad antics for yourself in our picture archive.

All musicians are welcome to join us or you can enter your own band by contacting Tony Corregan on 07903 970117.

Enfield Carnival Parade & Fair
Starts from Elsinge Green (off Great Cambridge Road) and route travels through Turkey Street, Hertford Road, Green Street and ends up in Durants Park, Enfield. Every year the Carnival Committee raise funds for the Handicapped in the Borough through a variety of events of which this is just one!   The Carnival is great fun, decorating the lorry, selves and anything in site is the order of the day & winners get a large rosette and small trophy to keep plus a Big Trophy to look after for the year.

The Club team were First in our catagory and Overall Winners in 1999 ending up splitting the rest of the day between a great drum demonstration from Rob (Wembley Drums) and jammin' with anyone who wanted to have a bash!!  We were really disappointed not to participate last year due to lack of lorry & driver so this year we are hoping to find a friendly transport that are willing to put up with our raucous music blasting out behind 'em!! (If you have a flatbed lorry & would be interested in helping out please contact us!

All musicians are welcome to join us or why not get a lorry or van && enter your band?!!! If you fancy getting dressed up in Fancy Dress for the day or would just like to join the rest of the walkers collecting in the Parade contact the Carnival organiser Clive Edwards on 020 8363 4126.   Its free to enter, tons of fun and great advertising for your group, charity, company or band!!

Acton Carnival
Crown Street & Woodlands Park
London W3
On Saturday, 17 August, the centre of Acton will rock with music, colour and fun as its fifth summer carnival gets underway. It's a time to celebrate the cultures, talents and communities of this corner of west London in all their wide variety.

This year's theme is GOLD in honour of the Queen's Golden Jubilee and because everyone who takes part is worth their weight in gold! This theme will be reflected in the costumes, masks, head-dresses and banners made by children at special workshops at local schools and summer play-schemes.

From noon on the 17th, processions of children wearing these costumes and accompanied by drumming and music will set out from three locations in Acton, Friary Park, The Vale/Acton Park and the South Acton Estate. They will make their way to Crown Street, arriving by 1pm to be presented at the main stage. The main stage on Crown Street will be the focus of the day's entertainment. All afternoon, a broad range of performers will strut their stuff for the crowds everything from calypso bands to dance groups from Acton's ethnic communities. Also on Crown Street will be numerous stalls selling all sorts of things plus community groups providing information and advice. Woodlands Park will, as last year, be devoted to food stalls selling a range of cuisines and families, with a large number of children's games and activities being provided.

We welcome all entertainers especially local ones to accompany the processions and perform for our visitors in Crown Street and Woodlands Park. However, with our tiny budget, we can promise only exposure and thanks!

If you want to perform at the carnival, send a tape (audio or video) to:
Paulette Wright
c/o South Acton Arts & Skills Collaborative
1st floor, Webb Court
373-497 Bollo Lane
London W3 8QZ
Tel: 020 8992 2817

Hoddesdon & Broxbourne Carnival Of Lights
Takes place this year on Saturday 11th December 2010. The parade will start at 5pm leaving Westfield Road travelling around the outskirts of Hoddesdon for one mile before finishing in the Town Centre at 6pm.

Entertainment and attractions will be provided from 12noon till 7pm, as well as late night shopping until 7pm.

If you would like to take part in the parade or volunteer to help in any other way visit Hoddesdon Carnival Of Lights website for further details.

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